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Good for Valiant. I love their stuff and I hope they climb up the rankings. The gap between Marvel and DC is enormous and that makes me sad. I love both companies but I've always been a bit more of a DC guy. Still, it's a really great time to be a comics fan and I'm not going to add to the DC/Marvel fanboy pissing contest. It does no one any good.

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I read almost everything in trade. The only things I read in singles right now are the Star Wars comics from Marvel. All that said, I'm totally fine with spoilers. I made the decision to buy my books in trade. With that, I accepted a looooong time ago that I'd be spoiled on some of the plot threads before I got to read them. It never ruins the experience for me because hearing a spoiler out of context often lacks the emotional impact that the comic brings with it. On top of that, a good story should elicit emotion and surprise even if there isn't a big unspoiled reveal. I re-read Batman Year One at least once a year and it still gives me goosebumps just like the first time I read it. So good writing should not be dependent upon you being spoiler free (with some exceptions obviously). If people REALLY want to avoid spoilers then they can wait to listen to the podcast. Or, as others have suggested, a happy medium would be to wait and have the spoiler discussions at the end of the episode. Either way, I'm still going to listen to the podcast so do whatever feels right. Just throwing my two cents on this long debated topic.

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I quite liked this. The New 52 series was inconsistent at best and downright bad at worst so it's nice to see John handled a bit better in this issue. The story has me intrigued enough to buy the next issue but I'm with Mat on the flirting thing. It did seem a tad bit excessive but seeing them embrace John's sexuality so early in the series was really nice. As much as I enjoyed the story, it was the art that stole the show. Loved the art so much. Overall, a 4 star issue that definitely has me hooked.

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I am in the middle of the two extremes on Bendis. He has written one of my all time favorite runs in superhero comics (Daredevil) and has written some things I'm not so fond of (Guardians of the Galaxy) but I think Iron Man will be a nice fit. Glad to see this.

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Were many people actually saying the F4 and X-Men would be wiped from existence? I was just saying, and still am, that they are being pushed to the background in favor of spotlighting other properties that Disney/Marvel owns the film rights to. I don't think they are doing that in order to sabotage the movies because it's pretty obvious the comics don't impact the movies and more or less vice versa. I don't think you can logically deny that this is happening though. Look at that big Marvel characters poster. No X-Men or Fantastic Four to be seen. Some of the characters are obviously still present (The Thing and Wolverine being on that new promo for All New, All Different for instance) but those two properties look to be taking a back seat in some ways. I'm not throwing a big fit about this but I am a bit disappointed because I prefer the X-Men to the properties they are focusing on now.

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I am not a fan of Jason Statham so I really hope this doesn't end up happening. He could be good for the role but he's just too big a name for me. If Statham is cast, I'd be watching Jason Statham and not watching Bullseye. Plus, I just don't like many of the movies he has been in. Idk. This doesn't get me worked up or anything but I certainly hope it isn't true.

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Not sure how I feel about this but I'll wait and see what they do with it in the coming issues. The one thing I will say is that I'm glad the extra media for Star Wars has been allowed to add things to the story we may not expect. The reveal of what is under the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in the pages of Tarkin and now Han Solo's wife in Star Wars #6. Glad to see them taking some chances and not playing it completely safe.

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I agree with the star rating for this one. I'd give it a four as well for somewhat similar reasons but I'd also add a story complaint into the negative which is really still spilling over from the end of last issue. I cannot stand the idea of Palpatine's secret project. Not so much the idea that he'd have potential replacements for Vader (that is very in line with Palpatine/Sidious' character) but the X-Men-espue quality of the characters. It feels too comic-booky and silly. On top of that, as pointed out in the review, the action sequences involving them weren't particularly well done.

Now on to the positives. This series has done a beautiful job of balancing prequel material and original trilogy material. I love Star Wars and despite the prequels maybe not living up to expectations, I still love them. So it is an absolute treat to see them acknowledge that part of Vader's life and really use it as motivation for his actions. The second half of this issue was stellar. It'd be a five if the whole thing was that but the beginning with the cyber experiments was enough to drag the score down to a four. Still a really good issue. Which is refreshing because issue 5 was a bit of a clunker in my opinion.

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Right now the only comics I'm buying in singles are all the Star Wars titles. I'm super pumped about Star Wars #5. I don't count myself among the "Fandalorians" or even a fan of Boba Fett but I'm still intrigued. Especially after his showing in issue 4. I think Boba is the most overrated character possibly in all of fiction but I'm hoping the new canon and story group will move towards giving me a reason to like him beyond his cool looking armor.

Darth Vader #6 is a little more troublesome to me because 5 was a big letdown imo. I loved the first four issues but the second half of 5 and the reveal of who the "apprentices" were was pretty lame. It feels very much like the worst parts of the EU of old and not something that should be included in the canon. Still, the first four issues were great so the series has quite a bit of good will from me and it's Darth Vader so even if it wasn't very good, I'd still keep buying it.

As for Princess Leia #4, I'm still somewhat luke warm on the series but 3 was definitely a big improvement over the first two issues imo. I still think Waid is kind of missing the mark on Leia's voice but issue 3 was fun enough to make up for it. Once again, it's Star Wars so I'll be reading it even though it's easily my least favorite of the current Marvel Star Wars lineup.

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I don't have Starz but I may have to go over to a friend's place every week to watch this. I'm pretty pumped.