Serpent Society. Where are they now?

Ever since I was little i've had a fascination with reptiles. Used to collect plastic dinosaurs and snakes. So when i found out there was a team made entirely of snake themed villains i was excited to say the least. Here's a team of villains that actually works together, has benefits, and now and again beats the heroes.

For years they battled Captain America, the X-Men, and in one universe they even killed Spider-man. But now you rarely see the team. Most members have retired ,(Side Winder, Rock Python) split from the group, (Boomslang, Diamondback) or in the case of mutant members( Puff Adder, Slither) been de-powered. Now I think there down to five members. I personally think this team hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves and really hope they make a revamped team with new members.