Possible SPOILERS on Gwen Stacy's fate in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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In case the title wasn't enough of a warning: (Possible) SPOILER ALERT!

This was posted on CBM.com regarding Gwen Stacy's role in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel:

Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will indeed check out in this film, but perhaps more surprising is that it's been hinted - note we don't know this for certain - that this won't even happen at the end, and Stone's role may not be very large at all. Like I said, that's speculation based on how the info was put across, but I personally wouldn't be surprised in Gwen buys it around the beginning of the third act, giving Spidey a reason to go off the deep end and seek revenge.

Of course, this is just speculation and is in no way oficial, but lets say it's true. After reading this, I thought of a theory on how this would work.

By the looks of it, Gwen might die by the end (or middle) of the movie, but what if "checking out in this film" doesn't mean death, but that she will simply not be around? In the comics, Gwen also disappears for a while when she leaves to live in London with her aunt and uncle after her father's death. Maybe Gwen and her family (remember that Gwen has a mom and brothers in ASM) move to London some time during ASM 2.

This could create the perfect setting for the movie's love triangle with Mary Jane Watson. What do you guys think?

PS. I just hope she doesn't die at the hands of someone other than Green Goblin.

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