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This is stupid. It's not a positive message to say Bobby was gay all these years and then was able to change his nature and become straight.

Desperate headline grabbing. What the hell happened to Bendis? He was supposed to do something awesome with X-Men

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Really hope that by some miracle that Kaine is still alive.


I regret I was not on the Yost/Scarlet Spider bandwagon from the start, catching up halfway through the run

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Hated is such a strong word. Maguire people actually liked because for all the faults with the first film he was a good part of that film and showed Hollywood a good Spider-man movie can exist. Consider the development hell that film was in, it's a miracle it ever got made. If Maguire had been truly bad all comic book movies, especially Marvel Studios would have taken a step back.

Now when it came to Spider-man 3, that's when anger leads to hate and hate led to suffering. But that's mainly the writing.

Which is exactly the problem with Garfield. He's not bad, he's got the look but he lacked the geekyness Peter should have had. He's too confident, anyone who was a Peter Parker in school knows that Garfield was too confident as Peter. But he still wasn't bad. The writing though, damn it was woeful. And the bad guys were terribly overacted, after watching ASM2 and seeing those three enemies (they don't deserve the codenames) I truly thought that ASM3 will be at Batman & Robin levels of cheesiness. If Jamie Fox started spouting bad electricity jokes I wouldn't have been surprised.

So back to your point, I don't think fans hated either one. But if they were to choose on version of Spider-man to hate, for me it would be Spider-Man 3. Other than that, Maguire & Garfield were good

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Flaming hell, people really need to get over this she-Thor thing.

I've got to admit, CM Punk on the cover piqued my interest. I'm interested to see what he brings to the table

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@webheadcomics: that wont last long. There seems to be this attachment to Peter Parker being a teenager in school that young comic book readers can relate to. Especially in the movies where decide to cast a young actor resetting the origin so he could be in school.

But Peter hasn't been a kid in the comics for decades and the first Raimi film was twelve years ago. Fans relate more to the adult spider-man taking n bigger challenges. It's one of main the things Slott has got right.

And for the new fans, there's Miles Morales who himself has been around 4 years.

But I wouldn't be surprised if Secret Wars brings a reboot like DC. Who did the same thing resetting Barbara Gordon and have since turned her into Stephanie Brown

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@saren: Yes I read that horsepoooopies too

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He probably did insult them but it's a fair insult.

Using the rationale "Thor is not a girl" " the name cannot be passed down" etc are sexist and not even right in the context of the lore.

Loki has been female and as for passing the name on, in storyline context this isn't just Aaron it's Hickman too. Hickman has been showing a demoralised and different Thor for months now. He doesn't feel worthy and wants his legacy/name to have meaning. A god with one arm who can't even lift his weapon is not the song to be sung at asgardian feasts. The Odinson is off to the other side of the multiverse to destroy, that sounds very Odin to me.

Look it's like @g_man said throughout Superior Spider-man, these things aren't permanent. So you can bitch and moan but if you do you'll miss out on a great story. I hated the changes to X-Force when Remender took over, didn't like the idea of Fantomex, Deadpool & Psylocke I thought "a load of favourites to appease the fanbois" with no storyline context. Where the hell are Elixir, X-23 & Warpath? Seriously considered dropping it before it started. Good thing I gave it a chance.

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I missed pretty much everything on this recap over the past year or so. The GL part of the universe has been in a very weird place, it went from GL breaking into the 'trinity' to seeming like a secondary part of DC.

A shame really, the new 52 did wonderful things for Wonder Woman, Batman was pretty much the same, Superman well that's a matter of opinion but GL seems to have just ran out of steam.

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Hi a

I'm catching up on spider-verse, short version. It's really really good. Plenty of mark out moments, it's right in a happy middle between being a gimmick and Grant Morrison-style 'everything counts'.

What I'm pissed off though is the mess of tie ins and navigating the whole story by jumping from issue to issue. This is nothing new to us but comics are going mainstream, and publishers need to learnt to make this easier. We're used to using google or picking up a card in the LCS to tell us which issues are part of an event (and what order). Your everyday person isn't, if it trips up parents then you are failing.

This is my view so feel free to disagree but if you do, please suggest a better option if only for conversation's sake.

Marvel & DC have no problem ripping up continuity or renumbering issues (Marvel Now, New 52, OMIT etc) so when an event is on why don't they just take all the random issues and rename them Spider-Verse 1, Spider-Verse 2 etc. instead of:

Superior Spider Man 32

Edge of Spider-Verse 1 of 5


After all, they renumber so often and then 'reset' when a big number comes up. But does that Thor 600 etc bring in new long term readers?

Keep it simple so a kid can say "Can I have Spider-Verse 8 please!" and a parent can ask for this simply. Parents aside, even a new comic reader will feel more comfortable asking for this. I remember getting back into comics after 10 years and going into a LCS trying to make sense of Destiny War was intimidating!

Anyway that's my rant. It's not new, it's maybe not original but I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Is tradition more important or am I missing an obvious reason for numbering issues.

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This is just marvel calling Fox's bluff, they could either cease FF or X-men to show their serious. FF has the lasting legacy of being the first family but X-men would be too difficult as there are are so many spin offs. FF has lower sale so loses out of the the two properties.

The first step was the crossovers, bringing the avengers into X-men books to stop the storylines being used.

I'd wager this is Marvel showing Fox their serious,if it doesn't work expect X-men spin off titles to start dying off. There's not that many left anymore, Wolverine's dead so it would be easy to end Wolverine & the x-men. Other books are single characters (Magneto,Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm) so are easily closed too. What's left then? X-Force? Uncanny & All new X-men? I think that's it.

This is all high level negotiation. We're suffering for it now but it will be worth it in the long run. I would be very interested in seeing not only a Marvel created X-men movie but also reading the comic books they would put out if they were fully invested.