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A while back, news broke that Marvel was developing a Moon Knight tv series but it never pushed through. So I began writing a fan fiction series. I'm not really a writer so I'm just going to apologize if you have complaints..















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Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2 because they were taken from actual storylines from the comics and feel about the plot is more down-to-earth, which in turn can be relatable to the audience. not to mention The Incredible Hulk, where the whole movie speaks for the whole character of the Hulk itself..

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It's Venom, come on. It think anyone that have read about him might know a thing or two about what he is capable of. Like it was said before, he's gonna be controlled by the government and he will be more likely to go beyond his restraints and go all out. His job of being a Black Ops soldier means that he will be cleaning up messes by making a real mess first. So all in all, it think its a good match and besides you just have to think of this as a preview, after all, its just a fan-fic battle. I just have thought again, if Venom will once again fight the Anti-Venom, because more likely he will encounter him again during his solo-run series..

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This are my 2 favorite images of my favorite comic book rivalries, I wanted to know whose gonna win if Spider-Man had to fight the current Venom, or if the last remaining Scarlet Spider gets a chance to fight him instead..
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i saw the spider-man page has the Tron variant cover as its default image, maybe it was a good idea at the time..

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This is a really cool game concept. I wish I could have one in any console. Whether it be PS3, XBox, Wii, PSP, it doesn't matter to me. I would imagine that this game would have a platform just like the Spider-Man game in the 90's or the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game with many interactions with other heroes and villains and action-derived consequences in the game
But I have to comment on what would his supporting characters like Marlene, Frenchie, Crawley and many other could be a possible NPC in the game. I'm sure that they have a tremendous contribution in shaping Moon Knight in the game sort of like what was mentioned in the second to the last paragraph.

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Bring back the New Fantastic Four!!

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I don't know, it feels like the trailer is like telling the whole movie itself. Its too revealing..

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I like Bucky because he can grow into his own albeit being Captain America, but he is making a name out of it, like stepping away from Steve Rogers' shadow. At first I was like "whoa, Cap has a gun" and then I got use to the innovation, different but innovative. When MARVEL was bringing back Steve Rogers, I was dissapointed because that means he take the mantle back from Bucky but its good that he let him have it for a bit longer since Steve have been through a lot since he was brought back..

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They better make it a good movie, since Ryan is really involved in the production and the script, it is safe to say that it is well taken care of, or else it wouldn't be torches and pitchforks but also machine guns..