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I've long been into fiction, action, superheroes, cartoons, anything that looks cool. I started making up stories when i was 6,

in 1992 and had already planned to stop it when i was 14 on the day i started. My first character had ALL the powers of the X-Men, ALL the weapons of the Turtles, (also, superman, spidey, thundercats, zorro etc but almost always fought in his "human" form to save his super-energy for major events, and basically could not be destroyed. I held on to THIS story til i was 15, (that's 8-9 years) killed the guy, brought him back and killed him again, and started another (more original) cast of superheroes, including a man in a wet suit (that could climb walls) a biker, a millionaire, an ex- commando, an animal rights activist/ anti hero etc. I finally put some of these stories to paper when i was 17, (and of course fucked up school) and even printed 2000 copies of "The Frog" (which no one bought, YET!) Here i intend to leave behind a piece of my mind in the fan-fic section and SOMEBODY, if you're listening, HIRE ME?