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I am Colten Frost, the son of Emma frost & Charles Xavier. I have a twin sister named Heather, & an older brother named Criss; his father is Sebastian Shaw; though he’ll rarely admit it. Heather & I were born in Athens while my mother was on her vacation, so we have dual citizenship I take after my mother, in looks & other things; I’m brunet with blue eyes, & thin and tall(as is my sister, although she’s a fair bit more curvy ). Criss looks like his father with black hair & brown eye with a bit more brawn. I have the powers of telepathy, telekiness, empathism, pyrokiness, premapathism, & I can also tap into other people's powers through my telepathy; my sister’s powers are telepathy, telekiness, empathism, energy force fields, & project energy from her hands. My brother’s ability is to displace time. My best friends are Stacey Carlson-Frost, and Caitlin Jones. Stacey is a botnokinetic, who recently went through a second mutation & developed a special form of telepathy. Her mother was a Blackfoot warrior & her father was a construction worker, when her parents died in a gang explosion, she came to live with us, permanently. Caitlin, my other best friend, is an electorkinetic. She lived with her parents and older brother until Magneto attacked her home in a last ditch attempt to build a new brotherhood, & in order to keep her family safe, moved in with me. Her brother Michael is a telapath, but in order to be “normal” says away from the school, except for certain occasions when he’s needed. My close friend Phil is a feral who loves music, he lost some of his humanity when his family shunned him two days before they died on M-day when their home was torched. I married my first love Anna-Marie Frost (Rogue), after Scarlet witch transformed her into a sixteen year old (now seventeen, the same age as myself), a backfired attempt on her life, but due to our telepathic connection she kept all her powers, full control of them, & her memories. We now live at the X-mansion were we both teach classes, she teaches law, & I teach power control. The other three in my group are Mitchel Turgon, Nathan Grey & Davis Cameron, Mitchel is a beautiful young man with the ability to emit a high frequency whistling sound that can shatter even steel, an ability he shares with his younger sisters Loren & Casey. Davis is a former X-Treme X-man that came back after his sister disappearance, & sequential death. I’m now dating Nathan, with Anna’s consent. I’ve also carried on liaisons with Billy Kaplan, Victor Borkauski, Alex Summers, River Demontelo, Calvin Rankin, Warren Worthington III, Jay Guthrie, Davis Cameron, Joshua Foley, Julian Keller, Robert Drake, & Jean-Paul Beaubier. After my good friend jean died I was given the Phoenix force, she was my greatest mentor with my powers & being a super hero, which is why I took her code name. Billy Kaplan & Thomas Shepherd moved into the mansion with a little convincing from their uncle Peadro, when Hulkling died.