The Ultimate Team defend's of the universe from danger posed by the alien Celestials.

    Referred to as "space gods" by the Eternals and the Deviants, the Celestials appear as silent, armored humanoids with an average height of 2,000 feet (610 m). Visiting Earth every thousand years in groups called "Hosts", the group are revealed to have been responsible for the creation of both the Eternals and the Deviants over a million years ago, and the genetic manipulation is ultimately responsible for the existence of superpowers in mutants. Resenting the presence of the Celestials and their monitoring of Earth's progress, the Skyfather figures of Earth (e.g., Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu) attempted to stop the Third Host, but are quickly outmatched.       Powers and abilities.  The Celestials are depicted as being capable of almost any feat, with Fantastic Four member Reed Richards theorizing that the Celestials' source of power is Hyperspace itself – the source of all energy in the Marvel Universe. The characters were capable of reducing the Asgardian construct known as the Destroyer — thought to be indestructible — to slag (at a time when the Destroyer was imbued with the life force of all Asgardian gods with the exception of Thor); can move planets at will; and create, contain, or seal off pocket universes. The Celestials also appear capable of instant regeneration as blows from the Odinsword (wielded by the Destroyer) were repaired within seconds. According to the Dreaming Celestial, the entities cannot truly be destroyed, even by other Celestials.    

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cool list, but king hyperion would betray and try to kill all of them to rule the universe, though some are beyond his power level

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