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@petey_is_spidey said:

Can Apocalypse even manipulate human matter? He was able to manipulate darn near anything, but when it came to dealing with humans, instead of turning them to dust he instead decided to put them through a wall.

If he can't manipulate biological matter, Superman stomps.

He did it with Angel. He made bones pop out his back and then transmuted them along with the rest of his wings into metal. It was a pretty gruesome and cool scene. He never turned people into dust, but I assume he could affect the biology of others since he could amplify the powers of other mutants, and physical changes occurred, like Storm's hair turning white and Angel with metal wings..

He was also able to physically hurl people with his telekinesis, so I think he can affect humans directly too.

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@cvdebater666: Thanks for bringing in those calculations, I figured it must've required a ridiculous amount of energy to achieve, which was why I was pretty shocked when he did it in the movie. I don't think it's scientifically plausible though, like you also addressed. I think they just wanted a cool feat of him shaking the earth to signify his awakening.

Accumulating the energy over the years is an good theory to explain how he was able to gain and release that level of power. I don't see why he would've needed that much energy to free himself from being buried so it happening subconsciously makes sense.

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@fablecounty: He has telekinesis. Is that what you mean?

Sorry, edited, the rest of your post didn't load.

Apocalypse stated himself that he only had the power to resist telepathy and employ defensive maneuvers, not to actually control minds - this is the ENTIRE REASON he wants to transfer his consciousness into Xavier's body, and thus about a third of the plot of this movie is based on his lack of telepathy.

Charles connected to Apocalypse via Cerebro, and only through Cerebro and Charles was Apocalypse able to exert true telepathy. Later, when Charles and Apocalypse fought within their minds, it was Charles who was holding up whatever mindscape this was, who meant to attack within it, and Apocalypse only defended himself.


He actually does have the power of persuasion though. Which is a limited form of telepathy, but nothing like what Xavier has.

Source: IGN

“He's the most powerful mutant we've ever had in one of these movies and that he would be an unbeatable foe for any individual mutant in these X-Men movies,” Kinberg said. “One of the things they do in the comic and the cartoon is you notice he has multiple powers. It's not just one, he has a power suite. We do that in the film. He has various abilities and powers, one of them, like [Apocalypse actor Oscar Isaac said during the Comic-Con panel], is the power of persuasion, and part of why that's necessary is he needs other followers to be his Horsemen, and some of them would be hard to persuade - Magneto, Erik being the hardest. It's interesting, what's a little bit, hopefully, complex in the movie, or even ambiguous, is how much he's persuading his followers with a superhuman ability or just he's like any cult leader who is really good at convincing people to follow him, so we don't really ever make that explicit. It's not like he's putting people under a spell, but he is superhumanly persuasive.”

This is what he used to take over Xavier and the minds of the those men to launch the nukes. He also apparently used this to control the horsemen as well. Which I thought wasn't made clear in the movie(which Singer also apparently left open on purpose according to this interview).

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@storm_calling I think I needed to be a bit more specific. Did the characters notice it themselves? And can it be confirmed the force generated was by Apocalypse himself or his machines? Because if it was felt by the people themselves we have a preposterous amount of force on our hands (which of course would've destroyed a relatively large portion of land, but hey... comic book logic). I could calculate that.

Yes, all of those characters noticed the quakes. The school, along with the chandelier were shaking, it caused some of the equipment in Magneto's construction area to malfunction and fall(this is what led to Magneto using his powers and exposing himself), and Mystique and Nightcrawler paused to react to the disturbance.


Yes, it was absolutely Apocalypse himself that caused the energy surge. No machine or other device. He charged up and then... boom.

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@storm_calling You happen to remember whether everyone on the planet personally felt it when Apocalypse woke up, or was it just registered with seismographs? And was this done so by Apocalypse himself or could it also have been the machinery? I cannot remember the exact specifics.

I'm curious because if this feat is genuine it might be a candidate for a calculation. I'm still leaving after today, but I might want to do one final calculation before I leave.

Don't have any proper way to verify it besides just asking.

It didn't show everyone on the planet being effected by the tremor, but while Apocalypse is freeing himself when he first wakes up we go to various shots of characters at different parts of the world experiencing the quakes(Magneto in Poland, the school in New York, Mystique and Nightcrawler in Berlin?). Beast confirmed with Xavier that the epicenter of the energy surge was in Cairo(which he also confirms was on the other side of the world from where they were).

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Stops at Silver Surfer, who should be much higher on that list.

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@americanspeeddemon said:

@storm_calling: Your assuming his powers are all at the same level which we don't know he has planetary anti telepathy but his other powers are city level at best. This also could be due to the fact that he got the powers from different mutants who may not have had the same potential. Also he hacked one machine which let him access professor x (who he could control because prof x had created a link between them) and who didn't take over millions of people only like a few dozen - a hundred plus there's like 100 times more things that connect to the internet than thier are people on earth. So even then his technopathy would be more impressive.

apocalypse builds a pyramid with TL which is his best feat mags controls all metal on earth. Mags is way better in that area unless you think city is better than planet level. Plus magneto actually controls metal jean whose TK is better than apoc couldn't harm adamantium.

Also nukes can be detonated above surface if he detonated a hundred nukes a mile above apoc he'd be disintegrated. Plus even if apoc catches them ultron can still detonate them.

Based on what we've seen with his technopathy, connecting to satellites and other tvs across the world in order to learn, I'd say it's pretty expansive. And he was scanning everyone's mind across the globe when he gained access to cerebro..Of course he only controlled the people that could launch the nukes, but he still had to scan all the minds in cerebro in order to find them first. Why would scanning the internet be so much more difficult for him?

Apocalypse's telekinesis sent tremors across the globe and energy waves. Making his powers global. Magneto wasn't planetary in First Class and could barely lift a submarine, and his greatest feat in the OT was lifting a bridge . He never reached the potential that he did in Apocalypse in the original trilogy and was nowhere near as powerful as he was in that movie. So no, he wasn't global or even city level.

Phoenix was obviously holding back against Wolverine and wanted him to kill her. Magneto already pointed out earlier in the film that her tk was more powerful than his, so she likely could manipulate his adamantium as well.

As for the nukes, Apocalypse has teleportation(which is completely global) and very powerful shields. And with access to the internet as well, he could probably hijack the nukes and send them back to Ultron.

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That a telepathy feat not really a technopathy feat we already knew prof x could tp everyone on the planet that feat just has apoc take over 1 machine at best

That is also a tp feat doesn't really aply to his technopathy.

He's also more powerful than psylocke who without an amp could generate energy blades. Magneto has a completely different powerset.

It was stated he tried hacking the nukes but was stopped by a skilled hacker (the last bit of jarvis) who could temporarily hold him back.

In the months he spends trying to find and destroy all the devices in the world apoc could build like 30,000 bots with like at least 50 vibranium ones and 100 of his second form bodies at least. Not to mention he could nuke. Apoc like a hundred times a day.

Apocalypse doesn't have telepathy in the movie. That's made clear. Him hijacking cerebro was a mixture of technopathy and his power of persuasion. It still counts because the amount of minds he was scanning doing this was in the billions. Xavier also attacked Apocalypse's mind with all the minds in the world at the end of the film, and it still wasn't enough to bring him down. His mind is simply too powerful. His technopathy is based around his mind, so I don't see how Ultron is suppose to overload him with something in a fight. It simply cannot be done. He simply has too much awareness and willpower.

Apocalypse's telekinesis was more powerful than Eric's control over metal. It's not about powersets, but the level of physical raw power over the matter that they can manipulate. Apocalypse tk >>> OT Magneto's tk over metal.

And the nukes are suppose to do what exactly? Apocalypse TK >>>>> Magneto's tk over metal. Magneto stopped hundred of missiles dead in their tracks in First Class and he was far less powerful in that movie. Apocalypse would make short work of them.

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@americanspeeddemon: Its roughly the same though? There wasn't the internet as we know it in the 80's, yet Apoc was able to fluently speak English and learn everything there was to know about humanity from a cruddy TV from 80's in a super rundown house in Egypt.

Honestly I'd actually say the Apoc feat is more impressive since he'd had to have done more than simply traverse the internet. He had to go from cable to satellite all starting from Storm's cruddy tv that I think was using bunny ears? Ultron couldn't have done that.

Even still, Ultron can't win no matter what. Even if he hides in the internet after Apoc wtfpwns his body and lets say for sake of argument Apoc can't just delete his consciousness with technopathy. What then? Apoc is free to wipe out all the technology on earth until he has nowhere to hide. It might take a minute, but it'd happen eventually. Anything Ultron does, Apoc could counter.

Exactly, and so what if it takes months? Apocalypse is immortal, so he has all the time in the world. lol

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@Shintakie: @storm_calling: even if it was a technopathic battle ultron should win. Yes Apocalypse didn't have the internet like we know it today but now it's so expansive the crude outline for the internet began to take shape in the 80s and 90s with it originally being commenced in the 60s but back then thier were only a few hundred thousand devices around now thier are billions and billions.

Why? I don't think the amount of devices is an issue. Apocalypse didn't have any problems using cerebro to access all the minds on the planet. Billions.

Even still ultron already nearly killed Jarvis the most advanced AI ever built by man by far. This battle will most likely end in stalemate or with ultron winning.

And Apocalypse beat Xavier in a mind battle, the most powerful mind on the planet.

Apoc hasn't affected anything nearly as durable as vibranium with matter manipulation, even if he does destroy his body he'd have to destroy every device connected to the internet which would take him months at least,

Apocalypse>>>>Magneto, who without a powerup was able to affect Wolverine's adamantium.

ultron can control all the nukes on the planet which is his go to first attack, he can make at least 1000 bodies in a day.

When was he able to control all the nukes? Apocalypse did the very same thing in his movie when he hijacked Cerebro.