Goonies ~ Rank and file henchmen

Goonies. They can be either corporeal or incorporeal, reanimated corpse or visible ghost. Goonies are undead that return for a specific purpose, either for revenge or for harassment. Goonies have some gliding abilities and adept fighting skills, and in addition they have the ability to regenerate from fatal wounds such as gun shots and stabbing.

The serial killer both outrages and thrills us by his seemingly ability to stand outside the law, to make his own law, in a gesture whose ambivalent destructiveness and creativity mirror our ambivalent response to the killer, composed of both fear and attraction.
It certainly made me more aware that this could happen to anyone. When they are driving to find someone to kill and we see the road for a very long time. Then they stop and wait for someone to come help them.

They are a bunch of masked psychopathic killers that stalk and gruesomely murders their victims in a typically random, unprovoked fashion, killing many within a single day. Goonies tend to prefer handheld weapons such as knives, axes, machetes and/or chainsaws as opposed to firearms. The perps themselves wouldn’t chance the use of such extravagant technology, using as their weapons, the most basic of devices.

"By enjoying watching this, he turns it into something fun, but it should be awful”

They are able able to withstand most or all of his victims' attempts to defend themselves, sometimes because of either explicit or implied supernatural abilities. Thus, even after being shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, electrocuted, burned, or drowned, they are not only alive, but able to continue stalking their victims. Their biggest assets with the killers is that they appear to have unrealistic immortality and super strength of these beings. They are defined as an undead, inhuman "pure evil" rather than as a psychopathic killer.

There’s no motivation.

Some of the Goonies were disguised as little more than 'gardeners' and security guards around the place, and were ridiculed by the hit men. Some of them couldn't handle the stationary unlife and moved back to the burrows. But they were always ready to be stopped among the flowers with the order, "Go to Hades," and they would drop their spades and set out at once at swift speed.


Milton also fits masks that fit onto their faces faces and take control of their body, and he can use this ability to destroy their bodies by literally tearing them apart. Without it they are capable of feeling only murderous rage, which drives them to kill whomever they encounter. The mask affects the personality of the wearer by removing all personal social inhibitions, causing the wearer to become insane.They are masked to console their identities until further 'modification'

It will then extend tendrils of clay from its edges, piercing the subject's skull and brain. The tendrils are meant to precisely find and trigger certain points in the brain in a fashion similar to acupuncture along with by traces of a special alchemical extract injected through their veins, and from thereon release the wearer's potential strength.

The mask itself is a golem construct.

Origins ~ but a few

They kill people...

but they like to dance

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