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A Humble Beginning? The Perfect Beginning! 0

"Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: The Jungle book", is a revamped rendition of a classic children's story with an interesting twist. I was quite surprised, by the welcomed set of changes. The first welcomed change to note is the fact that Mowgli the young man we've come to love and know has a different make up. What I mean by this is that he's no longer a man, but rather a women. I wonder how changing the gender of the protagonist from man to women will impact the story? I actually prefer the change,...

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Noteworthy and befitting of appraisal 0

My First Review EverLately, I haven’t kept up to date with much of Marvel Comics. Marvel comics in particular didn’t really present nor offer anything of interest to a new comic book reader from my standpoint. All I saw from Marvel was overpowered characters lacking in character. Stories, which were part of a much bigger realm, a universe tying down a character down one specific reality. I in particular had a problem with that for several reasons. Trying to make the Marvel universe cohesive in l...

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