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Damn, now that's a throwback.

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Why is needing Superman's blood sample a mystery? They pretty much made a cure for the virus on the spot while simultaneously fighting off the infected. Not much time to head to your secret cloning bunker you want to keep secret and get whatever genetic samples necessary in order to make a cure.

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@noj said:

Wow this is ALOT like Convergance. I thought Secret Wars was just taking into account multiple univereses like Ultimate and 616, but judging by this cover its also covering different time periods like Storm with Mjlonir and Old Thor?

Storm became a Thor full time in a universe where the X-Men stayed in Asgard and Old-Thor exists in an alt universe because that's how time travel works in Marvel.

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@jayc1324 said:

Bad writing. It is something that hasn't been explained yet, Odin should never be unworthy or unable to lift the hammer.

It's not bad writing until the plot mechanic and the identity of the new Thor is revealed. Until then, it's just a story you're not a fan of.

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Widow wins because she has peak human physicals and is far more skilled and agile than Leon.

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@perfect_10 said:

@sturmritter: you obviously dont read any thor books lol. Thor has been referred to as Thor Odinson (last name) for YEARS. Odin is Odin Borson. and she didnt STEAL the name, she EARNED it. thor even gave her his blessing in issue 4. and who cares about majority??? INDIVIDUALITY IS WHERE ITS AT. sigh so sad yall are stuck on that 'popular' crap. super tv high school

You know what? You're absolutely right. I don't read this crap. I see the artwork is pretty good, but I've got 10 years worth of old Thor comics collected to keep me busy without dealing with a so-called goddess of thunder. She EARNED it, whatever. You keep believing that. Just because Aaron is an idiot, doesn't mean I have to buy into it.

I like how the man puts out one of the best Thor runs in recent years and when he makes a change that people don't like, it automatically makes him an idiot.

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The original Red Hood One was dead by the end of that arc and was replaced by the person heavily hinted at being the Joker. If Joker is immortal, then falling into a pool of chemicals would just be part of his long con and wouldn't have harmed him in any fashion to begin with.

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Originally I was hyped for this, but knowing about Secret Wars now I wont be buying, but I hope she's still around after Secret Wars.

Why would Marvel launch all of these new books just to cancel them due to Secret Wars? Obviously, it's all going to to continue on post-Secret Wars and all of the other books not Spider-Gwen will continue with necessary tweaks to continuity that they follow.

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@copete said:

hate this team, hate the writer, hated AXIS, hate the twins no longer mutants, just hate! remender can't write anything good since Uncanny X Force.

We don't know if they're not mutants anymore yet, we just know that they're not related to Magneto.

And didn't Marvel say that this issue would reveal who their parents were?

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It's highly unlikely that Batman wouldn't inspire a bunch of people, so Harper makes perfect sense.