Anyone else feel nauseous about MJ getting it on with Doc Ock?

I'll be honest here, I always thought Peter was a bit of a loser, forever whining about his Parker luck and agonizing about his power and responsibility. Mary Jane was the one thing I liked the most about that comic line. I was no fan of One More Day and personally, I feel that the creators unnecessarily ripped apart an established character to 'connect' with younger readers when they already had the Ultimate and Spectacular Spiderman versions for that.

And now they are turning over not just his name, but his whole LIFE to his greatest archenemy.

I can't speak for others, but for me Spider-man will always be Peter Parker. One More Day shook my faith and Miles Morales never resonated with me.

And now Doc Ock? Not just taking Peter's identity, but his whole life, including MJ. It feels like the worst kind of violation. I can't even think about it. I have to remind myself that its just a story to get my stomach to stop churning.

If the writers even try to pair MJ with Ock, I think its time to look at other titles.