The World of Filipino Comics...

Hey guys... i just want to share some of my country... The Philippines... version of Stan Lee.. The King of Filipino Comics... Mr. Carlo J. Caparas... and Mr. Mars Ravelo.. here's a little info about him...

Carlo J. Caparas (born December 14, 1948 in Pampanga) is a Filipino comic strip creator/writer-turned director and producer, who is best known for creating Filipino superheroes and comic book characters such as Panday, Bakekang, Totoy Bato, Joaquin Bordado,Kamagong, Kamandag, Angela Markado, and Tasya Fantasya Gagambino, Ang huling lalaki ng baluarte, Pieta. amongst others. He is also known as a director of numerous movies dealing with massacre such as Kuratong Baleleng and The Cory Quirino Kidnap: NBI Files.

Caparas was awarded the 2008 Sagisag Balagtas Award

his creations was influenced by american comics...

some of his creation were made as TV shows... here are some pics...

Ang Panday (The Blacksmith)
Panday in Comics
Ang Panday the TV Show

After a meteorite falls from the sky, Flavio, a noble blacksmith, forges its ore into a dagger (balaraw in Filipino), which magically turns into a sword when he raises it and points to the sky. He uses this sword to fight the evil Lizardo and his supernatural minions, and other evil forces.

Flavio is a normal human and has no special powers or skills, except for his swordsmanship. He uses his magical sword to fight his supernatural enemies. The sword hums when danger is near and the dagger can cut through anything without resistance. The film Panday uses a shield on occasion, which is likewise forged from a meteorite.

Besides Flavio's love interest, he has a boy sidekick and an old hermit-like adviser. He wears a red vest and dark pants.

Kamandag (Venom)
Kamandag the TV Show

Kamandag is a story about a creature that is half snake and half human. Kamandag begins deep down in a cave called the Ambograw, a place where different sorts of half human and half creature beings called Ambogs live. Its kingdom has six tribes: Hasbaya, snake tribe ruled by Haring Saban; Lobobaya, wolf tribe ruled by Haring Gulag; Pusbaya, cat tribe ruled by Reynang Kuran; Goybaya, monkey tribe ruled by Haring Dinggol; Orobaya, bull tribe ruled by Haring Budol and Rapaya, a long lost reptile tribe ruled by Reynang Ragona. Haring Saban, who is the King of the half human and half snake people (Hasbaya Tribe) and his regular human wife Alicia (the regular humans in the Ambograw are suppose to be caught and turned into slaves, although Saban fell in love with Alicia) and they had a baby. Though, the baby was destined to be killed because he looked like a regular human instead of an Ambog. Haring Gulag, Saban's enemy and King of Lobobaya Tribe, invited Saban to a battle between the two for the ruler of all Ambograw but Reynang Kuran, queen of Pusbaya Tribe, interfered and set them on fire. Saban died later. Meanwhile, Ikoy and his sister brought the baby into the human world for his safety. Domeng and Elena found a baby and they named him Vergel. Vergel later discovers his snake powers and his destiny to be a hero. Vergel names himself Kamandag, the savior of all beings. Haring Budol gives Vergel a mysterious bracelet, which was left by his father Haring Saban, and his bracelet makes Vergel transform into his armor. His mission is to bring down all kinds of evil, like his enemies Gulag, Kuran and especially Talim. Lucero, Vergel's close friend and later enemy, becomes another half-snake half-human and becomes Kamandag's mortal enemy, who names himself as Talim. Kamandag and Talim fights for their love and glory.

Joaquin Bordado
Joaquin Bordado the TV Show
Joaquin Birdado

oaquin Apacible is an assassin masquerading as a sales agent. A family man at heart, he wishes to settle down to live a quiet life with his wife Sofia (Iza Calzado) and son Jimboy (Renz Valerio). His last mission for a covert operations group is to kill the head of an illegal arms dealing syndicate. Things don't turn out as planned, and Joaquin is sent to prison.

Joaquin knows that his old boss, General Russo (Eddie Garcia), will do everything to kill him since he knows vital information about the secret group. While serving time in jail, he meets Jilco (Pen Medina), a mysterious man whose body is littered with tattoos.

Unknown to Joaquin, one of his fellow inmates is actually an assassin sent by General Russo to kill him. But the hero of the story won't remain dead for long, as Jilco revives Joaquin and gives him all his powerful tattoos.

With his new powers, Joaquin gets a new lease in life and faces challenges as the chosen heir who will continue the battle between good and evil.

Gagambino (The Filipino version of Spiderman)
Gagambino the TV Show

"Gagambino" is the superhero story of a young man named Bino and his adventures with his giant spider as they fight evil forces in a darker, crime-infested re-imagination of Manila .

Bino and his group of friends, all possessing insect-like superpowers like him, are pitted against Abresia, a terrorist mastermind and a very powerful woman who can command giant insects.

Pieta the TV Show

Carlos J. Caparas's Pieta is a story about Amanda is a loving almost martyr mother will do anything to protect her son that was virtually raced on the streets. Pieta is almost identity of Michaelangelo's Pieta: Rigor (Ryan Agoncillo) will die or he is bloodied & possibly dying.

Mars Ravelo (born October 9, 1916 in Tanza, Cavite, Philippines - 1988) was one of the most successful Filipino graphic novelists. He created Filipino classics like Darna, Dyesebel, Captain Barbell, Lastikman, Bondying, Varga, Wanted: Perfect Mother, Hiwaga, Maruja, Mariposa, Roberta, Rita, Buhay Pilipino, Jack and Jill, Flash Bomba, Tiny Tony, and Dragonna among others.

Mars Ravelo was born on October 9,1916 when the Philippines was still American Territory. Mars went through a life of hardship and dropped out of high school, vowing to be number one in whatever he did. Mars started out as a cartoonist, then as a writer, and later on as editor -in- chief for two major publications houses and even for several film companies. Ravelo was the highest paid comic writer during his time. He later established his own company, RAR, to give him more elbow room with more obras. Mars Ravelo used to say that he wanted to impart " the highest form of values to the lowest tier of our society with the lowest form of literature"

His contributions to the Filipino art world are quite remarkable. Some of his achievements are the classic fantasy of Darna the super heroine, Dyesebel the love-lorn mermaid, and Kaptain Barbel the super hero. Furthermore, he also created another classic drama about a young orphaned girl named Roberta. The movie was a huge success that made Sampaguita Pictures one of the biggest film outfitz in the 50's. Vilma Santos starred in "Trudis Liit" and became an instant hit. Not to mention the unforgettable award-winning movie adaptation of Alicia Vergel's Basahang Ginto. An additional feather to his hat is the controversial film about a homosexual in Lea productions, Tubog sa Ginto, another comic's adaptation. And who can forget the love story of Maruja which was also immortalized on silver screen several times. Not only Mars Ravelo made us cry and played our imagination through his fantasy creations, but he also tickled our funny bones with Facifica Falayfay, and the lovable duo of Jack & Jill. His creations are his legacy to the world.

here are some of his creations who were made TV shows...

Darna (The Filipino version of Wonder Woman)

Darna in Comics
Darna the TV Show


Evil Queen Braguda together with her race the Anomalka attacks the planet of Marte. Surprised by the attack, Adran, Queen of the Adranika, realizes that Braguda is eager to possess the Adranika's powers. To avoid taking their power, Adran gave the white stone to Aio who is tasked to give it to whoever is worthy to inherit it. Aio escapes to Earth before Braguda destroys the planet Marte. Braguda follows Aio and when Aio reaches the earth's atmosphere, Braguda disables her spaceship and it crashes while the white stone fall out of the ship where the young Narda discovers it. Aio survives the crash and meets Narda to tell her to keep the stone until the right time comes to receive "the call". After eight years, Aio secretly disguises as an old beggar calls Narda through a telepathic message. The message tells that Narda is the sole inheritor of the power of the Adranika and she will protect the earth from evil. After Narda heard the message, the word "Darna" appears in the white stone and it instructed to swallow it and yell the word "Darna". Narda follows the instruction and became the superheroine Darna. Darna returns to her mortal state when she utters the word Narda and then the white stone comes out from her mouth.

After Braguda discovers that Darna possesses the white stone, she and her minons try to steal the white stone from Darna. Braguda's intention is combine the power of the magic white stone with her magic black stone so that she can transform the Planet Earth into another "Planet Marte" and mutate all Earthlings into Anomalkans so that they can survive in the new environment and serve Braguda in her quest of Galactic domination. Those servants of Braguda who are sent to fight Darna and cause havoc in Metro Manila include Mambabarang, Dr. Zombie, Sulfura, Nosforamus (resurrected father of Narda) and Valentina the half-sister of Narda whom she once thought was her cousin. Darna is able to defend the city against her enemies and she still possesses the white stone.

Dyesebel the TV Show

The story of Dyesebel begins when an amnesiac mermaid-turned-human named Lucia (Jean Garcia) fell in love with a human. They got married and had a beautiful baby, but instead of human baby she delivered a mermaid. The child is called "Dyesebel" (Marian Rivera). Although surprised by their daughter's strange form, Lucia and her husband Tino (Wendell Ramos) promise to love their child no matter what.

But in no time at all, their neighbors discovered the couple's secret. When the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, the town believes that the anomaly is caused by Dyesebel; an accusation that leads to Tino's death and Lucia to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would belong.

Unknown to Lucia is that in the heart of the sea, Dyesebel's adventures and misfortunes will begin. It is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life-a journey that would take her to the depths of the sea, as well as to chaos of the city. Dyesebel discovers that she can also be a human being by visiting Amafura (Rufa Mae Quinto) to get a secret necklace which makes her a human; but a price must be made, for her to sacrifice her true possession, in order to gain something special.

Captain Barbell (The Filipino version of Superman)

Captain Barbell in Comics
Captain Barbell the TV Show
Captain Barbell

Captain Barbell begins in the year 2106, a futuristic time when Philippines is the center of world's research in human cloning, genetics and robotics.

A young boy named Arell, together with his mother Mrs. B, are forced by his father Captain B to ride the time machine to escape from the soldiers of the General.

The General is the mysterious, rich and powerful owner of Live Corporation, which is the pioneer in the well-advanced human cloning and mutation that created an army of superhuman beings for his evil schemes, which Captain B opposes. Only Captain B can fight the General because of his extraordinary strength using barbanium.

Unknown to them, the General sends Commander X, the powerful cyborg, to destroy the barbanium with askobar.

The time machine's destination is 1992. However, upon crash landing, Arell and his mother are separated. Arell is found in a burning wreck by a loving and elderly couple, Lolo Aloy and Lola Melay.

Lolo Aloy and Lola Melay gives him a new name—Potenciano a.k.a. Teng. The couple became his grandparents, and whose children Sandra and Cesar becomes his foster parents. Teng grows up frail, poor and constantly longing for the love and care of his parents who ignore him. Worse, Teng is maltreated by Clarisse, the daughter of Sandra and Cesar.

Teng would grow up with an ugly pockmark on one side of his otherwise very handsome face—and painfully aware that he is merely an adopted child with a completely unknown background. Because of these incidents, Teng finds comfort in the company of his friends Kit, Bobby and Lola Melay.

The paths of Teng and his childhood friend Leah cross once again. This time, Teng realizes that he is in love with this young lady who comes from a rich family. But things turn out difficult for Teng to confess his love for Leah because the young lady has an arrogant boyfriend.

He also meets and becomes friends with Levi, the son of the richest man in the town named Viel, who is against their friendship. Unknown to Teng, it is Viel who is responsible for the death of Lolo Aloy.

One night, the group of Jared, Leah’s boyfriend, gangs up on Teng and leaves him beaten in a junkyard. Teng then discovers the powerful barbell. This barbell is the key to Teng’s destiny in becoming the most powerful Pinoy superhero known as Captain Barbell!

Lastikman (The Filipino version of Plasticman)

Lastikman in Comics
Lastikman the TV Show

In the 1965 comic "Lastik Man Vol. 1", Lastik Man was an alien from another planet who somehow got trapped on earth. Lastikman then decided to fight crime in the Philippines, mainly Manila.

In the 2003 Movie version, Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deeds, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

In the 2004 movie version, (2004 movie version) Young Adrian - a lanky teen-ager whose father became a drunkard after the death of his mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers whom he prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, which revived him and gave him special power.

In the 2004 comic by Mango Comics, Lastikman crashed on Earth and lost all of his memory. He then decided to fight crime and later in the comic book he found out that he was a lesser experiment of an alien species called Lastomorphs, humanoids with the powers of elasticity.

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