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Hey .. Friends, this battle will be very interesting is in the comics version

Goku can use all his power .. But, Spiderman not give up .. and also Superman

is very interesting

Who will win? ... Superman Wins! ..No! No! ..Spiderman Wins! .. No! No! ..Goku Wins! ..Yes! Yes! Yes! ..Goku Wins! .. He is more Super-Powerful

Goku can win with a Super-Power.. But, Spiderman is very agile but walking on the walls .. and Superman is very strong .. Who will win?

We will discuss to decide the winner .. We will discuss

No prep

Who Wins?

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@Static Shock said:

@serum: Again, stop trolling this thread. Final warning. Your post will be deleted again, and I have every right to delete your post if you find it difficult to follow the rules. You have to give respect to get it around here.

I think you deleted my post because I am telling the truth .. and the truth hurts .. sorry .. XD

@serum: Before i try to explain this to you one last time i must first apoligize to Static Shock and i assure you if he dosn't get it after this post if i will stop responding to to him.

Now Serum the reason we dont use Cartoons or movies in normal debates is because the materials provided by movies T.V series and video games conflict with each other while most Comic books do not, we all know that a movie or videogame can be so much more fun and entertaining then a comic but for debates printed comics just work better there are special threads where the OP uses characters from specific cartoons, but normally Printed comics keep the same continuity so they are much easier to debate with.

I mostly agree with as far as your oppinions torwards potential quality but your ideals are perhaps a bit ahead of your time, perhaps somtime in the future a sort of "T.V universe" will be created where most of the comic characters cartoons are part of the same universe but untill somthing like this is created im afraid that comic books are just better materials for the sort of debates we practice on these fourms.

P.S also i have to warn you that you'll get banned if you continue going off topic i apoligize to Static shock and the rest of the people on this fourm for going off-topic my self.

Your avatar shows you love the version movie X-Men.. very well

@acer51 said:

Back on-topic i think Wolverine would do more with his prep then Cyclops and would be able to bait Cyclops into a situation where he has the advantage.

Cyclops in the cartoon version has a fantastic power can destroy a wall, but is acceptable .. also in film and video game version is acceptable ..

but in the comics, Cyclops rays are so powerful as a Kame Hame of Goku.. can destroy a mountain .. is ridiculous

this are really serious?

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@acer51 said:

I@serum said:

@JediXMan said:

@serum said:

why you deleted my post? ... the truth hurts .. Haa Haa Haaa ..

in the comics version cyclops wins .. but nobody respects the version of the comics .. film, television and video games, never respect the version of the comics and sell a thousand times more .. For this reason the comics version is obsolete and primitive

in theory, the comics is command.. but, in practice, nobody follows the version of comics.. for this reason the comics can not command and is not canon ..

I do not would spend my time reading a comic ...

I hope you do not delete my post . .the truth hurts .. but, you must respect the user messages

That's nice and all, but there's this little thing called "canon." As in, the source material. As in, the only thing that matters in debates as our friendly neighborhood mod has said. And if comics don't matter, then why did someone decide to make a movie or TV show out of them? And if the comics don't matter, then prey tell, why are you on a comics message board? Either accept it or leave. Now I suspect you will call me disrespectful as you did god_spawn. You've just met someone who does not care. Am I disrespectful? I don't try to be. But I'm not one to bend over backwards to avoid hurting someone's feelings. I state my opinions bluntly and without regret. EDIT: Oh I'm terribly sorry. You didn't say he was disrespectful, you said he was ungrateful. In that case, I have nothing to be grateful for. My post still stands.

The Comics, have importance .. Only to select the characters and the essence, then these elements are refined and improved to make it more realistic and interesting, more colorful, more exciting, a work of art, a show .. and sell millions of tons of millions (Smallville-series, Batman Arkham Asylum videogame, ps3, Spiderman-movie, Thundercats, cartoon, etc, etc)

The Comics is useful to select and edit content.

It is the essence and the idea written on paper .. is similar to a drawing of the architects to build a building .. The idea starts with the brain, then written on paper, then this idea materializes, light, sound, motion, graphics, emotions, and so on.

I see your point but the fact is that the battle fourm rules state when the OP does not state a specific universe we assume the default universes, and Cyclops and Wolverines default universe serial number is 616. The universe serial number for the video you posted is 92131, we are disscussing who would win in a battle in New york with 4 hours prep between the 616 versions of Cyclops and wolverine.

Now i understand and somwhat agree with your opinions that Animated and live action adaptions of the comics can often be supurior to the comics themselves, but if we were to debate with no regard for the comics we would get the Example below-

now In the cartoon X-men evolution Rouge does not have the power of flight but in the Orignal series she does, this means when debating who wins in say a battle between Rouge and Storm users cannot agree whether she can or can not fly. This is because while cartoons can be and often are a better source of entertainment then the comics they are not consistent because evrey cartoon series wants to tell it's own story about the said hero/heroine. It is because of this we do not usally include the cartoons movies and video games in our debates as they contain inconsistant information and facts about the characters.

im still editing i'll have time to fiinish soon.

If possible can all agree .. the creator of the topic should read the rules and versions of cartoon, movie or videogame .. the character can be of Smallville .. or perhaps cartoon X-Men 90's .. or perhaps evolution cartoon X-men .. or maybe Batman Arkham Asylum videogame version ps3 .. etc. .. this is determined by the creator of the topic ..

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@kcaz said:

if wolverine can deflect cyclop's beam with his claws like in the movie, he will win anyway, with prep, wolverine wins. he will wear a shield, gauntlet or something to protect himself from cyclop's beams.

I agree with you 85%

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the battle is in the version of the movie

The battles take place in The Arkham Asylum

With a minute of Preparation (1 minute)

the battle is a Death

Who Wins?

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JLO vs Ludmilla Drago, the spouse of Superhuman Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

the battle takes place in Russia

Ludmilla Drago represents Russia .. And Jennifer Lopez represents Puerto Rico

both girls fight with all their power

both girls are determined to win

No prep

Who Wins?

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@HBKTimHBK said:

@serum said:

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That version specifically would die, very fast.


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@ReVamp said:

Blade. No Trolling. Seriously.

Ok. Some people prefer to Blade ..

But I think Batman would win ..

Batman is human peak ..

Batman has a lot of ability and intelligence

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Batman always know what to do in any situation

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@kiss_lamia said:

Callisto in hand 2 hand combat woman is lethal and has a slaughtered a couple hundred villages so i think she trumps him in exprerience too loool

I think the fight would be more balanced .. Robin is a peak human, just like Batman

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