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Brilliant conclusion 0

Well, color me Norse, this is a brilliant conclusion to brilliant story arc! Three issues, three acts, one great story. I love how BRIAN WOOD has written the whole SIEGE OF PARIS. In the first issue we met the main character, a seasoned mercenary in the Norse troops sieging the city of Paris. A very promising premise for Northlanders series, but then two suprising things happened, and I am talking about the issues #2 and #3. In issue two, instead of the bloody action one was assuming to see in i...

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The Comedian meets Marshal Law 0

Superhero parody is not really what you would call a new invention...not even when it´s raunchy...hell, especially when it´s raunchy. And over the top characters are a dime in a dozen. Not to forget that some of the best minds and hands in comics have done both already. So it´s a tough nut to crack, and BUTCHER BAKER does not pull it off. Dont get me wrong, it is pretty entertaining comic, but it absolutely does not bring anything new to this niche genre. There is lot of dirty sex, which is fun,...

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I gotta tell you...this one is a true crap turd of a comic book. First of all, it does not contribute anything to the story of Magneto. I kind of get the feeling it got made because of the coming period piece movie and Chaykin doing a nostalgia take on Magneto coming to New York in...I dont know...fifties/sixties...seemed like a semi good idea.  Well, it was not.  I mean as a kinda origin or goming of age story, it is a huge leap from Grek Pak`s Magneto Testament´s child living in ghetto during ...

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We´ll allways have Paris 0

I think that Brian Wood´s Northlanders is one of the strongest series going on these days. That´s not to say it is perfect, the story archs (and one shots) are bit uneven. While "Sven The Returned" and the absolutely brilliant "The Plague Widow" are bloody awesome, the others go from medicore (Metal) to pretty bad (The Cross and The Hammer). I really dig the way how Wood backs his badass Norsemannery with his meticulous research (that he clearly uses as a tool to create believable characters and...

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So and so... 0

Don`t get me wrong. I like this series...I like this series a lot! But, gee, this whole "Devil in the Sand" storyarch is kinda lame compared to very strong first five issues. While they had some really inspired tinkering with vampires and the early 20th century history and wild west, this time the planting of vampires to the "modern west" and early days of Las Vegas feels really unispired.  It does make sense that Vegas appeals to vampires even in it´s early stages, but the whole "Sin City" thin...

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