Comic Book Television

I was pondering ideas for television series and thought of a brillant idea, DC and Marvel should make BETTER television series. The only series that I can think of that I like at the moment right now is Young Justice (feel free to argue if I missed something). Comic Book fans love to watch television adaptations of our favorite characters, whether its live or animated. As of late and even as of the late 1990s for the most part we have been deprived of anything spectacular (or at least I have since Batman: TAS, JL, the old X-men, and the 90s Spider-man and so on). I miss the ability to watch new episodes of superheros kicking some super villain ass. The department as of late for both companies has been low or non-existent. They each have had some good moments but really in my eyes have been inconsistent. DC has given us one good show for all ages and that is Young Justice, Green Lantern: TAS is alright but I would rather play video games than spend a half hour watching it, and that new Batman CGI crap looks like it is not even worth putting 5 minutes into but unfortunately I will and will unfortunately never get them back. I haven't really been paying close attention to Marvel's television running so please tell me if I've missed something so I can watch it.

That is the end of that spiel but I'll finish with thank god for Netflix so I can watch some of those old series (THEY NEED TO PUT BATMAN: TAS ON THERE THOUGH).