Why You Should Stop Complaining About the New 52 and Move On

These days, there’s plenty to get mad at. Gas prices sky rocket. Politicians spew their noise. And comic book “fans” and “geeks” cry over the New 52. That’s what makes me mad. “Bring back continuity!” “I want my characters back!” “Where’s Stephanie Brown?” Maybe I just don’t get. Maybe I don’t understand your “struggle”. Oh and maybe I do. Maybe I was absolutely devastated when Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Judd Winick ruined my life as a comic fan by killing off Ted Kord, my absolute favorite comic book character. Why do so-called “fans” whine about DC trying to do something to better themselves, and in turn better the whole comic book industry? Why does a new Superman costume make people’s blood boil? HE WORE THE SAME ONE FOR 78 YEARS! There is no way every book can be a success. I’m sorry if you die-hard (insert failed title’s main character here) fans couldn’t handle seeing your title go down the drain. And we all can recognize Rob Leifeld as a mistake, but that’s fine, everybody can make a mistake. I’m sorry Martian Manhunter doesn’t have Johns and Lee bowing at his feet, but maybe it was time for a new character to get a shot in the Justice League. And what about the missing characters you may ask? I’ll tell you why there have been missing characters. IT’S BEEN ONE FREAKING YEAR! DC Comics and their properties have existed for nearly eighty years. Some of those characters you yearn to see in the pages of your favorite title have only come into play in the last 25 years. If DC wanted to build from the ground up, they would have to introduce and re-introduce characters at a steady pace. Do you realize what you’re asking for by demanding 80 years’ worth of characters be crammed into one year of comic books? If you don’t like what you see, Marvel and Image have been selling comic books as well. And as for creative teams, there have always been bumps in the road. You whiners make it seem like DC did it perfectly for as long as they have been printing comics until now. In 2011, they forgot which creative teams work well with which characters and genres. Do you know how ridiculously stupid that sounds? Okay, now for continuity, the single biggest thing that’s been complained about. Why does it kill you if there was only five years of history before the stuff we’re reading now? Okay, let me take that back, that is a bit of a stretch. Why does it kill you if Tim Drake was never just Robin? Oh god, stop the presses! The writers are trying to respect Jason Todd. And if the Justice Society has only existed on Earth 2, is that really worth crying over? As I life-long JSA fan, I welcome that idea. Frankly, it makes sense. But wait, the Question might not be just a man? Holy crap that might just be a logical argument! How could that possibly have found its way into the pages of my comic book? What all of this comes down to is that some people can never be satisfied. But when it comes to continuous cries of displeasure of DC’s Facebook page, it is really unnecessary. Get off the computer and cry into your pillow.