Interview with The Poet: On his 2nd Vineversary

Hello teoP here!

I only joined the site recently in June 2011, but my extremely close friend The Poet (perhaps you have heard of him) joined the CV community exactly 2 years ago this Monday (January 9th). I thought with his anniversary (or should I say Vineversary—copyright owned by Icarusflies I believe...) I would interview this great man. I talked to The Poet about himself and his involvement on this site. Hope you enjoy this and find this informative :P

teoP ehT (hereby known as teoP): I would first like to thank you for take time out of your busy schedule to talk to me

The Poet (hereby known as Poet): oh, no problem. It’s my pleasure.

teoP: Ok. First question: how did you find this site?

Poet: Excellent question! As if you couldn’t tell, I am a fan of the Riddler. I don’t know how I found out about Riddler (maybe Batman: TAS or something), but one day I just wanted to write some stories about Riddler. I looked at sites like Wikipedia for information, but I was not satisfied. I found sites like DC Database and bought comics on Ebay. It was while I started buying these comics that I realized not all his appearances were on those sites and that they weren’t updated as I would want or needed them to be for this obsession. I searched and searched and then finally found Comic Vine. This was a database I enjoyed and I decided I wanted to be a part of. I created my account a few weeks after looking at this site. I actually didn’t edit or post on the site for two weeks till I got the hang of it. The second picture I ever added to the site was the Hush picture you see today. Of course, I never did write that story, though maybe one day I will…

teoP: So, why The Poet? Why did you pick that user name?

looks familiar...

Poet: oh, simple. You remember when I said I was thinking of writing some stories about the Riddler? Well, after I learned he was a detective at that point in time, I started thinking about a PI Riddler story. Anyway, I had created a female superhero to fight beside Riddler. This superhero was named the Poet (note the lack of capitalization). The more I thought about it and the more I read I decided I wouldn’t write that particular story. Around that same time, I joined CV. My first choices for my user name were of course Riddler or Enigma or Mr. E, but if you search the site you would know those were already taken. So I thought about that story character. As I posted on the site, I developed The Poet’s amusing personality. However, it was not until I went to a masquerade dance that I actually designed what I wanted The Poet to look like.

teoP: indeed. I saw The Poet’s Secret Origins. It’s a pretty cool story.

Poet: indeed. And you should see the story I am cooking up. I have some nice rogue gallery members. I even have an evil reflection of The Poet who I think I’ll call—oh never mind…

teoP: Moving on, you are best known for your lists and I want you to talk about your first major list.

Poet: ah, you mean my series of 5 character lists. I had been trying to help the community some way, but didn’t know how…I tried to do a forum where people could ask a moderator for help, but that didn’t work and admittedly wasn’t the best idea. However, in my escapes around the site, I began to notice characters without any appearances. I thought, “why not collect them?” So, I created a list called, “Characters to edit list” (original name, isn’t it?...if the link doesn't work it means I have deleted the list...). I went through all the characters on the site and collected the characters without an appearance or stuff that just needed to be edited. Later, when it got to be a lot of stuff I created 4 other lists including: Art to add/edit, Bios to edit, Volumes to edit, and Locations and other stuff to edit. The original list is broken unfortunately (too much stuff) so I am in the process of making a 2.0 list now that I have time on my hands.

teoP: that’s right! You just finished your 2 site wide character list yesterday, didn’t you?

Poet: Yep. That was CV’s Top 100 Super villain list 2011 (like to blog and list and runner up list). This is actually the second one I’ve done as I—err—you said. The first was CV’s Top 100 Super Hero List 2011 (like to blog and list and runner up list). These are a bunch of fun to host and I look forward to the next one! Of course, I’m going to take a little break from hosting for a few weeks (though I have my ideas and I am investigating possibilities…)

teoP: Any other projects you want to mention?

Poet: well, I do have The Flash Review Project (I really should post a blog talking about it…), where I will review volumes 1-2 of The Flash (which need some reviews and some fixing up badly). It might take me a while, but I am enjoying myself and that’s always good.

teoP: One last question before I let you go: have you ever thought about creating an alternate account?

Poet: oh, sure, but I wouldn’t create it for a serious purpose. I would probably just randomly post and create drafts for my superhero and villain lists. But if I created such an account people would think I was crazy :P

teoP: well thank you very much for sitting down with me (like he had a choice?). This is teoP signing off…