Delving into the world of Pulp Fiction

Become very enthralled with the world of pulp heroes of old. Always have been a big fan of stuff like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the Golden Age of Comics... so it's no surprise that I've become a big fan of such characters like Doc Savage, the Shadow, and others. Have also recently discovered the world of French Pulp Heroes thanks to cool stuff like "Tales of the Shadowmen".

By extension, I'm becoming more and more knowledgeable of the "Wold Newton Family" concept.

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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I've been rereading a ton of Eerie lately and I want to work my way backwards towards the Golden Age and more pulp stuff, I love anthologies in I gotta check out Tales of the Shadowmen, sounds like something up my ally.

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Posted by SuperXAsh


It's a fun series of short stories, some by accomplished writers (like the guy who wrote the "Anno Dracula" stories). The only complaint I would have is some of the heroes are pretty obscure at times.

This website helped though.

Hope you enjoy the Shadowmen stories.

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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

@SuperXAsh: Thanks I'll check that site out.