WNY Superior Comics Podcast 3 - Alternate Worlds Colliding

This week, our hosts talk about the concept and use of parallel universes, alternate worlds and time traveling in comic books. When is it a good device and when does it become overused and what are some examples we're finding in current comic story lines?

Also, we discuss the new trailer for the Robocop reboot, set to hit theaters in 2014. Plus, we give our thoughts on DC's first week of "Villains Month", provide a review of Thanos Rising, and talk about Deadpool. All that and much more!

Recorded Sept. 9, 2013. Hosted by Adam Melquist, Nick Dean and Jason Sample.

ABOUT: WNY Superior Comic Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to comic book reading, comic book collecting and the comic book industry. Put together each week by three guys who share the same zip code and a mutual passion for comics. Recorded each Monday at radio station WRFA 107.9 FM in Jamestown, NY.

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