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@dextersinister: The virus actually does naturally reconstruct itself, its just faster if Alex consumes. This battle is dependent on which Dante were using. DMC3 Dante is the least experienced but has the best abilities out of all his incarnations and those abilities should tip the fight more in his favor. DMC4 Dante doesn't have the abilities DMC3 Dante has but has more experience, this fight could go either way with Dante only having access to rebellion and devil trigger. DMC2 Dante has the most experience out of any of his incarnations and has the most destructive devil trigger, Mercers gonna go threw hell against this Dante. DMC1 Dante falls between DMC2's & DMC4's incarnations where he doesn't have a lot of special abilities outside his use of rebellion but has an extremely powerful devil trigger (considering end game devil trigger) that should give him an edge against Mercer. Finally, DMC Reboot Dante doesn't bring many abilities to the table nor a good devil trigger to help counteract his lack of special abilities, this Dante has the least chances of besting Mercer.

DMC1 Dante (Normal DT) Stalemate<=Loses

DMC2 Dante Wins

DMC3 Dante Stalemate<=Wins

DMC4 Dante Stalemate

DMC Reboot Stalemate<=Loses

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@reactor said:

Round 1: Superman slaughterstomps. No explanation needed.

Round 2: Superman is way, way, waaay more intelligent in terms of thought processing, mental capacity, comprehension and abstract understanding, and has access to way more advanced technology that Tony has. Tony's good, but he's still human smart. That said, Superman would probably just sundip for a week then heat vision the planet.

Round 3: Iron Man has now become a non-factor, and Hulk gets manhandled by Supes and GL.

Round 4: Superman easily. This was brought out well in the World of New Krypton arc, and why the Kryptonians drafted Superman into the military. He's had a lifetime to develop his powers, and that gives him a distinct advantage even over his own people. Iron Man wouldn't stand a chance.


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Fat Buu<Evil Buu

Evil Buu<Kid Buu

Kid Buu<Super Buu

Super Buu< Buuiccilo<Buutenks


Mystic Gohan beats SS3 Goku

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Alex Mercer solos. Starkiller's force abilities are impressive but he's gonna need more to bring down Mercer and Cole, let alone just Mercer whose super human strength, speed, agility, endurance, biomass weaponry, and on top of all that a healing factor. Starkiller's gonna catch hell with Mercer and with Cole backing Mercer up Starkiller won't be able to pull it off.

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This is extremely close. This battle will be dictated simply by who attacks who first. If Adam's up against the Martian (with no TP) he'll more than likely put him down after a tough fight.This leaves Billy vs Supes, Supes will take Billy down due to being faster,slightly stronger, and having more combat experience. Adam beats the Martian in a tough fight, which will leave Supes vs Adam. If the scenario is rearranged, Adam and Supes will fight till the victor of Martian and Billy comes and assist. Both Scenario's could go either way.

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@terry2012: Understand that some peoples ending in the game aren't cannon, such as if you end the game with any character it will say they beat shao kahn and became champion of mortal kombat but we all know liu kang is the cannon (correct) ending that carries over into other games. Paul's hot headedness did not affect him in his fight with kazuya as the match was a draw, if he had been hot headed as you say he would have lost, yet he didn't. Besides back then in t1 & t2 paul was being portrayed as a rival to kazuya and a serious and stern fighter, not the hotheaded oaf he is today. He made that mistake simply because through out those 500 years no one came close to a challenge for him. I know if i had been winning a tournament for generations and hadn't been close to being defeated i would be arrogant as well. It's not cannon because laws ending wasn't cannon as he lost and didnt win the prize money so he had no business being at a bank paying off debt with money he didn't win. If she is nowhere near there level even getting the drop on him shouldn't have surmised a victory but it did and he should have been durable enough to take sheeva's initial attack and fight her but obviously it didn't happen that way;plus, the teleportation didn't help him with liu kang also so its obviously not a game changer as it didn't help him with either fight. He only lost to him once to the four times he's beaten kuma. Well they say the elder gods can't intervene with mortal kombat but they could show a flashback of the elder gods and raiden fighting shinnok. Likewise my friend.

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@Gritterr said:

I could see Hal stopping at 4 both rounds. but Terrax is Jobber Mcgee in character. so I'm not sure

Lol found that hilarious

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@MasterJohn said:

@jeanroygrant said:

Bor or Hela.

.....What part of no gods or goddesses do you not understand? Anyway, Bugs Bunny would own both of them. But anyway, please read the OP.

You didn't say Gods couldn't be used, you only clarified that no one on thanos IG or living tribunal level, there are plently of gods who are under them and planty that can beat your team.

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@Vaeternus: With the way he has the battles arranged they don't win the majority, also terry believes the shokan can teleport, can you inform me of when this occured?

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@terry2012: Cyber Sub Zero was not mind controlled by shao kahn, those were slaving protocols put on him by the lin kuei. You say like getting people angry will allow him to when yet when he angered and fought jax (stronger and more experienced) he lost so i don't see how making someone angry will allow him to win as its never shown to work that way. Goro lost because of his arrogance, he hadn't been defeated in generations and figured no one could defeat him especially a shoalin monk. The ending where law uppercuts paul is not cannon and shouldn't be used as a source, also you still never explained where johnny cage fought goro cause he didn't do it in either MK1 or MK4 and neither the games after as the shokan race had allied with edenian forces so unless you specify where this occured i won't acknowledge it. When did the shokans learn to teleport? They've never shown this ability in any game so would you also explain where you got this information also? Sheeva can't teleport which shows Motaro was simply bested by sheeva even with teleportation so its obviously not a game changer. What do you mean paul can't beat Kuma, he's beaten both the elder kuma and current kuma. Elder Kuma in T1 & T2, Current Kuma in T3 & T5. I'm well aware raiden can not truly die but you must understand i used the word "kill" in a sense he was without a physical body therefore couldn't retrieve the amulet regardless even if he used the attack to begin with. I know i was implying that there's no reason for mentioning dropping his elder god status as we've never seen the scope of power it contains and for all argument sakes he's always thunder god raiden because of i formerly mentioned.