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I haven't received any sort of explanation from a mod for any posts that I have made. All I'm asking for is to be explained why I am being censored and a place where such a reason is explained. That is all. Thanks for your time.

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@danhimself said:

it's definitely because you posted porn screen caps and to add to it you were asking if one of the staff does porn

I did not ask. I possibly implied. Depends on your interpretation. A forum is supposed to be an open discussion. Sorry I bothered. I'll just ask the professional screencaps peeps out there, just figured you would be interested. For the record it was "Rochelle"

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@The_Tree: lucky guess.

For the record though, I've seen nothing wrong with screencaps in the faq. None of my pics were more explict than a yearbook photo. They were only for reference. Any watermarks on the caps are age-gated, i made sure. I may have made a mistake in assuming if age-gating was good enough for most international governments, but it wasn't specifically amended in any rules I have found.

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I recently created a post in the "Off-Topic" forum and I'm pretty sure I followed all of the rules applying to that forum, but my topic was locked after only one post, and that post was deleted. My post wasn't any sort of spam, it was a very legitimate question. Would appreciate if someone would get back to me on why it was locked.

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Ok, I've been wondering this for a long time so don't attack me. I have a couple of pictures from a video that is very similar to a person I have seen online. No names are mentioned in this post. Look...I just want to make sure I'm way off base. Note that none of the tattoo's have matched up no matter how I have tried. Also note that nowadays tattoos are superficial. I am most definitely new to your forums, but a long time (RIP) Whiskey Media fan. Just trying to crowd source a discussion I have had with others. I apologize in advance if this has already been brought up in the past, no search turned anything up.