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Love CV, it offers great reviews and news. The Viners are funny and I also get to find fellow hoodies here as well.

I'm a DCgirl. Taiwanese-American. My favorite robin(or should I say former robin?) is Jason Todd because I'm a sucker for handsome badasses. Favorite heroine is Cassandra Cain, and favourite Justice League member is Wonder Woman, though Cyborg and Superman tie for second place. I only have a few marvel favorites; Deadpool, Jubilee, Wolvie..yeah, thats pretty much it.

Favorite artists are Rocafort, J.Lee, Dustin, Adam Hughes and Cliff Chiang. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to art. I'm hoping to enter CalArt to study animation and maybe get a job as a cartoonist to help pay for it. Until then, I'll keep on working on my portfolio.

Current favorite title is Red Hood and the Outlaws, though I am worried about Rocafort leaving the title because then I'll be deprived of his awesome Jason T-T