Take Toonami to the Next Level

**Note: The following post was supposed to be released around 2015 but there were delays. This is a response to what happened during the announcement that the schedule was cut in half.**


If there is one animation block on Cartoon Network that I have enjoyed during my lifetime, it is titled Toonami. This programming block has been entertaining to watch because it featured cartoons that can excite children with vivid imaginations. It is also one of the only access to Japanese animation or anime as it is called for those who are not familiar with it. I have seen my favorite anime featured on the cartoon block and watched some great animated movies alongside it. In the past, the program would be featured in several different channels such as the WB or Kids WB during a time when kids could watch their favorite cartoons on the main channels at their homes.

Recently, the block has had to shorten the time slot due to ratings. This has resulted in, many fans worrying that this could be the beginning of the end of Toonami once again. This has had me thinking, why not make a channel or spinoff channel suitable not just for action packed cartoons but also featuring the latest in action-packed anime as well? These are my reasons how and why the Toonami block should be made into a spinoff channel.

So far there have been several channels that have been created and have provided some entertaining for content for viewers. A Toonami channel could just be that type of channel to attract anyone who is a fan of animation. The channel can provide a multi-platform experience of action based franchises and superhero animated shows.

There may be hope yet for these shows!!!
There may be hope yet for these shows!!!

It can also cater to popular anime around the current time as well. Companies such as DC, Marvel, Funimation, etc. to really provide some action-packed shows for 24-hours a day! There are various other channels from parent companies that have been trying feature specific material outside their own programing for years also. On a Toonami channel, this can be the very thing to motivate the viewers. They can also feature some great animated movies, sometimes feature them with limited commercial breaks sponsored by good advertising that will sure to attract viewers.

As I described in the last paragraph, the Toonami channel can feature programing that will be entertaining fans of cartoons animation. Every day of the week they can feature some animated shows from around the 90s-2000s era and some days they can feature some throwbacks from past cartoons to attract some nostalgic fans. Then on late nights, like what Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have done, they can air a late-night block where they can show much more mature content. This could great for anyone who wants to see more comic book or anime related content on television. Plus, late night showings would allow the channel to feature more anime television shows and films. It should also feature other animated movies that are more aimed for older audiences who are fans of the material. Try working out a deal with other companies to allow reruns of previous action franchises to air on the channel. Find advertisement that will attract people during commercial breaks.

Some films, such as those from Miyazaki, can be featured with limited commercial breaks sponsored by some very well established companies. Several sponsors can include Madman Entertainment, Crunchyroll, Fundimation, and Viz Media. They are huge providers for anime related content and their support could not only feature anime but can generate and promote several new materials.


The channel could also align themselves with other related channels like Toonami Asia. The channel can also feature new material by bringing new creative animated shows to the attention of audiences.

For now, the circumstances seem pretty grim, but I’m sure the people in charge will find a way to keep it going. Time goes by and the world progress to newer things, and shows that we do not see on television anymore are now being shown digitally. As much as people are now enjoying watching their favorite programs online, there are some who would like to see their favorite shows featured on the TV screen, especially those that are not very keen on spending time on the internet.

This blog is just my views and ideas for a future that would include more of Toonami.



Concern in the Force

2015 is indeed a good year for Star Wars. A new movie is coming our way featuring the return of the original characters and presenting fans with new adventures. Despite being excited about this whole experience I still have my doubts.


Here are my three reasons why I am unsure about this new era of Star Wars.

Everything is Canon

Lucasfilm Story Group may have outdone themselves by creating this whole new Expanded Universe lore. So far the new canon seems to exist well within the boundaries between the movies but there is a great risk for that. One of the best things about the old Expanded Universe was that there was a variety of stories that allowed many of the fans to interpret the adventures of their characters in their own way. It may have been confusing at times yet the stories within novels, comics, and video games showed the unlimited possibilities of what happened in between the movies. The new Expanded Universe is a bit more complicated in which any story that is created at the beginning of 2014 and in the coming years are now officially canon. While it may not be of concern now, this limits the opportunities of creating an unlimited amount stories for fans to enjoy and choose from. It also presents a future problem for any possible novels or comics that want to feature stories about the past and future events outside the movies. I believe that if you are a true fan of Star Wars or any type of genre you must be open to the multiple possibilities. Plus I am really not sure why some stories like the Thrawn Trilogy can’t be adapted into the new canon. It doesn’t have to be exactly page by page but the concept and the story seems legit enough to exist between Episode 6 through 7 especially given the timespan in between.

Nostalgia Override

The Force Awakens definitely brings forth a familiar essence of the Original Trilogy. From the production design to the remodeling of old favorites it seems likely that the new trilogy will bring back the magic of the Originals. Is that really necessary? One big issue with fans of the classics is that they are not open to anything new, rebooted, or changed within their favorite type of material. It’s as if they are determined to remind us of the old ways for every new generation. Let’s get to the point: the only reason that old school fans hated the Prequels is that they didn’t get the story they wanted, they fussed about the graphics (that while mind you were pretty good given the fact that this was before the likes of Avatar and Blur Studios became well known) and there was no Han Solo. If you think I’m lying then check out the reactions to the second trailer of Episode 7. There is a concern that the Lucasfilm Story Group is retreading the same steps as the OT and not even bothering to try something bold. I really hope this new trilogy brings us something new and not just focus on reminding us why the Original Trilogy is great and everything before it is not.

No More Jedi?

I’ve been only reading rumors about what has happened to Luke Skywalker in Episode 7 and to be really honest…I do not like it. There is a possibility that Luke never tried to reestablish the Jedi Order and went into exile during the 30 years between 6 and 7. He only just shows up to train Finn into becoming the new Jedi and that is it. It feels very disappointing that Luke never tried to restore the Jedi Order in some way especially now that we know in Star Wars Rebels that even though the Empire eliminated most the Jedi Order there were still beings born with the power of the Force. Force-sensitive beings would continue to exist although they would not affiliate themselves as Jedi nor Sith. The Expanded Universe already established that there are other groups that use the power of the Force aside from the Sith and Jedi. Examples include the Nightsisters and the mysterious Knights of Ren. I am upset with the fact that the only characters who seem to be wielding a lightsaber at the moment are just Finn and Kylo Ren (not to say that it isn’t cool mind you!). I hope the future movies revive the legendary factions of the Jedi and the Sith because all the fans can agree that a massive battle between lightsaber wielding warriors is LONG overdue.

Where is this?! Fans need this for the new Trilogy!!!
Where is this?! Fans need this for the new Trilogy!!!

Well these are my feelings about the new era of Star Wars. Although I have mixed feelings about this new direction, I can’t wait to see the movie. I believe through the Force there may be hope yet.

:Force Be With You…Always


Captain's Blog Update: #923

Hey guys just wanted to say that if you are reading this post then I ask you for your help. If anyone here is a fan of these reactors then please support them. Recently there has been huge amounts of copyright strikes against their channels causing their videos to be deleted. One anime reactor by the name of AnimeCentrul had his channel terminated. I believe this is not right and there should be some way to stop these copyright strikes. So if you can please fight against this and help these guys out. I have always believed that these reactors have made a huge benefit for anime and manga and it is a great shame to see them being treated like this. Thanks for your time and hope you support these guys like I do! :Peace

P.S. I know this is a comic book site, but hey even I can be interested in other things.


Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy brought forth a legendary character that forever defined generations of sci-fi fans. Now he is no longer with us and has returned to the stars.

May his legacy Live Long and Prosper.


Captain's Blog 8675309

Ah, a new year full of comics, video games, and other stuff. I've been having a good time as of late: just finished working on my DeviantArt page and now submitting some of my artwork. May not be big shot stuff but still a decent artwork if I do say so myself. Hope that some people check it out and if they like, lend me some pointers on how to make it better.

Pretty much how I do my artwork
Pretty much how I do my artwork

I also finally added Cowboy Bebop to Comic Vine. Very happy at that cause I just finished watching a marathon of the series. Definitely worth my time. I haven't seen any films of Miyazaki as of late and my friends have been bugging me to check it out. Even got a recommendation of another anime film call Ninja Scroll. May check those out in the future.

"Has not even peaked my interest", said nobody

As for comics, well I've been reading Batman, Spider-Man, TMNT, Saga, Justice League, and others. Really enjoying Endgame as of late and had a blast reading the Ghostbusters/TMNT crossover. There are also two female superhero comics that I've been enjoying so far, Ms. Marvel and Princess Ugg. The heroines are awesome and the storylines they've been in have been enjoyable to read. There's also some sci-fi fantasy epic that has gotten my interest, but it's not important at the moment...yet. The upcoming comic book events have also taken my interest, even though I'm starting to really get tired of these events going on every year. Problem about these comic book events are that while the plots and moments are interesting, they seem to have little effect on their respective universes cause eventually everything is will go back to normal just in time for the whole universal-shattering event to happen again. That type of repetition becomes a bit too much and it really loses my interest at times. Don't get me wrong, if they feature good writers and execute good stories I will read it. Maybe Secret Wars and Convergence will be the events that will end all the madness of ongoing crossovers but I can be wrong. Still going to get those tie-ins though; can't resist that Nostalgia!

Lastly, I'll talk about movies and television. The fact that the films that defined my childhood are coming back with sequels, reboots, or sequreboots (I have not idea how that came up in my head) is pretty cool. I love dinosaurs, spaceships, lightsabers, robots, and popcorn. So it's great that I can go to the movies to relieve that childhood, then realize that I'm getting old. xP

Rely on the Power of Youth!!!
Rely on the Power of Youth!!!

As for television, I have been enjoying the following: Constantine, Agents of Shield, Arrow, Flash, and Archer. Also been checking out new shows like Galavant and Agent Carter. By the way, #SaveConstantine and SaveToonami! Can't wait to see the next season of Game of Thrones and looking forward to Better Call Saul!

Well, that's all for now. Looking forward to the future and more exciting things to come my way. Saint Michal singing off for now...