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Dc universe online is going to have the MAIN characters of the game be computers. You don't actually be them, I'm not trying to hurt anyones feelings I'm just saying the only characters you get to be are the ones you create. You choose your side (bad or good) and have fun. For example: if I pick bad guys and work with lex luthor to try and free doomsday then I will be fighting against Super-man himself. Superman well also have a team(which is you guys) if you pick good guys you will come in conflict with lex luthor. You, Superman, and other players will try to stop Lex luthor, bizzarro, sinestro and players from freeing dooms day and recking havoc in the city. If YOU are a good guy(or girl) and succeed in stopping lex luthor from freeing dooms day, you prove yourself and get to work with the man of steel again. If you are a bad guy(or girl) and YOU succeed in freeing dooms day, then you are going to have some fun kicking everyones butt. So it is just how you play. NOTE: FOR EVERYONE WHO IS PLAYING THIS GAME. Make sure that you are the same level or higher than the main dc universe Villain or Hero. Why you ask? Because if you come across let's say Dooms day gets free and it is you and other players job to detain him. So if you fight Dooms day with lets say a level 20, and dooms day is a level 50. If you fight an enemy that has twice a level higher than you, your either want to get your character killed or you just want to get your butt kicked by a monster that killed super-man(once). Same thing applies for when you are going up against the Man of steel or the Dark knight detective. Another IMPORTANT NOTE. When fighting against real players it is much different and much harder. If you meet a guy or girl that is fighting one of your hero or villain buddies you want to go help them out right. So you go over there and help them, just because that villain might be a lower level than you does not mean he or she WON'T get the help of a main villain. So here is what I'm saying THINK SMART, don't go all brute force. If your fighting batman don't keep saying I MUST BREAK THE BAT,  I MUST BREAK THE BAT,  I MUST BREAK THE BAT, Think smart if you want to fight him. Your welcome for the information. Signed RYU/BATMAN 

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How Do I send stuff to you guys? Is there an address that I can send it to? 

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 @Agent Buttons: 
Rorshach would win. question has no chance

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I only recognize is judge dred who are the rest of those guys