Supreme Marvel #1: Relics [Part 1: Gotham Life]

Disclaimer: This takes place in the DC Universe. Some characters are mine, the rest  belong to DC Comic; including cities, buildings, objects. 
Rating: 15
Previously: Prelude to Supreme Marvel 

A British Airways plane soars across the turbulent Atlantic Ocean heading to its destination, America. The weather is windy enough only to shake the plane’s wings. The ‘fasten seat-belt’ sign flashes throughout the plane. A long haired; beard man, with a modest smile on his face fastens his belt. The man sitting next to him gives him a curious look.

-          “First time flying?” asks the man
-          “Oh, no sir. I moved over to England to further my education. I was raised in America.” replied the person with a continuous modest smile
-          “I guess you lost your American accent then. Where about in England did you study?
-          “I’ve spent many years there. Their accents are strong and I felt mine was easily influenced. There was a programme created for ‘special cases’ in Cambridge, there saying not mine, where a person with a high achieving IQ could qualify for the course.” he explained

The plane hits a slight turbulence making the man look weary.

-          “If you don’t mind me asking, what IQ did you get?
-          “I got 225.” said without an ounce of pride
-          “Really? How old were you when you took that?” said with amazement
-          “I was ten years old.” nerves creeping into his vocal patter
-          “Sorry, I don’t mean to pry. I guess nervous on planes, and talking helps. It’s either that or the bath room.” said with a smile, indicating friendship
-           “It is...”

The plane shakes violently for a few seconds.  They both grip the handles of the chair. It begins to stead and the captain apologies to the people on the plane.

-           “Not a fan of flying?” said the bearded person
-           “Nope, more of a grounded person.” the man said with a slight smile.

The plane shakes more violently and for a few more seconds longer. When the plane steadies the man quickly gets up runs to the toilet. The bearded man watches and his impressed by how quickly he moved. The plane feels like it’s been pulled down to him. He grips tighter to the handles of the seat.

-           “Whoa!” he gasp out as his heart jumps a beat

The plane feels weird to him now. He looks to his left, and then looks to his right, no one notices anything. Then from out of nowhere the plane sharply plummets’ nose first towards the ground. The screams rise from the plane passengers. The seats all move forward towards the front of the plane. Everyone pushing against the seats ahead of them, but they keep getting pushed further forward because of the falling seats behind them. The man’s row of seats moves towards the seats in front of him, before the seats make contact with the back he quickly steps on the seat in front of him to propel him into the air and behind his seat. The gravity makes it difficult for anyone to move. People are now screaming in anguish. The force of the plane falling seems to lift more and more so as it approaches the ground. Suddenly, the plane stops in mid air, floating inches from the ground below. People are now asking if people are hurt. The plane falls backwards towards to ground. The impact jumps the plane slightly, and everyone is pushes into the air and fall back down again. People are looking at each other in shock. The top half of the plane is ripped from the plane and thrown away. The sunlight shines into the plane. A man slowly descends from the skies above the plane, with a flame like orange aura. He slowly moves forwards above the plane. He stops, looking at the seat that was occupied by the man now in the toilet. His attention quickly draws to the bearded man now on his own, he face full of fury. The furious man outstretches his hand, the bearded man’s body becomes immovable, he quickly rises in front of the flamed aura man.

-           “WHERE’S THE PERSON THAT SAT THERE! TELL ME NOW!” he said, spit gushing from his mouth
-           “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There was no one that sat there since the plane took off.” Said the bearded man
-           “DON’T LIE TO ME!” the orange aura now melting upwards from his face

A black marble sized ball comes out of nowhere and sticks to the flamed aura man, he looks down. The bearded man closes his eyes. A blinding flash of light and a loud siren howls from the ball. The orange aura man closes his eyes and covers his eyes in pain. He releases the man from his hold, they both fall towards the floor, the bearded man with his eyes closed feels someone grab him before he hits the floor and is calmly put on the floor. He keeps his eyes closed and tries to focus his hearing. The orange aura man curses violently in pain. He opens his eyes slightly and just sees white light, then closes them. He opens them again and a shadow appears in the white light, he closes them again. He opens them and sees a person.

-           “BATMAN!” he screams in fear

Batman punches him in the face and knocks him out. Batman turns to the bearded man. He now stands erect, fingers in his ears trying to get his hearing back to normal. Everything sounds echoed to him. Batman uses sound language with his hands.

-           ‘Are you okay’ he gestures

The bearded man is shocked. He wonders how Batman knows that he knows sound language himself.

-           ‘Yes, thank you. He was after a man who went into the toilet. Check if he is okay.’ he gestures back at Batman

Police come to the scene, and begin talking to him, he signals his deafness. Two hours later he is free from questioning. He sees the man that went into the toilet.

-           “Hey, you’re okay.” said the bearded man
-           “Yes, thanks to you. Batman told me what you did, thank you so much.” He said gratefully
-           “Don’t thank me, anyone would have done it.” He replied
-           “Nope, not these days. Sorry, I didn’t ask before. What’s your name?” he asked
-           “Sorry, my name is Kyle Inwudu.” Kyle said
-           “Hello Kyle, my name’s Timothy Wayne.” Tim replied

Kyle’s mouth dropped. He then laughs.

-           “I now work for you. I somehow got an apprenticeship at Wayne Enterprises.” Kyle said with a smile on his face
-           “Well, Kyle, let me show you around.

After walking around Wayne Enterprises, Tim finally shows him to where he will be working.

-           “Archaeology department. I’ll like to introduce you to you assistant.
-           “I get an assistant?” Kyle said with gratitude
-           “Yeah, she’s a newish also.” Tim replies with a smile on his face

A woman strides into the room; 5’9” tall, long blonde hair reaching to her lower back and bright green eyes.

-           “You must be Kyle? My name’s Nicole Rush.” Nicole said with a smile on her face
-           “Hello.

After a while of talking, Kyle is allowed to look around the Gotham museum. His attention is towards a small shiny roach like rock.

-           “Scarab.” He tell himself

It time enters into the midnight hours. Kyle leaves for his new apartment. As he gets there he hears a scream, he looks around and sees a woman being carried into an ally. He runs into a gang of five men. It’s hard to properly see everyone, he sees the woman on the floor, face down.

-           “Let her go.” Kyle said calmly
-           “Wha’ you gonna do?” said a fat gang member

He pulls out a knife and points it at Kyle. He signals the other four men to attack him. Kyle moves forward towards the charging men. The first man throws a punch; Kyle easily ducks under him, side steps the second man. On the turn, the third man’s foot is raised to strike; Kyle catches and uses his foot to knock the standing foot off the ground, then steps over him. The fourth man’s fist swings for Kyle’s face; Kyle quickly grabs it and spins him around and pushes his foot into hi back and knocks him into the other men. The fifth guy with the knife tries to poke Kyle; but Kyle quickly manoeuvres his hands to knock the knife from the fat man’s hands and catches it. The fat man gives him a strange look and the runs with the rest of him. He watches them run and then turns to the woman on the floor. When he takes her out of the shadow, he sees her face.

-           “Heidi?” Kyle said with a face full of shock

Start the Conversation

Prelude to Supreme Marvel


Three years after the War of Lights

The rain falls hard from the dark misty sky to the floor of Amberwood Lane, Wisconsin. The lightning strikes loud and getting louder, as if it was moving to the footsteps of 5421. A small dark haired, green eyed boy around the age of three stares out a large window on looking the golden flashes of light. No fear in his eyes, it is like it’s calling to him, every thud of lightning communicating with the little boy. A door opens behind the boy; a man stands in the doorway.

-    “Kyle, why are you still awake again?” said the man in a stern voice

When Kyle opens his mouth to speak, the thud of thunder overlaps him.

-    “Well then, retreat to your bed room.” said the man

Kyle leaves the room with his head down. He enters a long dark corridor; the lighting that flashes through the window gives the only visible radiance. Kyle slowly walks towards the end of the corridor. When Kyle walks through the light; lightning flashes giving his shadow a different demonic expression all the way to the last window where he stops. Kyle stands there for a few seconds; he turns his head towards his right shoulder and uses his peripheral to look behind him, and still there is no fear within his eyes. He turns back and opens the door to his room, as he closes the door he looks down the corridor, each flash of lightning; the shadows are normal. When the door is closed to Kyle’s room; the last flash of lightning shows the demonic shadows.

Screams scorch the night. The door to Kyle’s room opens hastily as man runs in.  Kyle, who is now four years old, is shaking rapidly in bed. The man presses him down tightly. Kyle’s eyes closed, tears falling from his face, sweat from his body making it hard for the man to get a good grip.

-    “Now burn! You will burn! You will burn in hell! Yeah you'll burn in hell! You'll burn in hell!” said Kyle in an outraged voiced

The man is now despite to wake Kyle up, shaking him harder.

-    “Yeah you'll burn in hell! You'll burn in hell! Yeah you'll burn in hell! For your SINS!” said Kyle louder and with a more ferocious tone

Upon the last word his eyes open wide in total white and close a second later, as he does he stops moving and continues to sleep. His body relaxes and when the man takes his hands from Kyle. Where his hands were now have red hand prints.

-    “He’s had these Night Terrors for the past seven days now. When we talk to him he denies them. We need to help him, or they’ll exhaust him. For now, let him sleep.” said the man in a relieved manner

Throughout the darkness of Kyle’s empty room grow whispers. They intensify towards him. His eyes open with a shock; green as ever. He gets up exhausted, covers his eyes with the palms of his hands and rubes deeply to wake him up. There’s a knock on the door.

-    “Kyle, are you awake? We’ve got your breakfast ready.” said a voice

He slowly removes his hands from his face. The whispers return, more violent. He stands up and exits his room; slams the door. As he walks down the stairs, the voices follow him until he gets to the closed dining room door. In which they come to an abrupt stop. He pulls the door open and reveals a surprise birthday party.

-    “Look at his face. I knew we’d get him good.” said a very excited man

It is in fact shock that is spread across Kyle’s face.

The party flies over to the evening. He sits by the window his mouth full of cake, happiness being a strange thing to be felt.

-    “Hi, you’re the birthday boy right? Five today isn’t?” said a soft voice

Kyle turns and sees a girl maybe a few inches tall than him, brunette hair, bright blue eyes. He struggles to swallow the remaining parts of the cake within his mouth. She smiles at his attempts of speech. His stomach is filled with something unknown to him. This has been a peculiar day.

-    “I’m Heidi by the way. I’ve only just moved here. Happy birthday Kyle.” said with a smile

He watches her leave his sight. With no idea what this feeling is. It suddenly dawns on him that he had his mouth open the whole time she was talking to him and quickly wipes his face. He looks down at the remnants of his cake, and smiles.

Loud volatile whispers surround Kyle with haste.  More painful than ever; his ears bleed. He struggles to open his eyes. It takes so much of his will-power to open. When he finally does, he sees his birthday cake in his hand. It begins to melt from the plate and liquefies to the floor, the instant it touches the floor it becomes black. As its radius spreads to his feet, it gets thicker making it hard for Kyle to move. The blackness rises up his legs, now unable to move his knees. He looks behind him and sees people chatting away, somehow unaware of the blackness rising up them. He sees Heidi and try’s to warn her, no words arise. She looks at him smiling; she opens her mouth saying something, although no words arise, however some force from her mouth seems to shockwave in front of her cumbering all in its way. The shockwave hits and pushes Kyle to the floor, he feels like a hundred people are pressing on him at once making him unable to ascend. The shockwave reaches his ears and he hears a voice say.

-    “Kyle, wake up.

His eyes open fast. He arises, sweating heavily and breathing deeply. He sees hands on his legs as he lays there in bed.

-    “Kyle, you okay?” said the person with a hint of worry
-    “Heidi?” Kyle says with a confused expression

-    “That’s a first, in the little over a year I’ve known you. You’ve never woke up from a night terror with my first attempt.” said Heidi

A few silent seconds go by.

-    “You’ve gotta tell someone.” said Heidi with a look of fear
-    “Tell them what?” said a confused Kyle
-    “You said in your sleep, ‘The Darkness is coming’.” said Heidi
-    “It was just a night-“ he froze for a second and released that’s what he was trying to say “mare.

The door to Kyle’s opens.

-    “What are you both doing?” said the voice
-    “Nothing Mistress. Kyle was having a nightmare.” said Heidi
-    “Well go back to bed. I’ll deal with this.” said the Mistress

Heidi exits the room and glances back at the worn out Kyle. After all the people left Kyle’s room, he sat up the rest of the night thinking and staring into the abyss of darkness. Before he realised it was morning. And the door to his room had open and standing there in the door way was Heidi with a suspicious look upon her face.

-    “I was thinking, over night. Actually I’ve been thinking this for a while now.” said Heidi moving to the tip of Kyle’s bed “You’re not telling me everything are you?

Kyle’s head moves down slightly, his eyes filled with worry. He closes them and breathes deeply. He elevates his head, opens his eyes while releasing his breathe.

-    “No, I haven’t. What do you wanna know?” he said reluctantly
-    “Are you faking these so called dreams to get attention?” asked Heidi
-    “No.” stated Kyle
-    “Then what are they?” continued Heidi
-    “My dreams are something to do with the future.” said Kyle, unconfidently
-    “What do you mean?
-    “I mean…something is coming.
-    “You know what it is?
-    “Yes.
-    “What?
-    “Evil.
-    “Okay, say I will believe you. Why didn’t you just tell people?
-    “Have you seen my friends?
-    “No.
-    “Does that answer your question?
-    “I guess. Sometimes, I see you looking, at something, when I look there isn’t anything there. Do you see something I don’t?
-    “In a way. I can feel something, when its closer the feeling gets stronger. Sometimes…tangible.
-    “Well maybe we should do something about it then.
-    “We?
-    “Yeah, if you get out of this room once in a while. Maybe we can convince people.
-    “Adults have closed minds. They already know their choices.
-    “Where’d you get that from?
-    “I read…a lot.
-    “So that’s what you do in your room all day. Read. Well come on.
-    “What?
-    “And they say you’re bright. Let’s go and make people believe.

Heidi moves forward and grabs Kyle from his bed. Pulls him out the door and swings it shut.  Echoes of their voices can be heard moving downstairs. The door to Kyle’s room suddenly opens slightly. The floor that was filled with light quickly distinguishes to become darkness. All the light from the room vanishes.

A man enters the room calmly carrying Kyle in his arms. Kyle, although asleep looks exhausted. Sweat is dripping from his body, almost every inch of his clothes are soaking. The man leaves the room and closes the door. Throughout the night, sleep, instead of helping Kyle it worsens his state. He does not scream out in pain anymore; however he tosses and turns violently. When he wakes up, he slowly breathes then rises. He looks up to see Heidi sitting legs-crossed at the end of his bed.

-    “So?” she asks
-    “It doesn’t like fire. Or light.” he replies
-    “Anything else?
-    “It’s coming.
-    “What!? Like, sooner instead of later? Are you sure?
-    “Why do you think I’ve been practising for over a year? Controlling the dreams.
-    “This is a whole lotta pressure to put on a 7 year old, besides you being a genius and all.
-    “You’re only three years older than me. Either way, no one listens to us. The first person I tried to convince, just by their body language alone they were not interested.
-    “Then how do we stop it?
-    “I got an idea.

They leave the room and head downstairs. There is hardly anyone awake yet. They open a door and Kyle looks if anyone is there. After seeing no one is there he walks in and closes the door behind Heidi. He walks to the centre of the room and looks down.

-    “What?” asked Heidi
-    “It’s down there.” he replied
-    “WHAT!?
-    “Every time I walk past this place, I can feel it. Evil. My guess is someone locked it away down here at one point in history. There power must have been beyond great.
-    “So, whatta we do?
-    “Tonight, we put a stop to this form of evil.

Through the day they both act normal as normal can be for these two. With them being outsiders of their adoptive family. When midnight reached they both got out of bed and met each other at the top of the stairs. They exchange a look of readiness and cautiously descend the stairs. Everyone seems to be sleeping. As they open the door to the room, Kyle feels a chill go through his spine which halts him for a second. However he carries onwards. They step towards the centre of the room and pour a substance around the centre point and then wait.

-    “Whatta we do now?” asks Heidi
-    “We wait.” replied Kyle

After a few hours go by, Heidi asks something she’s wanted to ask for a while.

-    “Kyle, how do you get this thing?”
-    “I’ve had it as long as I could remember. Presumably from one of my parents’ side.”
-    “Did you ever meet them?”
-    “Sadly no. I was told that I’ve been here since I was a few months old.”
-    “You mad at them?
-    “Not really. They may have good reasons for it. They may not have wanted or couldn’t raise me themselves. I wouldn’t judge the situation unless I know both sides of the story.
-    “So you’re not mad at them for leaving you with nothing?
-    “No. And they did leave me with one thing.
-    “What’s that?
-    “My name. Kyle Inwudu.
-    “Have you ever looked into the name?
-    “No, I guess with the world we live in, I much prefer the image of them I have in my head then something tainted. The world before I was born had a lot of peaceful moments; however in this world there is so much fear, hatred, avarice and so on. Which I think makes this entity stronger. As time has gone past it’s easier for me to feel…
-    “What’s up?
-    “It’s coming! Stand back.

Heidi looks around hastily however not seeing anything. She looks at Kyle who is staring at the centre point of the room with a lot of concentration in his face. The Earth feels like its just hiccupped making both Kyle and Heidi jump into the air. Again, but more violently; the Earth tremors and they get become more frequent. Has sudden as they came they stop. Both of them are on the floor from the quakes, Heidi feels like it may have been overrated. When she looks at Kyle she seems him in pain on the floor jittering. She runs over to him.

-    “It tricked us! Get out! Run!
-    “Whatta mean it tricked us?
-    “It was hiding it’s real power. Run!
-    “I’m not leaving you here!

She picks him up and puts his arm over her shoulder and hobble to exit the room. When they reach the door they slam shut. They look around and the centre of the room swells upward and the ground breaks hastily releasing a continuous stream of black smoke hitting the roof spreading it’s radius to corners all of the ceiling. The stream finally stops. It’s slowly moving around the ceiling.

-    “What do we do, Kyle?” slowly said Heidi
-    “We have to get out.

Suddenly the smoke stops moving. As do Kyle and Heidi, but more so in shock eagerly were watching the black smoke. It bursts into motion straight for Kyle. Heidi pushes him out of the way the smoke impacts her lifts her off her feet slamming the door hard feet inches off the floor, the black smoke forcing its way down Heidi’s throat. Kyle gets up from the floor grabs hold of Heidi.

-    “Heidi?” he said curiously
-    “Not any more.” said a creepy broken voice

Her eyes open; they’re pitch black. She smiles a crooked smile. Kyle’s face for the first time filled with fear. It releases a shockwave of black energy upon Kyle pushing him to the other side of the room.

-    “Feels so good to finally let loose.” it said
-    “Get out of her!” furiously said Kyle

It begins to walk up the wall, and then walks on the ceiling.

-    “Oh, love. This girl’s got a touch for you. Should of hit that!” whilst above Kyle on the roof

The fear within Kyle has now turned to rage.

-    “Take me instead!” said Kyle
-    “Okay!

It opens Heidi’s mouth and the black smoke rapidly is released making her fall from the ceiling. Kyle stands his ground and he breaks her fall. Kyle releases a gasp of pain. Heidi now herself looks at the in pain Kyle.

-    “Kyle?” said Heidi realising she’s been released
-    “You alright?

Before Heidi could answer Kyle, the black smoke begins to forces its way into Kyle while knocking Heidi away from him. Kyle begins to rise into the air as the smoke penetrates his mouth. The space around him ripples slowly as if time was slowing down. When the rest of the black smoke enters his body he head quickly moves forward looking downwards, eyes closed. It slowly descend to the floor with its arms slight outwards, hands open and palms out. He lands on the floor gripping his hands.

-    “This is a smart kid. He had a bright future ahead of him. Reading his thoughts, there way above what a kid of his age should be, intellectual wise that is.” it said proud

Heidi is trying to open the door.

-    “Now, where do you think you’re going?” it’s says to Heidi

She looks at him while trying to open the doors. Her body tenses up, like someone had just grabbed her tightly. She rises into the air. Suddenly she drops to the floor. The doors open hastily.

-    “G…g…go!” said Kyle struggling to speak
-    “Kyle?
-    “Too late!” said the creepy voice

The doors slam shut again.

-    “Whoa! This kid is good! While I was looking through his head, he was lookin’ through mine!
-    “I will beat you!” Kyle said
-    “I’ll give you credit kid. This is a first! However you won’t beat me.
-    “He beat you before. I can beat you now.
-    “What?
-    “I saw him beat you. And now I know how.
-    “No!
-    “Heidi, quick run!
-    “I’m not leaving without you Kyle!
-    “Sorry about this then.

The doors behind Heidi open rapidly, she looks back. She gets forced backwards out of the room building up speed towards a window. The window breaks before her contact and she lands safely on the floor and the window re-forms itself.

-    “What are you doing?” it said
-    “Is that fear?” said Kyle
-    “I do not fear!
-    “Then I’ll teach you.

Kyle looks down; they are still in the centre of the room. His hands release and the substance Kyle poured out before now ignites in green flames. It rapidly moves around Kyle moving closer and closer. It begins to consume Kyle from the feet upwards. It moves upwards fast and then moves down his throat. His eyes turn from black to green and in an instant a shockwave expels from Kyle pushing the walls outwards making the square room now in a sphere shape. Lying there in a crater is Kyle. Heidi rushes in a few moments later and sees his body on the floor. She runs over to him and tries to wake him by shaking him. Many men and women enter the room.

-    “What has happened here?” said the mistress

They see Kyle on the floor. They run to him. One of them checks his pulse.

-    “He’s unconscious. What happened Heidi?” she repeated

In a moment of panic she realise that they wouldn’t believe it.
-    “It was me. It was an accident.” she confesses


In an emergency room in Wisconsin, lays Kyle, in a bed. His eyes open slowly, and then shut quickly because of the bright light coming from the window. He opens them again and sees a letter with his name on it next to him. He reads it.

Dear Kyle
I can’t say much because anyone could read this. You once told me that adults have closed minds. Well this was the reason why I did this. I hope someday you forgive me. Thank you for saving me. I hope I will see you someday. All my love
Heidi Orson

-    “Hello?” Kyle shouts out

A woman enters the room. She smiles on seeing Kyle awake.

-    “Thank the Lord.” she said kissing her cross
-    “How long have I been unconscious? And where’s Heidi?” he quick said
-    “For 7 months. She told us everything that happened. And she’s been moved to another home.
-    “Told you what?
-    “How she started the fire that led to the explosion. Almost killing you.
-    “No she didn’t it was a monster.
-    “Now now Kyle. You’ll need your rest.
-    “She didn’t do anything it was me.

She leaves the room walking into a group of people.

-    “Heidi was right, he did try to take the blame and put it on a monster.
-    “Well the room is almost rebuilt now. We’ve recently got funding to re-build the centre piece.” said a man

Back at Amberwood Lane, two men are working on the centre piece of the re-built room. One of them leaves to get themselves a drink. As the man is working he hears a thud. He goes to inspect it. He hears another thud. He wipes away the dust from the floor. And sees something black, it quickly moves forces its way down the man’s throat. The other man returns a few minutes later with two cups of coffee. He approaches the man with his arm stretched out to hand him the coffee. The other man turns around and slices his head off, his body drops to the floor like a ragdoll. The man smiles as his eyes turn black and it leaves the house extinguishing the light as it leaves.

The End

...for now.


The new Supreme Marvel

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As some of you may know, I've been planning a new version of him. While planning him, I just keep getting more ideas on top of the ones I already have. So I'm trying to sort it out into one direct line and the only way I can fit it in so it fits is that I set it in an alternative future. In this future there will be a new JSA with a lot of new members and some of it's current members no longer with us. JLA is deactivated. Some members of this JSA; Batman but who will he be...Bruce? Or another? Green Lantern, with the original member now dead who will this Green Lantern be? And another is Starwomen the former Stargirl matured. And there will be more.
In some of the headlines of the papers tend to say, "Why is Superman doing this?" (Hint* picture) "Where is Wonder Woman?". All these question will be answred and will also introduce the new mantle of the Marvel family.

Shazam should have his own continuity series!

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Personally, I've always thought that he should have his own series. And now with the return of the wizard Shazam, I think now is the time it should get started. I like Freddy, but I've loved Billy for a long time and I would like to see him back as Captain Marvel. With his own series he could then participate more in the DC Universe continuity easier. Instead of just coming into Justice Society of America.

If it did come about, I would like to see either Geoff Johns, Judd Winick or J. Michael Straczynski.

Would you like to see this happen?