Should Marvel have a reboot event?

DC is having the New 52, and people are annoyed at so many deaths and ressurections in Marvel. Furthermore, there are complaints about characters that "just suck" or they don't like things that just don't make sense. I also am bothered by the ineffective Ragnaroks. Let's just have one, big Ragnarok, wipe the slate clean, and just keep what we like. We are coming to another X-Men dominated era, I think. Avengers and stuff had its definitive comeback, but the stories are repetative, and so killings keep happening. They should keep a small bunch of Hulks, Iron Man, and then just roll with it, let X-Men dominate, keep the Fantastic Four alive because they are Marvel's first family, keep Spidey and Kaine around, and maybe a few others. The infinite roster of varied non-mortal characters will soon have nothing left but to snap their fingers to fix all the problems. And if they're so interesting, why aren't they good enough to make games with them in it? Rosters are small compared to older games, and technology is further along than 10 years ago. Too many clone characters, too little story telling, in the end the Thors and Hulks reign and only godlike intervention can magically change things. Sure I enjoyed those stories, but without a true Ragnarok, they will NOT top Fear Itself. Ever. It would have to be the true Armageddon to top it. And then it would just be over. Give me less Quasars and Gladiators and fake deities and let's just have Cosmic Wolverine or something. The battles are like Dragon Ball Z, but no one ever wins. It just keeps repeating itself, with no decisive winner. Dead means dead. Move on. bring on the chaos of comics. Does anyone else want a Marvel reboot event, maybe for a different reason? Should Marvel have a DC New 52 style reboot? And Why? In my opinion, they should, but on a much smaller scale. 30 comics would be plenty.