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I am Ho Pan Wong, a VERY big Spider-Man and Heores fan that lives in England. I go to Deansfield High School and have lots of friends there like Ricky, Mohammad, Jordan, Callum, and Dean. I am very intelligent and I'm considered a geek to my friends. I don't really know if I'm funny or not but you can ask any of my friends. My favorite subjects are Design (art), Maths, and Science. People say that I'm a teacher's pet but I'm not because I'm a bad boy!!! My favorite Movie has GOT to be Spider-Man 3, nuff' said!!! When I grow up, I want to move to America and work for Marvel as a comic artist or writer (I don't moind what I do but it has got to be something to do with comics or Marvel) I gained my powers 2 years ago when I was doing the washing up in the kitchen with my mum, I picked up a pan and i saw a spider in it, I let it climb on my hand and wanted to set the spider free. When I walked out to the garden, the spider bit me for no reason at all. I felt dizzy and went upstairs to my bedroom for a little snooze. After, I felt very strange and realised that I was gifted with spider-like powers. Spider-Man 2 came out and it inspired me to fight crime like Spider-Man, I then made my very own costume and named myself Spider-Pantrelli!!!

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