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1161554 New Character Character Overview After his creation in 2009, Slender Man has grown into one of/if not the biggest characters on the internet. With his popularity spreading beyond the Creepypastas and internet folk tales, and into general urban legend, he has crossed into numerous other forms of media. Video games, webcomics, web series, literature, documentaries, and many other sides of pop culture, Slender Man has become a horror figure similar to the Bogeyman. 01/21/17 07:11AM 50 Denied
1047214 Flying Spaghetti Monster Character Overview ...just wanted to add a bas I c bio on his noodly goodness. As well, I filled his header and general info a bit mire. 08/30/16 02:41AM 499 Approved
600833 Spike Spiegel Character Overview I figured the page needed more filling out... 01/04/15 07:58AM 305 Approved
349314 Zeus Character Overview It seems as if the page was composed of the info for Zeus in the God of War series, which are only partially accurate to actual Greek Myth. So, I wanted to edit and place some of the actually feats of Zeus: such as the War of the Titans, the battles with Typhon, ect. 01/25/14 02:58AM 59 Approved
60077 Hermes Character Overview Just helping to give a full description of Hermes 05/13/13 04:53PM 15 Approved