My Favorite Superhero

My favorite superhero is Batman by far. I have been watching Batman since the time I was in a walker but now that I am getting more and more into the comic community I am starting to get over-whelmed with these possibilites. I am still quite new to all this comic stuff but why is it there are so many bad ass superheroes that I could read? Although Batman will always be my favorite and the focus of my collecting, but I want to be able to enjoy all superheroes! I want to read Green Lantern, Justice League, Superman, Flash, Spider-man, DareDevil, Fantastic Four, The Avengers and so on..

Why are they all so bad ass?


DC in my POV

Now I am a superhero fan, whether they are Marvel or DC but I have always had a soft spot for DC over Marvel. Now a days Marvel is looking at DC in its rearview mirror and laughing, with only Batman on hot pursuit. After the critically bashed blunder of the Green Lantern movie, DC needs to get their ass in gear and put out a great movie outside of the regular Batman. I'm personally looking forward to the last of the Batman trilogy and the Man of Steel but what do they have planned after that? (please let me know if you know) With that said, Marvel has multiple hits with a wide variety of heros ranging from Spider-man, Hulk, Thor, and the upcoming team film with the Avengers. DC needs to get their heros out their. DC has great writers but not enough big business behind them to out duel Marvel. They need to get a good Green Lantern movie, a good Wonder Woman, a good Flash, and a bad ass Martian Man-Hunter movie! (come on that would be bad ass). They need to get in gear and shift that baby or else they will be crying and eating Marvel's dust.

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My thoughts on the new hobby

Well unfortunately right now I am a completely broke hight school senior that really wants to start comic collecting. I have always had a love for superheros and their stories but never owned any comics. I think its about damn time that I do so and I plan on starting one. I like pretty much all the heros so it is gonna be hard to figure out what to buy but Batman and Green Lantern are my top two so I guess I should start there. Once I get some funds I will catch up with the New 52 comics for both characters and go from there.

Thanks for reading my issue right now, so long!


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