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@kgb725 said:

B. Dc fanboys make supes out to be something he isn't


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lets see feats matching savage hulks strength for an hour and hukl couldnt budge him

resisting weight of 20 planets

moves planet out of orbit by arm wrestle with another god

tows/lifts midgard serpent

holds moon together

pushes world engine

resist gravity of a neutron star

evenly wrestles hercules (and even breaks thru one of hercules bear hugs ) i have the issue so dont argue


imm saying he clears!

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Video one - "I too grieve the loss of our son!" - Odin talking to Frigga.

Video two - Loki: "Your mother has forbidden your return."

Video three - Frigga refers to Loki as her adoptive son. Loki is Thor's adopted brother. Thor is Frigga's son.

In terms of movie canon, where you cannot draw any inferences from any Thor comics, right now it would appear Thor is Odin and Frigga's son.

once again in the comics frigga was ordered byOdin to NEVER REVEAL HIS TRUE HERITAGE to him those lines prove nothing

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@sommyt: I'm talking about the movie universe Thor, specifically, where you can't take what was canon in the comics for granted in the movie. ie, in the movie, his mother is indeed the goddess Frigga.

There is nothing about movie Thor that suggest that Frigga is his mother yes Thor has this belief but if your are a Thor fan you will know that thor held this beleif in the comics as well and odin had no intentions of telling him however he found out during the celestial arc ...So just because Movie Thor has not touched on that subject does not mean that frigga is his mother it just means he has not been told his true heritage, as really thats the only thing that makes Thor diffrent from his other brothers and why he is that powerful

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@lux_sucre: I see what ur trying to say here .but honestly nothing about this is true .and to answer your question Thor is much stronger because of his bloodline .his father is Odin his mother is not frigga but an elder goddess Gaea ..a Veryy powerful being

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As hard as most Super powered characters. Not as hard as say, Superman, Wonderwoman or Hulk. Superman's considered one of the most powerful characters, who could beat Thor (debatable) with his hammer, to suggest Thor is even that strong without it is silly.

u do understand mjolnir has abosultley no effect on Thors Strenght !!!

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hard enough to actually close dimensional rifts!!!

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The Thunder god!!!!!!!