Aisha, tough cookie to crack, tough character to write.

I took up the challenge of writing the Wiki for Aisha from The Losers this week. And I have no qualms in saying it was tough.
Up until now, when writing wikis about characters past and present, I always found the easiest (and maybe I was cheating) way of researching characters was to take the character's own take on themselves as a good starting point. This is not correct, as I have discovered recently, but it was doubly hard for Aisha - she doesn't talk. She has maybe one or two lines an issue, some not even that. The plus side, however, for discovering more about Aisha is that she is the only character apart from Max where their past and childhood are spoken about in any detail. Good luck to anyone (probably be me) that attempts Jenson, Clay, Pooch or Roque.
So I guess what I am saying is, and stop me if you already know, don't worry to much what a character says, and worry more about what they do. Otherwise wikis end up being based on how a character is described or thought of by other characters, rather than based on what they actually did during the comic. Of course the relationships that character has with their piers and enemies is important, but not more important than their role in the comic.
Of course, I already wrote Aisha's wiki exactly how I intended not to...but how would you write it?

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