Spider-Man: Year One #1

Peter Parker has been living in Japan for twenty years after the deaths of his parents when he was five. While there he attended the finest schools and went to a very prestigious university. He has returned to New York to work at Oscorp, the leading name in high-tech defensive design. When he returns he takes up residence at his Aunt May's house and begins working at Oscorp as an intern. While at Oscorp he meets Mary Jane Watson, a biologist that he had known when he was a child. The two hit it off until she asks some awkward question that makes him lament about his loss. He timidly explains that he hasn't been in New York since his parents were killed by a horrible maniac twenty years prior.

He is also introduced to Dr. Thompson, the youngest department lead at Oscorp. His department has frequently produced some of the most innovative and brilliant ideas in Oscorp. Thompson has a group of assistants that follow him around. He thinks he is a hot shot and has his assistants call him "Flash". Dr. Thompson notices Peter and Mary Jane and decides to intervene making Peter do menial tasks while flexing his departments achievements to him.

Peter Parker is saved only when Dr. Norman Osborn intervenes. "Dr. Thompson, I think we can treat our new interns better than this." He takes Peter Parker aside and has a discussion with him while Dr. "Flash" Thompson has talks with Mary Jane. "Peter," Dr. Osborn says "You're the son of Richard Parker, am I right?" while extending his hand for a shake. Peter hesitates for a moment and then shakes his hand. "You knew my father sir?" Osborn laughs "Knew him, we were practically brothers!" Dr. Osborn puts his hand around Parker's shoulder and leads him to his office. "I noticed your resume when it came across my desk." Norman looks down at Peter. Dr. Osborn stands a good foot taller than him. "Your Aunt June..." Peter interrupts, "Sorry doctor, Aunt May." Norman laughs again. "Yes, your Aunt May brought this over to us months ago." Peter just stares forward "You should thank her, my boy, she wanted to secure your employment." He smiles. "...and with the economy the way it is today. Well... bless her." Peter gulps. He can't help but feel a bit breathless when he is around Dr. Osborn. "Please Peter, step into my office. Let's talk about your future!" He holds his office door open while Peter graciously goes inside.

"What were you two talking about anyway?" Dr. Thompson asks Mary Jane. "You were laughing, was he funny?" Mary Jane looks over to Peter going into Dr. Osborn's office. "He was funny 'Flash'!" Mary Jane retorts stabbing Dr. Thompsons goofy grin. "Babe!" He spits back. "You know you can call me Gene!" Mary Jane tries to walk away but he grabs her by the bicep. A few people look at him and then go back to working. "Dr. Thompson! Please let go of my arm!" Mary Jane replies yanking her arm. He tightens his grip then leans in close to her and says. "Your buddy, your little funny buddy, is dangerous. For you... For me and for Oscorp. His working here is a problem for all of us. Don't say anything to anyone. Dr. Osborn told me that in secrecy. I don't know why he's here but believe me don't get attached!" He let's go of Mary Jane's arm and walks out of the room. Mary Jane stands there stunned looking at Dr. Norman Osborn's door.

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