Diversity is never just for the sake of Diversity

I see this argument against me and other people who tend to want or question why there is a lack of diversity in comics. They argue you are just doing it to be diverse and it serves no purpose, etc. But yeah thats the point we want to be diverse, because the world is diverse and we want to reflect it. The main reason we want diversity is because we want a character or a narrative that we can see ourselves in and that we can aspire too. Studies have proven that when young children that are minorities whether it be gender, race or sexuality see characters that look or resemble them in someway it actually boosts confidence and self esteem. So it's important to increase the number of these characters. But you just can't increase them you have to show positive portrayals of them. And we are lacking in that, even one of marvels current prime black characters( Luke Cage) used to be almost nothing more then a horrible caricature, some argue he still is to this day. I don't really see it but not being black maybe it is a lot less noticeable to me. Another example is that Native American characters almost always tend to have some kind of mystic ability, such as warpath randomly gaining mystical powers at some point. It's ridiculous and is once again a caricature.

Diversity is important and we need to stop with this genderblind/colorblind/ additude because it's actually harmful. If you reside to a colorblind additude it allows you to ignore the systematic oppression's that minorities still face in this society. It allows you to say that we are all the "same" so it's okay. But there is still along way to go for the fight for equality, women are still paid less then men on average, black people are paid even less, we have islamophobia and homophobia and so many more inequalities that we need to face. Being colorblind is effectively ignoring those problems by saying that we are " equal" when in society we really aren't.

It's like this. Imagine society to be a circular racing track. The father you are from the center the less distance you have to run, lets say that those are the white, cisgender, straight, able bodied men, statistically and systematically it is easier for them to get through life, easier for them to get a job, easier to get better pay, easier for them to have role models that look and act like and have similar experiences to them, less likely for them to get arrested, etc. ( note: I'm saying statistically and or on average. Obviously we all have our own struggle in life and I'm not judging them or dismissing there problems). As you move on, on the race track the more distance we you have to travel and the more hardships on average these people have to deal with, so you start seeing PoC, women, members of the lgbt spectrum, etc, and a mix of them as you get farther and farther from the center. A colorblind/genderblind/ etc approach would have them all start at the same section, because to those people we are all the same and they don't see that the distance is farther for some of these people. By not thinking in a colorblind way you can see the struggle the distance and realize that to make it more equal you start people in the race slightly in front of people who have less distance, so that the race can attempt to be more equal.

This is the same reason why a lot of people( me being one of them)see it okay to change a white character into a poc in an alternate universe or have them played by a actor of color. Or changing a male character into a female character in an alt universe/movie, or why it's okay to have a straight character(or a believed to be straight character) to come out as somewhere on the lgbtq spectrum. It's because there are already so many white, male, straight characters, and fewer of these types, an yes would I liek a whole new original character? Yes I would, however I don't mind seeing these changes either, especially for the LGBTQ spectrum one because often times in society a person may not even realize or want to accept there sexuality until they are much older so its realistically possible for that to happen,

And the reason it's not okay to change a minority character or have them played by a white actor etc. Is because we have so few of them, especially ones that are positive portrayals Plus there is a history of redface/blackface/yellowface in are media that is racist and denied parts to actors of color to have them be played by a white actor instead. In fact it's still happening to this day with Tonto being played by Johhny Depp in the lone ranger, in a horrible caricature pan native racist way, even if it wasn't his intention thats what it is.

Anyway this whole blog post started because I saw the article on the new Justice League 3000, and saw that a future team is still not all that diverse from what I can tell, from what we know now it's still an all white( unless that green lantern turns out to be john Stewart or a descendant or something) mostly male team, that is mostly likely going to be straight and cisgender. And When you think about that it's kind of sad. I mean I would like to think that in a thousand years, all the fighting that we've done would have paid, off, that diversity would be embraced and loved. And that PoC and women, and lgbt people can be superheros. That maybe the struggles that I'm dealing with could be lifted, and that somebody like me in the future could be a superhero, even if it is only fiction.

Whats the point of sci fi, and fantasy if we cant even be diverse about it. If you can imagine an orphan alien that looks human landing on earth, why can't you imagine him looking like a black human? If you can imagine powerful glowing green ring choosing anybody from the face of the earth to be a hero of the cosmos, why can't you imagine it picking a woman, or an Asian person. If you can imagine a lone vigilante wearing a bat costume defending his city every night, why can't you imagine waiting at home is his husband, or better yet fighting crime along with him. And if we can imagine a man going faster then the speed of light, why can't we imagine that man be native american, or question there gender identity. Why is it that for society we can imagine worlds where dragons, and aliens, demons, and cyborgs, wizards, and warriors, and kings, but we can't imagine those aliens to have a different gender system. Or for that warrior to be gay, or that wizard to be transgender, or the king and queen to be black. Why is that so hard?

Diversity is never just for the sake of diversity. Diversity is to explore the world around us. The individual unique people to find ourselves and each other in it. To give inspiration to the black kid, or the native american kid, to show them they can be heroes to. To show the kids that are questioning there sexuality and gender that they aren't freaks, and they aren't alone. It's okay to be who you are, you can be gay and still be a superhero, a king, a warrior. It can give you one of those kids somebody to look up to. Now I have characters that I love that are white and straight males, I think Spiderman, and Nightcrawler, Captain america, the thing, aquaman, etc I think those are all great characters and i like them all for different reasons. But none of them, and I mean none of them will ever be as close to my heart as Xavin, because she gave me inspiration, and allowed em to embrace my gender identity and helped me accept myself for who I am. True other heroes have taught me valuable lessons, but nothing is more valuable in my mind then helping somebody think that they aren't a freak, and that they aren't alone.


Transgender Characters In Comics part 2: The Call has been answered.

So a few months ago I created a blog entry complaining about the lack of trans characters with in comics.

I got a lot of examples of shapeshiters or people who can take over bodies, etc. But that isn't really trans that was just genderbent.

I did get a few ones such as Lord Fanny, and a few other characters from various indie comics, however not too many from the Big 2.

However today I shall discuss a few characters that I were left out of the discussion as well as two new characters that come from the the big 2 that have come out as Transgender from the big 2, as well as how I feel about the reveals.

I would also like to take this to remind everybody that I am in fact a Trans woman, and that does give me some representation of the community however I do not speak for all of the community and you may find other trans individuals to have different views on this subject from me. I would share some of those other opinions as well.

First off I would like to discuss a character who has already existed but sort of went under my radar in my last post. Sir Ystin from the Dc comics Demon Knights.He is implied to be intersex( a minority group that gets even less positive publicity than trans individuals) andI believes identifies as genderqueer but referring masculine pro nouns. From scans, he seems to be portrayed pretty great, being a total badass and even has some love interests.

I would also like to talk about Coagula from Doom Patrol. Her background is a little odd, but she was one of the first Trans Woman characters in comics and her creation was specifically to create a positive portrayal of a trans woman that was a lesbian. Although she was later retconned to be bisexual.

Next up I would like to discuss Xavin. Xavin is a Skrull who had appeared in the runaways series. She first met the group explaining that her and Karolina Deans family had an arranged marriage between the two. But seeing how the Karolina Dean was a lesbian, Xavin did not mind shapeshifting into a female form. She is different among other shapeshifters who I would not include as transgender because she actually shows discomfort in her gender at several points in the book, occasionally switching back and forth between the male and female. It's also unique to mention that the Skrulls see gender differently than humans ( well actually western civilization, because only in western civilization was there a strict binary, but that is a discussion that I will explore later on). Xavin was portrayed pretty well, she had her differences coming from another culture, but she genuinely did care for Karolina Dean and in the end made the ultimate sacrifice to save her, by impersonating her and being taken away to space. I bring her up, despite not being in a comic for awhile now, because her being an alien ties greatly in with the discussion I will have with my next character which is....

Tong is a moloid who appears in the Marvels Future Foundation series. In the most recent issue Tong told the other moloids who she calls her brothers, that there was a girl inside her, and she wasn't a boy like them. Sharing this info she asked her family if they were still in fact her family. The response was a heartfelt moment of the youngest Moloid hugging her, face in her dress saying " love my tong", the others moloids come and hug her too, as Tong rejoices. Later on you see the moloids walking around, and the adults of the cast seem supportive. I believe She-Hulks words were " Good for her." and Scott Lang's words were "Are we doing that now?" which at first sounds bad, but then you realize he is juts shocked and confused rather then having any actual problem with it. I noticed two concerns with this The first concern was that the moloids have so far been seen as a source of comedy, and that not a lot would come from this except for comedy. But I disagree, just because a character was used just for comedy or a gag-character doesn't mean they can't be expanded. And besides in their comedy the moloids have said some undelrying profound things and have been pretty accepting such as this little fun line " A date is for a Mens and Womens. Or Mens and Mens. Or Womens and Womens. And dates are for smooching." It might just be me, but there is a beauty in how simple they explained it. The second problem I noticed people are having is the fact that the Moloids are not Humans, and neither are the Skrulls which Xavin is a part of. And some criticize Marvel for using non-human characters to express these themes. I understand the criticism, but for me I absolutely love these characters and i think in a world where we have mutants, clones, angels, aliens, and demons that these characters are still people and can still be effected by these scenarios, and I am still able to connect with these people. Seeing Tongs family react with joy and acceptance brought tears to my eyes, wishing my own mother and sister would be as accepting. And this topic of Acceptance brings me to our next character.

Alysia Yeoh A.K.A Barbara Gordon's(Batgirl) roommate. It was in the most recent issue of Batgirls self title series that Alysia came out as Trans to Barbara. In the scene Barbara tells her about her encounter with the joker that had left her paralyzed. Alysia shares her own history and comes out as trans. The two bond over their secrets being revealed, and Babs even tells Aysia to call her " babs" because people she loves calls her Babs. The importance of coming out is a big deal to alot of individuals, whether they are Trans or gay, lesbian, pan, bi, etc. And a lot of people think that coming out is a one time thing but it's not. Everytime you encounter a new person you need to decide whether you are going to come out to them. You need to judge things like how comfortable you are around them, how often will you see them, and what type of relationship you have with that person. It is a continuous process that will go on for the rest of your life, something that straight and cisgender people do not have to deal with. It is something that can give major stress and anxiety to individuals, and any positive portrayal is important. People often discuss realism and think that it should appear in comics and I agree, however I disagree with the extent that realism should take effect. Especially when it comes to minorities, it is important to have positive portrayals of coming out, even if it is higher than the realistic average, because as a source of media comics should be striving to be greater than the realistic world and influencing it. The more positive portrayals of coming out the more okay people would feel about the subject, and the people who have to come out will feel like they have even more support.

Anyway this has been my discussion of trans individuals in comics. I hope you enjoyed, and you can discuss it too in my responses. I hoped you enjoy and i hope maybe you learned something from what I have said. I feel confident that comics are moving in the right direction, and hope to see even more trans characters come out of the wood works.



Okay I'm really excited for the show. Joss Whedon did an amazing job with the Avengers, and I love his other work too. It was disappointing to hear that they weren't characters from the comics, but then I realized Joss Whedon has made some pretty awesome characters so I don't really mind. And besides marvel will probably end up putting them in the comics if it is a success anyways. Also I think this will be a great way to test the waters with other properties and characters from the Marvel Universe. It would also be funny if they mention the galaga guy from the avengers. And one last thing, does anybody know if this takes place before or after the avengers? it could be argued either way. Phil Coulson is alive so some say it has to be before, but others say that it could have been a LMD. What do you think?


Transgender characters in comics

So as some of you know I am transgender. Over the years more LGB characters have been introduced, but very few transgender characters have been. Much like with other types of progression with the LGBT community, the silent T remains in comics. As the rest of the community moves forward, we sort of stay in the background, ignored. For the LGB characters we have characters such as Batwoman, Wiccan, Hulkling, Northstar, Karma, Karolina Dean, The new Alan Scott, Lightspeed, Anole, Striker, Mystique, Destiny, Phyla Vell, Moondragon, Daken( possibly I'm still a little confused on that), and more. Meanwhile I can only think of two transgender characters in comics Xavin( which is still debatable, but I like to consider her one and the trans woman character in Sandman( I can't recall her name). I'm sure there are a few others but I can't think of them, and probably not many more. The point is although I'm glad the LGB is starting to get more exposure )which I am proud of since I also identify as lesbian) it seems that the transgender community is still getting shoved to the side. I personally think a great comic to explore these ideas would be the X-men comics, seeing how it has always been about the disenfranchised and dealing with you are and your body. I'm currently working on a x-men fan character that is a young trans girl, since I would love to see somebody that represents me and I can relate too. But trans guys should also get representation in comics as well, I just wouldn't be as good at writing them because I lack a direct experience with it. Any who this is just a mini rant, suggestion that I would like to hear your thoughts on if you want to.


What happened to the " which superhero girl are you?"quiz?

I could have sworn there use to be one. Or maybe I'm crazy. But if there isn't an official " which superheroine are you" quiz, then there should be. Just a suggestion. But I think it would be pretty cool to have one. Or include the possibility of getting a female hero in the " which superhero are you?" quiz.


Spoilers: The Dark Knight Rises and the Avengers are one and the

Now obviously they are two different movies so not everything is the same but the plot structure is the same exact thing. After the heroes have been separated from each other, they reunite at a city, and lead the city's police officers against an army of foes that overpower them. The climax of that battle is one of the heroes, in both cases the billionaire with fancy gadgets flies away with a nuclear bomb in a suicide mission to get enough distance between the bomb and the city but the hero still ultimately survives. The similarities make me wonder that if Nolan saw the Avengers he thought " Crap, it's the same ending"

Also both Black Widow and Catwoman, who are athletic, acrobatic woman,who are expert at seducing, and wear skin tight black outfits ride a fancy motorcycle.


The Runaways. What I would include in a new.

First off from my understanding of the scans from Avenegrs Academy and Daken, the last few issues of The Runaway was retconned, and Old Lace is actually okay. So I will start off with the roster.



Chase with Old Lace



Klara Plast.

Nothing really new there so lets move on.

Story arcs/ Themes to include.

1) Child trafficking- I could see this being a major story arc for The Runaways. A cosntant theme of The Runaways was saving and helping children from problems stemming from Adults, be it parents or parental figures or not. Child Trafficking is a huge problem in the coutry, it is a global black market " industry" with various gangs and criminal syndicates( maybe you can use The Hand, The Kingpin, some other crime team) involved in it. The Runaways ending up getting caught up witha ring and working to brining it down would be an excellent story in my book, especially if handled seriously and writen well, it might even bring more attention to this major problem in society.

2) Teenage drug use and Gang violence- This is another major problem in society, teenage gangs, or teenagers being pressured in to gangs by older family member and people in the community. Teenage drug use is also pretty high. If mutants start to grow up in population again, then you can even include the various " mutant power" giving/enhancing drugs in to the mix for some real super powered challenges.

3) Runaways Mission in Space and the return of Xavin- Okay I really havent thought this one fully through, but I want it to happen. D:. If Xavin is still posing as Karolina maybe she sends a message to earth needing the runaways assitance. Idk.

4) Crossover with Luke Cage- I know a recurring theme with Luke cage is his child getting kidnapped or he thought she was kidnapped, but I think it would be intresting if this scenario brought " The Runaways" and Luke Cage together. But what if The Runaways after saving her feel that with all these threats that maybe, she is not truely safe with Cage. Eventually coming to the senses that they don't have the logistics and it can be just as dangerous, but not after a fight with him of course.

5) Bring Gert back some how!- I don't know this one either, but she brought something to the team and I really wish she hadn't died. Even though I understand her sacrifice. v.v

And thosse are just some of the things I would like to see.


Hawkeye's skycycle in Avengers 2?

So Hawkeye has a Skycycle in the comics and various other media, and I think it would be a pretty cool idea to bring it into the Movieverse. I think it would work really well especially after the Chutari Invasion and what they were riding. The vehicles that they were flying on looked to be in similar shape to a motorcycle or something, I could easily see Hawkeye, S.H.I.E.L.D, or Tony Stark being inspired and studying the alien technology and creating their own version of it. I think it would be a pretty cool thing to use in future movies. What do you think?


Hi!, well I am transgender.

people probably saw this already but yeah this is me coming out as a mtf transgender individual. My old thread was deleted for no real reason. So I reposted it. I haven't started hormones yet but i want too soon. I also haven't come out to my family but I hope to eventually, my close friends, do know.