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I couldn't agree with you more. I absolutely hated Batman Beyond when they were showing previews. (So of course I watched the movie pilot when it originally aired.)

I loved it....The show respected the source material and was even darker than the original animated series. I can't tell you how happy I was when Terry finally entered the original canon.

Having said that yes this show does sound awful. But Earth one Batman has a gun toting Alfred and it turned out to be really awesome.

Glen Murakami is an executive producer on this show so it shouldn't be that bad. (He also worked on Batman TAS and Batman Beyond)

All things Batman have been pretty good since Batman Begins. The Video games, The comics (Scott Snyder FTW), The movies. I doubt they are going to mess up now...

And Batman is such an important franchise to WB that I think they are going to be VERY careful with the next moves they make. Brave and The Bold was a great show as well. (Though you have to be well versed in the silver age Batman to understand why its awesome.) That show also had James Tucker who worked on past DCU shows. Now we did have "The Batman" but even that got better towards the end when Alan Burnett and Andrea Romano came in to work on the series.

Hey all things considered, it CAN NOT be worst than Ultimate Spider-man....ugh.

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Spider-man: Birth of Venom and Spider-man: Vengeance of Venom.

I do agree that the Stan Lee story's hold up well but with my own experience as an uncle of 7 kids. Venom is the usually the fan favorite among kids. Especially in his earliest appearances.

Amazon is selling The Amazing Spider-man Omnibus by David Micheline and Todd Mcfarlane for about 60 bucks right now. I have one and it is my most prized comic hard cover next to Scott Snyder's Batman epics. (The Black Mirror and The Court of Owls)

During their run they included just about every Major Spider-man villain at the time. Even the Green Goblin. (Although not the Norman Osborn version.)

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I agree. Definitely start here.

Before the "One More Day" reboot this was one of the best runs of Spider-man.

David Micheline's run on ASM is also a very cool run. He features every major Spider-villain in his run and he also worked with Todd Mcfarlane during most of his run who did so much for the character. It's sad how so many forget how Amazing he was on Spider-man.


Right now you can get an omnibus for about 60 bucks on Amazon.

(I grabbed one and love it! Marvel does a greaaaat job with their hard covers. The pages are sewn into the book.)

I have mixed feelings on the current Dan Slott run, but at least he gets the characterization of Peter Parker right!

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@InfamousFish: Well done. Keep practicing. That's great for a novice, your showing some natural talent. =)

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I loved the first Spider-man movie when I saw it in theaters as a 13 year old kid. I still think it's an excellent film.

There was NOTHING like it at the time...

However Tobey Maguire should not be held to the same standards as Christopher Reeve and Robert Downey Jr.

I feel that Maguire played the role a little too softly. Peter should be soft spoken but Spider-man should be cocky and outspoken. The mask gives Peter the anonymity of the internet. That's why we all talk trash here. Because there are barely any consequences.

Eventually the mask should bring Peter out of his position as a wallflower. I can't imagine anyone facing down the likes of the Lizard, Venom, Doc Ock without developing a back bone.

With all the power he has and the villains that he faces down it's REALLY hard for me as a viewer to not see that translate into his personal life.

In the original comics Peter does become pretty popular over time. I don't see him as much of a nerd as a social out cast. A lot of the same people that shunned him eventually developed crushes on him (Liz Allen) or have become long time friends. (Flash Thompson)

I believe that someone (If not Andrew Garfield) will successfully replace him in the role.

Tobey Maguire is to Spider-man what Michael Keaton is to Batman.

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I was actually pretty excited to see that not only Spidey would be back on T.V. but that this show would have complete access to the entire Marvel Universe AND Paul Dini on board.

I definitely can't speak for anyone else but in my opinion this show fails in every way possible except for the beautiful animation and decent voice cast. I've only seen 3 episodes but here is why I quit.

  • Poor handling of humor. There where a few times that I laughed however I can't stand it when everyone is fighting for the gag. Spidey's sarcastic sense of humor should make him unique. Marvel Superhero Squad has a much better handle on humor than USM.
  • Spidey is a guest star in his OWN show. I'm not a fan of the Spider-man in training plot when he took down The Frightful Four on his own. Spidey is a loner and a self made hero.
  • Spidey is WAY too immature. I know that he is a teenager but just think of the sense of responsibility that all of his SUCCESSFUL incarnations has had.
  • Unnecessary changes that lose the Spirit of the original characters. ("Lois Jane" etc.) I remember when Greg Weisman announced that he would add diversity to the Spider-cast by changing up some ethnicity. Not only did I love that idea but he pulled it off brilliantly by maintaining the spirit of what makes those characters interesting.