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Answers to quests. Oh yeah! The "QUEST" answers list was created by (me) RYU/BATMAN. If your tired of getting hints from moderators and friends on the site, and looking like this:

For hours at your computer
For hours at your computer

then view my list. And spread the word. Quest(s) may have gone the way of the dinosaur (and like Spider-Man's love life, Oh Snap!), but this list will stay here until Captain Kirk dies (maybe). Anyway, this list is one of the best, if not THE best, list on Comic Vine. So continually click that "recommend" button, because, you know: I'm awesome and so are you!

Be sure to check out the Animevice "Quest Answers" List via my profile from there. It is the first branching Quest Answers List! Click This Link -

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*When you see this, it means its a "limited edition" quest/set.

**When you see two stars it usually will mean an image "quest/set".

***When you see three stars it means it's a link to complete a certain quest.

**High Brow Art Quest: Here is the quest where you've got to find the X-Men picture, you can only view it from Xerox-Kitty's image profile, but I've got the link so that you can gain the quest easily!


Look how beautiful it is, I could cry
Look how beautiful it is, I could cry


Complete the Flame on! Newest Quest!!!! Click NOW!


Xerox-Kitty's X-Men Image "ONLY" on her profile


Alfred Vs. Jarvis Video To Watch and Gain A QUEST


Batman Inc video to Complete a QUEST

Random Quest!

Just random Quest answers on things that might not be wiki characters like Wolverine, Sinestro, or Batman. So let the Randomness Begin!!!

I'm With Them Quest

Follow anyone! Just follow Staff Members like



Babs or

Mods like

Aztek The Lost

and also users like


To gain this quest follow 25 people, random people so just follow mostly anyone you choose.

Rollin Deep Quest

Follow one of the Staff Members of Comicvine like

JoeyF - The Camera man

You can also follow some of the other Staff Members. View the:

Staff Members page


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Uh, how'd that get in there. Totally not referring to the testimonials I'm sure.
Uh, how'd that get in there. Totally not referring to the testimonials I'm sure.

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