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It's DC's version of Marvel Now without the excitement.

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Okay, I DO NOT understand this at all, can someone please explain to me why she can beat people like Superman, Thanos, Galactus or for any other matter beating people powerful, I've searched her powers up and laughed historically, why do I see people saying she stomps Superman? Thor? or the whole Avengers, I do not understand please someone explain to me this is dumb. Sorry, but I just don't understand.

Look at Thanos' abilities:

AbilitiesSuperhuman strength, durability, and endurance
Energy manipulation

Then Squirrel Girls abilities:



Because she does. That's all there is and there's no sense arguing it.

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@emperorthanos said:
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@tantani: Wrong tag.

But it was during the Annihilation storyline. It was the weaker Drax who surprised attacked Thanos. When Thanos was busy doing something else

sorry for that and thank you

do you have this scan??

No problem. Anway this is what I think he is referring to but I could be wrong. But I don't remember Drax ever damaging Thanos otherwise.

hmm thank you

he isn't stabbing him here

how did he do that? and wht is drax glowing?

I honestly don't remember what happened exxactly. And Thanos came back to life pretty quickly after that.

It's also worth noting that Thanos let this happen because he wanted to die.

It's even more noteworthy to say that Drax was specifically designed as a means to kill Thanos. He's essentially living Thanos Kryptonite. Kryptonite that got its ass handed to it for all of its existence by Thanos.

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Team wins, especially if it's current "casually handing Thor his ass" Sentry.

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@waynewilsonslade said:

IDK if omnipotents make a good battle but I say Michael just because he can slap Spectre around.

Soulfire Darkseid is multiversal but I'd say Michael is omniversal.

There is no such thing as "omniversal". Multiverse, megaverse, omniverse all mean the same thing. If something is already infinite, you can't get larger than that. Infinity is the largest you can possibly get without treading into Suggsverse territory. Infinity is not a number, but a concept. An infinitely large multiverse > finite omniverse.

Anyways Michael can create an infinite multiverse, which is more than enough to stomp everyone here.

While true in reality, not so true in regards to the comics. Both Marvel and DC exhibit signs of having multiple multiverses in their makeup; with DC most prominently having such as explicitly stated at the end of Multiversity in regards to the "local multiverse" and the implication that there's a second, and with Convergeance bringing back the multiverse of pre-Flashpoint and pre-COIE. So right there, we have the DCnU multiverse of 52 universes, Pre-Flashpoint mutliverse of 52 universes, Pre-Crisis multiverse of infinite universe, and some second multiverse as hinted at the end of Multiversity. That's four multiverses right there. Altogether, they could be referred to as a megaverse because they're all connected to each other like a typical multiverse, but they're disconnected from one another just like Earth-2 and Earth-25 are disconnected from one another.

Omniverse generally starts to come into play when you add in other continuities into the picture, like Marvel, X-Files, or Final Fantasy.

if anything, Megaverse can sometimes be synonymous with Omniverse. So in regards to the above example, Soulfire Darkseid would be a threat to the Pre-Flashpoint multiverse, but his power isn't great enough to creep out and threaten the DcnU multiverse or Pre-Crisis multiverse while Michael would have the power to do so.

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If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the power of the dragons don't scale. An energy attack can kill them but they possess enough power to revive entire planets.

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Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea? Thor doesn't run that fast, he flies fast.

Comparatively, he doesn't run that fast, but he is fast. He can run faster than lightning, which is technically slower than Quicksilver, who is much much slower than either Superman or Flash.

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Curious idea for a comparison considering that Daredevil has gone back to having a secret identity.

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@never_give_up said:

TAS barely threw a punch lol.

Barely? He literally never threw a punch. Kicks and tackles were all he did; censors wouldn't allow punches for the show.

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They could've given him some military style fatigues and a ballistic face mask like Deathstroke, but instead they gave him that silly ass helmet.