A look at costumes; a rant

There's the whole stereotype of women not liking comics because of the costumes. And by that I mean the fact that women in comics tend to wear costumes that are deemed 'revealing' or 'overly sexual'. It's that kind of thing that makes me shake my head in shame for the rest of my gender. Sadly, people actually believe the aforementioned points to be, gasp, relevant. Could be just me, but it seems like calling water wet. 
Spandex bodysuits, sexual/revealing? No, really? 
But what irritates me the most is that people who complain about women's costumes being too sexualized neglect to examine the costumes of the male heroes. The Thing runs around in BOXERS. Nothing but boxers! And you say Phoenix's costume is sleazy and inappropriate?
If someone were to complain about the costumes of, say, Selene (as the Black Queen, not so much in Necrosha...), then their point would be less idiotic. But only slightly. The Hellfire club is, after all, an organization that pretty much exists for indulgence, ergo saying that the outfits the women wear are skanky is incredibly stupid. They're SUPPOSED to be sleazy. 
Another thing is that people who complain about the revealing nature of the typical spandex costume fail to take into account that it's goddamn spandex. The stuff is MEANT to be extremely fitting. Why spandex, though? Ease of movement, not to mention cutting down on noise, wind resistance, and other possible encumberances. It's for the same basic reason an olympic swimmer shaves their head. 
Lastly, what right does anyone have to tell someone else what they should and should not wear? I mean, you may not like the way something looks, but what makes you think you can dictate some set of rules as to clothing? If a comic book character (who is, by the way, FICTIONAL) can't wear something that is pretty damn practical, then heaven forbid one should go out in public and see the abominations people wear on a day-to-day basis. 
As a side note, some costumes should not be worn. I'm not saying that they can't be worn, but it's not advisable. Case and point, the horror that Kitty came up with shortly after joining the x-men. Holy random amalgam of colours, Batman!