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Samuel Lodestone is a simple man. When he is not someone else. Which is rarely the case. However he asks little for himself and is passive to a frightning degree. A lawyer by trade, and not a especially affirmed one, Samuel is a loner, with a morgage, and a sink cupboard full of Southern Conforts and Lucky Strikes, which he periodicaly empties all by himself. He has his moral debts to pay to the society, but repays them with half a heart and even less interest. If he would of end up getting killed in the middle of the street chances are that noone would even notice.

It's a hard life. But he just doesn't care.

One day when he took a strange dose of southern conforts and cigs he decided to eat some of that new candy he bought. Little did he know that the candy was a part of a military experiment with a man-made, extremly violent mutagen, that by accident ended up packed up as candy. The combinaton made him feel strange, untill the next morning when he looked to the mirror and he realized that he wears the face of his landlord whom he saw yesterday in one of the last lucid moments, telling him to vomit in the bathroom. And not on the floor of is room. Yes it was strange untill then. After that it was just outright a nasty surprise.

Soon he realized that he could copy one's form, their behaviour, and even is some cases various other powers. He became hollow, morbid, and he lost the very will to breathe, then in a flash he was filled with life's energy, just ready to explode. This, he figured in the back of his concience, was a product of his newly gained powers. So he trained to copy only forms his mind could accept instead of violently rejecting it. He was mostly tortured by thoughts, yet not his own but someone else's. One day he finnaly decided to go out in his humanly form. Alas, after a long time of "not being himself" he realized that he forgot how he looked like. Ravaging through the apartment in search of photographs he found out in a wrong moment that he has no photos of his own. "The driver's licence!" He thought, only to remember he lost his wallet a few days ago. He raged, yet again. Becoming someone else and forgeting yourself is a bad place to be. He felt deprived, sorrowful, and uneasy.

Ten days later a grim idea crossed his mind. Too grim to even think of it, but it had to be done...