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Few things, I miss my seeing my friends, I started working at a new work place last month and I like one of my co-workers. She looks like a nice person, kinda had a little chit chat about what we were assigned to that day, but I don't what to say to her other than what we are assigned to do. I don't know what to say to her so I don't sound like a total idiot.

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Hey guys hope you enjoyed your holidays I have a few Star Wars related questions. I saw The Force Awakens and I really enjoyed the movie. After seeing the movie I had thought of some questions that I hope you guys can answer. I haven't read to many Star Wars comics, read some of the Marvel Star Wars comics and I'll admit I'm a little behind. My questions are, Has anyone aligned with the Dark Side ever use those power for good? What makes Boba Fett so popular with the fan base? I only seen him in the movies and I don't see how he got so popular with the fan base. Can you guys tell me what makes him popular? Also who is your guys favorite Star Wars character? or characters if you can't decide on one.

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Hey guys hope your having a good day. I have a few of questions for you guys.

1. Let's say Flash gets renewed for a 3rd season, which it will most likely will, who do you want to be the main villain of the season, another evil speedster or someone else? I like Reverse-Flash & Zoom being the main villains of season 1 & season 2 but in the third season I want the main villain to be someone other than an evil speedster.

2. My second question is since Batman and Spider-Man are getting a movie, which villain would you like them to fight?

3. Tony since you mentioned a number of times that you want Moon Knight, how do you think they should introduce him? Through him his own show or have him appear someone else's show like Daredevil than give him his own show? Also how would like to see his costume in Live-Action, his classic costume or the suit he has in the recent Moon Knight series?

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From the list the villains I like are Winter Soldier, Loki, Ultron, Kingpin, and Thanos. Ultron is my favorite, I really liked his personality in Age of Ultron.

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Huh interesting.

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I am surprised Steppenwolf is alive. I'm pretty sure last time I saw him, he got split in two by Bruttal. Also I like how Darkseid's talking bubbles is different.

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Interesting now Batman, no BATGOD WHAT IS THE JOKER'S NAME? TELL ME!!! Oh here's another question Bruce could have asked the chair, is Lincoln March is brother? I think he is but just so Bruce can get some closure. How does a chair know all this stuff?

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How does Superman fly faster?

What have been your favorite friendships in comics & what about that friendship makes it your favorite?

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I'm excited and these are the books I'll check out.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man- One of my favorite characters, I'm curious what Dan Slott is going to do with Peter.
  2. Old Man Logan- My second favorite character died and came back as an old man. I loved Old Man Logan, going to check out what Bendis is doing with him now and really looking forward to see what Lemire does with Old Man Logan. Plus the team that brought us an awesome run on Green Arrow for like 20 issues is going to be doing Wolverine. I have high expectations for this book.
  3. All-New Wolverine- X-23 being Wolverine. I'm cool with it. I am really excited Laura is getting her own book again. I'm excited to see what Tom Taylor is going to do with her.
  4. Venom: Spaceknight- I'm really interested to see what happens to Venom in this book. I'm still getting use to his new look. I really miss his old look.
  5. Spider-Man- I'm glad Miles is going to survive. Love the cover and really like what Bendis does with Miles. It kind of bugs me that his book is just called Spider-Man. Wished it be called Ultimate Spider-Man or Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Either way I'm picking this book up.
  6. Spider-Man 2099- Miguel getting a new costume. Really interesting. I'm curious to see what happens to him.
  7. All-New, All-Different Avengers- The roster is really interesting. Miles being with 616 characters.
  8. Uncanny Avengers- It's a shame to see that Rick Remender isn't writing Uncanny Avengers anymore. I really like his run. I'm wondering what will go down in this run. The roster is very interesting.
  9. Uncanny X-Men- By the looks of this, it seems that Magneto is leading a new Brotherhood of Mutants or X-Force. Seems like this title is going to replace Magneto and put Magneto in charge of a team in the Uncanny X-Men title. I’m curious to see where Bunn goes with this.
  10. The Mighty Thor- I really like Jason Aaron’s run on Thor so far from what I read. I’m excited to see what happens next.
  11. Invincible Iron Man- Bendis doing Iron Man. Alright let see where this goes!
  12. Sam Wilson, Captain America- By the looks of the image Steve and Sam have some issues. I feel like the story is going to be about which Captain America is the better Captain America. I’m curious to see where this goes.
  13. Daredevil- Liking Daredevil’s costume and curious to see where Soule does with the Man without Fear and is that Gambit with him??
  14. Web Warriors- A team made of alternate version of Spider-Man looks cool. Spider-Man Noir is in there. I’m more curious about this title than anything.
  15. Doctor Strange- The Doc is using an Axe. Should be interesting to see what Aaron will do with Doctor Strange.
  16. Extraordinary X-Men- Their extraordinary this time. Storm, Jean, Nightcrawler, Magik, Colossus & Old Man Logan. Lemire is writing both this & Old Man Logan so it be interesting to see what he does with Logan solo and on this team. This is going to be extraordinary.
  17. All-New X-Men- Road trip with the X-Men. Should be interesting.
  18. Totally Awesome Hulk- Pak back with Hulk. I really liked Planet Hulk & World War Hulk. Wonder who the Hulk is.
  19. Illuminati- A Villain team book should be interesting.
  20. Carnage- Didn’t this guy die in Axis… oh wait this is comics so death doesn’t matter. I’m wondering what this book is going to be about.
  21. Ultimates- Interesting line-up, I’ll be checking it out… OH MAN IT’S GALACTUS! IS HE ON THE TEAM??
  22. The Vision- I’ve been liking this character more lately so I’m going to check this out.
  23. Deadpool- It’s Deadpool.

A number of books in the maybe Contest of Champions, Scarlet Witch, A-Force, & Squadron Supreme.

I’m curious about few things: Who is the father of Spider-Woman’s baby, if that’s Phil Coulson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. why is he getting really close to kissing the Hydra person (I know it says keep your enemies closer but not that CLOSE!!!), & what happened to a few characters like Bucky, Adult Cyclops, Black Widow, Odinson, & Loki? We’ll have to wait ‘til October? to find out.