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Layla Miller - 34 (+4)

Siryn / Banshee - 180 (-4)

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@Loki9876: that would have been my guess too...arent they just the Ultimate Skrulls?

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So, here's a thing I have noticed. Look at that first poster/cover or whatever it is. Take a good look at the X-Men Lineup..


Juggernaut/Colossus - Former Villain

Magneto - "Former" Villain

White Queen "Former" Villain

Cyclops - I would argue he is slowly turning into a villain

The X-men aren't heroes in my opinion any more. I'm not suprised that the Avengers would come into conflict with them. They are jammed full or "former" Villains, and Cyclops has sort of turned into the new magneto as of late. Wolverine's X-men are pretty much what the X-men Used to be and Cyclops runs the Brotherhood now (albeit by another name). Frankly I can't read any of the X-titles besides Wolverine and the X-men these days. I get too angry about how Cyclops character has been developed. He is NOT a hero anymore. He is Magneto JR.

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@Dedpool: If that's the case I'm IN!

Loved me some exiles!

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" @xerox-kitty:

Do we know what happened to this tattoo? colossus has his shirt off alot and we never see it any more

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I know this makes me totally mature, but the first thing I saw was the Title and Artist last name FF Yu :P

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Emma was a character that was at her best as a villain/antihero. She would make a fantastic Magneto analog in the new world of X-books. Cyclops dating her in the first place made me extremely mad. He and Jean were supposed to have something special, but he "psionically cheated" on her with White queen. That story arc made me angry and hate Cyclops's character forever. He lost his credibility as a leader just like most scandals have done to former Presidents of the USA. I think White Queen needed to do something like Generation X or the Hellions again, but teach survival skills instead of super-heroing. The role of Hero does not suit her, the role of Self defense instructor seems much more appropriate.

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I love the "Big Events" style of storytelling.  why shouldnt marvel heroes all interact with one another.  I havent enjoyed comics this much since I was a naive child in the 90's and still thought I might develop super powers when I hit puberty!

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who is that other dude with Shaw and Hope supposed to be?  Is that Northstar?

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AARG!  why is this still a quest if it hasn't been supported in MONTHS!  Now I can never capture....Err finish them ALL!

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