Recent Drawings: Ultimate Gwen's Monstrosity


I did this a few months ago, and totally forgot to upload this...

Venom Vs Carnage
Venom Vs Carnage

Combo Result
Combo Result
If you read Ultimate Spider-Man #128 then you understand this drawing...
If not: well in the Ultimate Universe, Gwen Stacy was killed by Carnage, rather than Green Goblin, and Carnage takes over her persona, in a kind of Phoenix/ Jean- kind of way.

In #128, the Carnage symbiote is taken out of Gwen's body and meshed up with Eddie Brock/ Venom after a battle between the two (left), creating an even bigger venom-like creature (right)... but Gwen is left alone and alive with no indication of the symbiote in her... 
I still think her relationship to this creature might not be over yet... here's my recreation of this...

I tried inking it myself! 
Tell me what you think... XD