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Is this a good jumping on point?

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Well to be fair, I think that the delay was planned. I think the cycle is that they put out six issues and then take four months off.

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The best Avenger book in my opinion.

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I dig his new costume. It's like Ben Reilly's costume mixed with Miles Morales', with a hint of Iron Spider. Not bad.

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I was about ready to drop this due to budget, but I was pleasantly surprised with last issue. Might just keep this series around for a bit.

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It sucks that reading this only seems to make it worse. Don't get me wrong, this book is fantastic, but knowing that Kot is leaving makes me sad...

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Damn I wish it was Kaine. It'd be fun to see what he's like on a team.

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Hey comicvine crew,

After watching that awesome new Man of Steel trailer about a hundred times, I found myself wanting to read more Superman. In some of the previous podcasts, you guys mention how great All-Star Superman is, so I was thinking of giving that a try. The thing is, I never really liked Superman all that much. I mean I like the idea of him, but I've never read anything that interesting with him as the central character. The other thing is that I don't really like Grant Morrison's way of story telling either. However, you guys rave about it a lot and its said to be a "must read" in the man of steel's mythology by others, so I was wondering if it would still be a good read for someone who hasn't read any great Superman stories. Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work.

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Get it together before you lose a loyal reader.

This is kind of the entire issue at hand...DC doesn't care about loyal readers anymore. Because when a loyal reader stops reading, three more new readers that will (temporarily) boost sales pop up. The whole DCnU is about being 'hip' and 'edgy' in an attempt to appeal to the younger masses.

That's not to say that they're not putting out some good stuff - they most certainly are.

I understand DC doesnt have the loyal reader in mind. They definitely proved that with the New 52. I was hesitant but supported that idea. What I cant support is the mistreatment of creators. I just wanna know what the hell is going on.

I agree that it sucks that DC doesn't really care about the loyal reader. I know that the whole point of the New 52 was to gain new readers, but they still need to put some focus into the die hard fans of DC proper. At the end of the day, the loyal readers are the ones that is supporting the market. New readers might come, but not all stay, so DC should support the readers who have been reading their stuff for a while and are dedicated to the universe that they established. That's why I think Marvel Now is so successful. They wanted to bring in new readers like any good company should, but they cared enough for the loyal readers to have continuity stay relatively the same. Plus the fact that they are consistent with their creators and don't have their editorial teams dictating the whole of the book.

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Wow. I was actually looking forward to this. I don't even like Superman, but the creative team pulled me in. And now DC pulls this BS. They need to get their sh*t together before I lose all interest in their company as a whole.