Starman - Trade Paperback Reading List

This will serve as my reading list for James Robinson's Starman Series, leveraging only the Trade Paperbacks...

NOTE: Some issues are not available in a Starman specific TPB, so I will list them as well, but with comments.

I realize you cannot read them individually cover to cover, so, I will add the actual reading sequence here in the notes:

List items

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Posted by TheThe

Have any idea where i can find them ? It seems like it's not available everywhere(especially the Starman Omnibus vol 3).

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Posted by thanosrules

@TheThe: They are fairly difficult to find... I do all my online shopping here:, I assume they ship globally, not sure, though.

I just picked up the TPBs, so I wasn't going for the HC Omnibus versions.

Now I am collecting the TPB Omnibus versions - two have been released so far, the third will be available in April 2013... may have some of the above list, but I have not checked in a long while.

This may help as well:

In fact, has a pretty amazing database of reading orders...

I hope this helps!

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Posted by TheThe

Thank you very much! I'm gonna check all of this right now. Thanks again!

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Posted by AirDave817

Great reading list!