Spells [for cooking]

Assassin's Banquet : This spell allows the mage to cast either Poison Food, Lethal Food, or Delayed Food Poisoning, or Delayed Lethal Food as an area spell. The caster may refrain from poisoning certain meals within the area of effect.

Bottle Regular: This spell automatically takes food from a common pot, portions it out into glass or tin containers (mage's choice of shape and type), sterilizes the containers, and seals them allowing the mage to quickly preserve food for later use.If necessary, this spell will create the appropriate sort of containers, however, the mage must expend more energy to create them.

Bottomless Cup Regular : When this spell is cast on a cup full of drink or a plate of food, more food or drink of that same type appears when the container is almost empty until the subject has eaten or drunk his fill. The food or drink created is no better than what was originally there, but it is available in seemingly endless amounts. However, in order for the spell to work, there must be some food or drink in the container when the spell is cast.

Butcher Regular, resisted by Sapients: This spell automatically slaughter a living or freshly dead creature and magically renders it into cuts of meat and neatly stacked piles of byproducts (such as offal, fur, feathers, horns or hide) ready for further processing. Living creatures get a resistance probability. Otherwise they take damage and are automatically dead and dismembered within 1 minute.

Change Drink Regular: This spell changes one sort of drink into any other sort of drink the mage can imagine. The limitations are that the basic quality of the ingredients cannot be improved and the alcoholic content of the beverage cannot be improved above its original level. For example, rusty-flavored tap water can be turned into low-quality soda pop, but not fine wine. Spring water could be turned into fine (non-alcoholic) grape juice (or something of lesser quality) suitable for fermentation, but it couldn't be turned directly into wine using this spell.

Change Food Regular: This spell changes one sort of food into food of any other sort the mage can imagine. Bulk remains the same, but all other qualities can be altered. Though nutritional value can be changed, basic quality and flavor of the food cannot be improved. For example, tough, stale meat could be turned into vegetables, but they would still be tough and stale.

Cheese Regular: This spell turns milk or cream into cheese, yogurt or similar food.

Choking Regular, resisted by Health: Any food or drink affected by this spell becomes "sticky", and will stick in the victim's mouth and throat. Anyone who eats the food must resist or start to gag. They can do nothing but cough. Victims can resist every 10 seconds to clear their throats. If the initial resistance roll \ failed, the food lodges in the victim's windpipe and he begins to choke. While he is choking he cannot speak or do any other physical action except to resist in order to clear his trachea.

Complete Digestion Regular: This peculiar spell can either be cast on a willing subject or on food or drink. In both cases it allows the subject to completely digest food or drink, eliminating the need to urinate or defecate. More importantly, the subject derives twice as much nutritional benefit from such food. However, if the food is poisoned, he is at disadvantage to all resistance attempts since his body absorbs the poison more easily!

Concentrate Food Regular: This spell turns any food into a concentrated substance with equivalent nutrition and a taste vaguely reminiscent of the subject. This can be anything from a compact paste to a dry stick, as the caster desires. Weight and volume of the food can be reduced to as low as 1/5th the original. If taken all the way to this level, the food will also be nonperishable.

Create Beverage Regular

This spell is like the Create Food spell but it creates beverages.

This is also an Elemental Water spell.

Create Ingredient Regular

This spell allows real food of a single type to be created. The cost of the spell depends on the rarity and value of the ingredients.

Delicious Scent Regular, resisted by Will

This spell amplifies the savory aromas given off by food, making food smell absolutely irresistible.

Any creature with a nose who can smell the aroma of good food (generally, anyone within 5 hexes) must make a Will roll to resist investigating the source of the aroma. Characters with the Gluttony disadvantage must roll at -4. This spell also gives +1 to Cooking skill rolls. The food might not taste any better, but it sure smells good!

This is also an Air spell.

Discern Vintage Information, resisted by IQ

This spell allows the mage to trace the entire history of a morsel of food or a sip of drink.

Details include the year the item was made, its ingredients, any unorthodox materials or techniques used to make it, who made it, etc. All the stereotypical wine snob stories apply (For example: "Chateaux Pretense Montrachet '09, made from grapes grown on a southwestern facing hill approximately 20 yards from a granite boulder. The grapes were trampled by a middle-aged man named Pierre with a wooden leg made from ash wood. The juice was bottled in an 3 year old oak keg with one new stave in it.").

For purposes of showing off one's "knowledge" of food and drink this spell gives Savoir Faire (Connoisseur) 25, though it might be useful to figure out who actually prepared a poisoned dish, etc.

This is a also a Knowledge spell.

Diet Regular

Reduces the number of calories in a meal by 50%. Nutritional value is unaffected.

Dishes Regular

This spell creates any sort of dish or cooking utensil the mage can imagine. At the mage's option these containers or tools can be made edible!

Drink of Drought Regular, resisted by Special

This spell (sometimes also called Thirsty Water) makes a potable liquid cause thirst, rather than relieving it.

Any character who drinks the liquid will become more and more thirsty. For every sip he takes, he loses a pint of water. Each sip after the first causes 1d points of dehydration damage and does 2 point of Fatigue. Should the victim fall unconscious from damage, he will die within 1d hours, his body quickly turning into a brown mummy.

Note that in hot weather this spell is even more dangerous. Each lost quart (2 pints) of fluids from the body gives -1 to HT to resist the effects of extreme heat or hot weather and costs the character an additional 1 point of Fatigue damage (5 points instead of 4).

The loss of a gallon of fluids means that the subject is extremely thirsty. The loss of two gallons of fluids means that the subject is absolutely parched and is verging on delirium.

Characters who drink this "anti-liquid" must make an IQ roll to realize the true nature of the beverage they're drinking, at +1 to IQ for every pint of beverage they've imbibed.

Victims must also roll vs. Will or become obsessed with getting something to drink. If no other source of fluid can be found, the victim must roll vs. Will (at a bonus equal to the bonus to his IQ roll to figure out what he was drinking) to avoid returning to the Drink of Drought!

Characters who drink "anti-liquid" must make up the lost fluids by drinking enough real beverages to cancel the effects of this spell or by having a spell that restores fluids cast on them.

This is also a Water spell.

Drunkard's Cup Resisted by HT-3

This spell makes anything poured into a drinking vessel become intoxicating. The subject must roll vs. HT-3 every time he takes a sip from the vessel or begin to suffer the effects of drunkenness.

The first sip leaves him cheerful and elated. IQ, DX and Will are reduced by 3. The second makes him wild and messy, reducing attributes by an additional two points (-5 total). The next failed roll leaves him sullen and depressed, with a total -7 to IQ, DX and Will. A final missed roll will leave him unconscious for 1d+6 hours.

On a critical failure, he must roll vs. HT or go into an alcoholic coma. In a coma he must roll vs. HT every hour. If the roll fails, he loses 1 HP. On any critical success he recovers; on any critical failure, his heart stops and he goes into Cardiac Arrest. If a physician is present, the Physician's skill can be substituted for the victim's HT. In any case, a successful Physician roll gives +2 to HT rolls, or +4 if full TL6+ emergency room facilities are available.

If the contents of the vessel are already alcoholic, the victim must make two HT rolls each time he drinks.

Each time the subject drinks, he gets and IQ roll to realize what is happening. Until he makes his IQ roll, the victim will always accept a refill if one is offered or readily available. Other properties of the liquid remain unchanged (i.e., poison is still poison).

Note that this spell won't work against creatures which are naturally immune to drunkenness. However, Alcohol Resistance does not help, though Poison resistance gives bonuses to HT to avoid coma or damage while in a coma.

Explosive Indigestion Regular, resisted by HT

The mage must cast this spell on normal food or drink. When it is consumed, the victim begins to explosively pass gas and shoot fire from all his orifices.

The victim must immediately roll vs. HT to resist the spell. If he fails, he must roll vs. IQ or be mentally stunned for 1d seconds while explosive gasses build within his body. Every turn he will shoot a jet of foul smelling flaming gas in a random direction. On a critical failure, the victim attempts to hold the gas in, with disastrous effects.The jets of flame have the same effects as the Flame Breath spell, but they can't be aimed and reach only 1 hex out from the subject. Anyone standing next to the victim when he "erupts" will be hit by a Flame Jet on roll of 9 or less. If the victim tries to block the jet, he takes flame damage to the body part or object that he used to block the blast. If the victim tries to hold in the gas, he takes triple flame damage to his vitals as the flaming gas explodes inside him!

In any case, the escaping gas also has the same effect as the Stench spell and will affect everyone within 3 hexes of the victim and the scent will cling to the victim for 2d hours after the other effects of the spell have worn off. Everyone will react to the subject at -4. In polite (or even not so polite) society, the victim will probably suffer social ostracism for weeks and could get a permanent Bad Reputation!

Famine's Feast Area

This spell affects all foodstuffs in the area with the Food of Famine spell. In other respects, it is identical to that spell. This spell can also be cast on edible crops.

This is also a Plant spell.

Fast Regular; resisted by Will

This spell makes the subject forget his hunger and thirst for the duration of the spell. If the subject has to eat, he must make a Will roll to do more than peck at his food. Note that this spell only makes the subject immune to the psychological effects of hunger and thirst. The subject will still lose attributes (except for IQ) due to hunger and thirst, and will still take damage, but he can ignore his needs for the duration of the spell.

This is also a Mind Control spell.

Fatten Regular

Food affected by this spell on it is 50% calorific than normal. Nutritional content is unaffected.

This spell is most commonly used by livestock farmers, but it is useful for men doing strenuous work in extremely cold conditions or as a way of driving dieters crazy.

Feast of Emotions Regular, resisted by Will

This spell allows the mage to season his food or drink with emotions! Anyone who eats the enchanted food (or drinks an enchanted beverage) must roll vs. Will or be overcome by the emotion the mage has implanted.

These effects are not strong enough to compel action, but are very strong -- role-play them! If the emotion plays on a character's disadvantages (like aphrodisiacs placed in the food of a Lecherous character) they must roll to resist their disadvantages at -2 to Will.

Common emotions placed in food are nostalgia, contentment and sexual arousal. Anger, jealousy, and discontent can be used to start fights.

This is also a Mind Control spell.

Flavorless Regular; resisted by IQ

This spell removes all flavor from a single container of food. This is the antithesis of the Season spell. Targeted food held by another creature resists with that creature's IQ.

Food Color Regular

This spell allows food to be colored without affecting its taste or texture.

Food Fight Area, resisted by Special

Causes all edible (and/or theoretically or once edible, includes garbage, offal, waste, scraps, etc.) materials in the area to randomly fly about the area at tremendous speeds. Light or disposable containers (like milk cartons or light pie pans) will also begin flying if they have a significant amount of food in or on them. Larger containers will not move, but their contents will spill or fly.

The flying material does 1 point of damage per turn if they are solid or hot (hard fruit, frozen chickens, pots of hot coffee etc.), unless subjects in the area of effect make a DX roll. If they fail, they not only take the damage, but also must make a HT roll to avoid being blinded as for the Pie spell. Soft foods which are not hot do no damage but can still blind.

After 5 seconds, the ground in the area of effect will be slippery with goo and junk. All hexes in the area of effect are affected as if by a Grease (p. G79) spell. After the spell ends, the area will still be cluttered, but not preternaturally so.

Needless to say that any food affected by this spell is likely to be ruined and anything in the area will be covered with food.

This spell assumes that there is a significant amount of food in the area (like what you would find at a cafeteria or a banquet). If there isn't much food in the area or the food is contained in boxes, bags or barrels so it can't fly about, then the GM can reduce the effects of the spell or just rule that it fails.

Food of Famine Regular, resisted by Special

When cast on food or drink, this spell turns it into "anti-food" meaning that it subtracts calories when eaten, and leaves the subject hungrier than he was before! Each "meal" of "anti-food" negates the effects of one previously eaten meal. If too much food is eaten, it will actually cause starvation!

The food and drink appears normal in all respects, the only difference is that the more the victim eats and drinks, the hungrier he gets.

Characters who eat this food must make an IQ roll to figure out what is going on, at +1 to IQ for every pound of food (meal) they've eaten. They also get +4 to IQ if they've encountered Food of Famine before. Gluttonous characters or characters who are extremely hungry roll at -2 to IQ. Note that characters who have eaten at least 3 meals of "anti-food" are extremely hungry.

Characters who eat the "anti-food" must make up the lost calories either by weight loss from fat or by eating enough real food to cancel the effects of this spell. Every 3 meals of anti-food consumed counts as a day of Starvation with attendant losses to Fatigue and attributes.

Fat characters can use this spell to lose a lot of weight fast, with the attendant health risks of a literally "starvation diet." Unwilling characters may roll vs. HT to resist the starvation effects of each meal.

Freshen Food Regular

This spell will freshen stale, old, or wilted food. It will not improve the quality of the food, nor will it make bad food palatable.

Gentle Wine Regular

This spell creates an alcoholic beverage which has its usual effects until the drinker wishes them to disappear. Then the alcohol in the subject's body magically vanishes, leaving him sober and free of any hang-over effects.

Alternately, the subject can reduce his level of intoxication, rather than completely eliminating the alcohol from his blood. If the character reduces his intoxication level, any remaining alcohol in his system must be eliminated by natural means, or via another spell such as Cure Poison.

Glutton's Delight Regular, resisted by HT

This spell is identical to the Trencherman spell, except that food and drink ingested don't have any more calories than one meal. Alcohol, drugs or poisons in the food still affect the character normally.

Unwilling characters resist with HT.

This is also a Body Control spell.

Glutton's Mint Enchantment

This spell allows the mage to create a Glutton's Mint, as described on p. 41 of GURPS Magic Items I. It's wafer thin!

Good Digestion Regular

Allows a person to consume food or drink without it causing indigestion, food allergies, or other "normal" problems. Poisoned or tainted food still affects the character, and he can still get sick from overeating or overindulgence in alcohol.

Good Food Regular

When cast on food or drink, this spell gives them the effects of the Good Digestion spell. The food and drink can be consumed in any quantity without causing indigestion, food allergies, or any other health effect associated with "normal" food.

In other respects this spell is like the Good Digestion spell.

Greater Create Food Regular

This spell will create food from thin-air! However, the food created by this spell is sort of a proto-food: bland, tasteless, and doughy -- but very nourishing. Half a pound of Greater Food has enough nutritional value to support a man for 1 day, and provides the same caloric value as a full meal. Casting Create Food upon Greater Created Food will give a real taste treat.

Guns to Butter Regular, resisted by IQ

At lower tech levels this spell can be used on melee weapons. The effects are the same, however.

If this spell is cast on a weapon that is held or carried by another person, they may roll vs. IQ to resist the effects of this spell.

Health Food Regular

This spell removes the unhealthy qualities of food while improving its nutritional value, boosting the foods beneficial effects on the body, and undoing the ill effects of other foods.

In addition, this spell gives the same effects as the Good Food spell.

One meal of Health Food per day gives a character his complete nutritional needs for the day (but not his total caloric needs). A character who eats nothing but Health Food for the day gets +1 to HT rolls to resist the effects of disease and ingested poisons and to recover from wounds or injuries.

A character who eats nothing but Health Food for at least a year gets the benefits of the Longevity advantage for that year only. Characters who live on Health Food for most (or all) of their lives, effectively have the Longevity advantage.

Note that this spell is typically cast on "natural" foods such as macrobiotic bean sprouts, organic tofu, raw honey, or live-culture yogurt, though it doesn't have to be.

This is also a Healing spell.

Improve Food Regular

This spell makes existing food or drink become fresher, tastier, and more nutritious, by altering the structure of the foodstuff to improve its quality. Fruits and vegetables become riper and fresher, canned foods could be made to be just as wholesome and flavorful as fresh-cooked foods, or rot-gut wine could be turned into a superior vintage.

This spell also allows cooking mistakes to be eliminated. For example, a fallen soufflé or a burnt stew could be set to rights.

While this effect cannot make bad food palatable and it can't add any ingredient is not there, it can make existing foods more desirable. It gives +2 to Cooking (or the Cook spell) skill roll since the cook has the finest ingredients to work with and can correct his mistakes.

This spell counters the Flavorless spell. Poisoned food remains poisoned (unless it spoiled due to natural bacterial action).

Improved Create Food Regular

This spell allows the mage to create food out of thin air, as long as he has a tiny amount of at least one of the ingredients of the recipe or a bit of food of roughly the same type.

The food created can be of any recipe that the mage is familiar with which could be made from a sufficient quantity of at least one of the ingredients present. For example, a few grains of rice and a bit of dry leather thrown into a pot would turn into a tasty beef stew over rice or a beef and rice soup!

Food created with this spell is wholesome and ordinary in every way, but the quality of the food is limited by the mage's skill with the Cook spell or his Cooking skill.

Duration: Permanent

Junk Food Regular, resisted by IQ

When this spell is cast, a food or drink loses all its nutritional value, while retaining its flavor and scent, and mass.

Because the food still has bulk, anyone who eats Junk Food gets the impression that he has had a full meal. However, his body is not fooled, no Fatigue is regained by eating a meal of Junk Food.

Depending on the situation, this can be good or bad. Bacteria won't grow in food treated with this spell (since they get no nutrition from it) and dieters don't have to worry about gaining weight, but a person who eats a diet of junk food will starve to death or die of a nutritional deficiency.

If this spell is cast on food held, carried or about to be eaten by another person, they may roll vs. IQ to resist this spell.

Lethal Food (VH) Regular, resisted by HT-2

This spell is identical to the Poison Food spell, except that the poison is more virulent.

Anyone who eats the food must roll vs. HT-2 to Resist immediately after they ingest the food and for 1d additional days. On a failed roll, the victim takes 1d points of damage.

The progress of the poison can only be stopped with the Neutralize Poison spell. Conventional medical skills (such as Poisons or First Aid) will not help, and Diagnosis or Pathology skill will reveal nothing about the nature of the poison.

A character with the Physician skill can roll vs. his skill to assist the stricken character. For every two points by which the attending physician makes his skill roll, the period of poisoning is reduced by 1 day.

If a Slow Poison spell is cast on the victim, the victim takes 1d-3 points of damage per day over 2d days.

Magic Ale (VH) Regular

By using magic to defy the laws of physics, this spell allows th mage to distill an alcoholic beverage that exceeds 200 proof (100% alcohol). Such beverages are incredibly tasty and incredibly potent. They can also be dangerous - a shot glass of 210% proof ale would be the equivalent of 7 pints of beer! If the Intoxication rules from GURPS Compendium II are being used, divide the Magic Ale's proof by 10 to get the beverage's Alcohol Factor. For example, a shot of 210 proof ale would have an Alcohol Factor of 21!

This spell requires that the mage have a quantity of distilled alcohol. The first casting of this spell brings any distilled beverage up to 200 proof, subsequent castings improve proof by 10%. Volume is not reduced.

Magical Feast (VH) Regular

The caster can create real, tasty, wholesome, nutritious food and drink sufficient to feed one or more people for one meal. The food created is simple fare unless the caster wishes to pay extra to create something fancier. The food is magically created and no "raw materials" are needed.

Monk's Fast Regular

This spell allows a subject to go without food and drink for a long period of time with no ill effects. In order to work, this spell must be cast in advance of the fast. It will not heal Fatigue or damage caused be meals missed before the spell was cast.

Multiply Food Regular

As long as the mage has a bit of one or more types of food or drink, he can magically "multiply" those foods so that they will feed more people.

Each "level" of this spell doubles the amount of food, so one food item becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight and so forth.

The basic quality or wholesomeness of the multiplied material is not changed, only the quantity is increased.

Near Beer Regular, resisted by IQ

This spell removes all alcohol from beverages, but makes them taste the same. Other poisonous or mind-altering chemicals are not removed from the drink.

If this spell is cast on beverages held or carried by another character, the owner may roll vs. IQ to resist.

Nutrition Regular

Allows a single meal to supply all the daily nutritional requirements for a creature without adding calories.

Note that if a character is to avoid the effects of Starvation, he must eat the same number of calories. All this spell does is make the food more nutritionally valuable.

Pie Missile, Resisted by Special

This spell creates a pie in the caster's hand that he can then throw at the target's face.

To target the spell, the mage uses the Spell Throwing (Pie) skill. Due to the nature of the missile, the mage gets +3 to his effective skill, which offsets the penalty to hit the face. The pie has SS 13, Acc +1, 1/2D 25, MAX 50.

If the pie hits its target, it does 1 point of damage unless the victim can make a HT roll. Additionally, the target must make a DX roll or be blinded for 1 second, then be partially blinded (-3 DX) for 1d seconds. If the target critically fails, he will be blinded for 1d seconds. On successful DX roll, the pie mostly misses the victim's eyes, and he is only partially blinded (-3 DX) for 1 second. On a critical success, the target is unaffected by the pie and takes no damage.

If the victim has a piece of rigid material, like a sheet of cardboard or a plate, he may add +1 to his DX roll. If he has a shield, he may add the shield's PD to his DX roll. If the subject has the Shield skill or a weapon, he may Block or Parry the pie rather than rolling vs. DX.

If the subject has any sort of face protection (like a scarf, hood, or veil) he is immune to damage, but still must roll vs. DX to avoid blindness.

The pie will have no effect (other than making the subject messy) if thrown at any other part of the target's body.

Note that the mage can eat the pie rather than throwing it. It is a permanent, edible, tasty item of food. The mage can specify any type of pie with which he is personally familiar when the spell is cast (crème pie is traditional, however).

Rumors persist of variants of this spell that either do a more damage (like Acid Pies or Flaming Pies) or have special effects (like Sleep Pies or Curse Pies). Variants like these would certainly have appropriate extra prerequisites.

Potent Wine Regular, resisted by IQ

This spell makes an alcoholic beverage more or less potent without changing its taste.

Characters who drink the altered beverage may roll vs. IQ to detect the change in potency. Unwilling characters resist with IQ.

Prepare Food Regular

Allows ingredients to be prepared for cooking or inclusion in a recipe. For example, this spell allows grain to be malted for brewing, cherries to be pitted, shrimp to be shelled, vegetables to be peeled, or cream to be whipped into whipped cream.

Note that the quality of the final product depends on the mage's skill (e.g., Cooking for preparing vegetables or whipped cream, or Brewing for malting grain for beer).

Purgative Regular, resisted by HT

When this spell is cast, any food or drink previously consumed by the subject magically vanishes from his system. This spell won't cure damage already done to the subject's body by food-based poisons, but it immediately halts any further damage if the poison isn't completely absorbed by the subject's body.

When this spell is cast, anything the subject consumed up to 12 hours before the spell is cast magically vanishes from his body. Since the subject's digestive tract is emptied, he becomes hungry, and loses 1 point of Fatigue, since he loses the benefit of meals consumed within the last 12 hours.

This spell is used to relieve poisoning. It will also relieve the effects of overindulgence.

Unwilling subjects resist with HT.

This is also a Healing spell.

Rain of Wine Area

This spell acts as the Rain spell but it produces a rain of wine (or any other beverage with which the mage is personally familiar) instead of water.

This spell is mostly used as a special effect, but adventurers might discover more practical uses, such as fertilizing soil, destroying electronics, or making an area slippery, sticky or dirty.

Approximately one pint of liquid is produced per hex affected.

This is also an Elemental Water spell.

Reverse Fermentation Regular, resisted by IQ

When the mage casts this spell he can reverse bacterial action on food, making fermented or curdled food revert back to its raw ingredients.

For example, wine or vinegar would become grape juice, cheese or yogurt would revert to milk, and so forth.

Spoiled food remains spoiled, this spell doesn't remove mold, poison or harmful bacteria.

If this spell is cast on foodstuffs carried or held by another character, the owner may roll vs. IQ to resist the spell.

Roast's Revenge Regular

This spell reanimates a cooked animal up to the size of a stag, sheep, or wild boar. The cooked carcass may be partially dismembered or carved, but as long as it is at least 50% intact, this spell will take effect.

When the spell is cast, the cooked animal begins to regrow any missing parts (but not any missing skin or plumage) taking 2d seconds to do so. In addition, it grows sharp teeth (or beak) and claws. When the regeneration is completed, the beast will attack any target the caster desires.

The beast has the same characteristics it had in life, except that it has sharp teeth and claws which do cutting damage, its ST and Move is increased by 25% (to a minimum of 5), it's HT is increased by 2 and its HP are increased by 50%. In addition, it also has one level of Toughness (or +1 DR) and the High Pain Threshold, Damage Immunity (Doesn't Bleed, No Brain, No Vitals) and Doesn't Breathe advantages.

This is also a Necromantic spell.

Shape Food Regular

Allows the creation of food-sculptures, wine fountains, or wedding cakes that defy the usual laws of physics. Through use of this spell, food could theoretically be shaped into some form of shield or wall; GMs please note that only rarely would food have more than DR 1 or 2.

Shape Food Regular

Author: Elizabeth McCoy and Walter Milliken (From Student's Guide to New Magical Opportunities at Illuminati University, Pyramid 32)

Second Stomach Regular

This spell allows the subject to eat or drink a normal amount of food but not digest it or absorb it in any way until the spell ends. The subject can also voluntarily and easily regurgitate the at any time before the spell ends. This allows the mage to eat or drink poison, hold it for a time, and then quietly purge it with no ill effects.

Second Stomach overrides the Complete Digestion spell until the subject wills that spell to take effect. Poisoned Food (including the Lethal Food spell) does not affect a person with the Second Stomach spell until the Second Stomach spell ends or the subject wills the food to be digested.

This is also a Body Control spell.

Speed Preparation Regular

This spell greatly speeds the chemical and biological processes involved in food preparation, allowing foods which normally take a long time to prepare to be readied in minutes.

This spell accelerates normal reactions by a factor of 100. For example, bread dough that would normally rise in 2 hours (120 minutes) would rise in 1.2 minutes. Pickled foods that take 3 months (90 days) to finish, could be readied in about a day, and dry beans that take a day to soften in water will be readied in about 15 minutes.

This spell can also be used to speed the production alcoholic beverages or cheese, but the Fermentation or Cheese spells are much more reliable. This spell only accelerates the action of existing biological or chemical reactions. The quality of the final product is limited by the mage's skill (either Cooking, Brewing or Distilling as the case may be). If this spell is cast on food that has harmful chemicals or bacteria in it, the food will rapidly spoil.

This spell may also be used as a prerequisite for the Decay Food spell.

Spice Jet Regular

Author: Elizabeth McCoy and Walter Milliken (From Student's Guide to New Magical Opportunities at Illuminati University, Pyramid 32)

Sustenance Regular

This spell automatically creates food or drink of an identical type in certain place at the same time each day. For example, the mage could use this spell to have a pot of fresh coffee in his coffee pot each morning, or to fill a bowl with food or water for an animal.

If the food created the day before is not consumed, it will magically disappear when the new food appears or when the spell ends, leaving the container clean. If the container in which the food or drink is to appear is moved from the general location specified when the spell is cast, or if it is destroyed, the spell fails until a suitable replacement is found or the spell ends.

The mage specifies what sort of food and drink he wishes to create, as well as its time and location of appearance.

Food and drink created by this spell can never be changed once the spell is cast. In addition, food or drink created by this spell will vanish if not consumed before the next meal appears or if the food or drink is removed more than 5 hexes from the location to which the food was summoned.

This spell was designed to allow a solitary mage to feed and water the livestock on his estate and the experimental animals in his lab when he was away.

Summon Food Regular

This spell summons food to the mage's location from the nearest source within 1 mile. If the mage specifies, he can exclude certain known sources or types of food.

If no edible food is in the immediate area the spell brings the nearest thing to a suitable meal that it can find - leaves, carrion, bark or a live animal still on the hoof! Roll one die. On a roll of 1 the spell brings a live animal or similar object that needs a lot of preparation before it can be turned into food. On a roll of 6 it brings something inedible and foul. Otherwise the amount that the skill roll was made by determines the quality of the food.

The mage can exclude known sources of food if he specifies them before he casts this spell. In an urban area, larcenous mages use this spell whenever they wish to order "take-out" food.

Sweet Lotus Special, resisted by IQ-2 or Will-2

This spell imbues the target food with the essence of the legendary lotus. Any being (save the caster) who sees the ensorcelled food feels a strong urge to eat it unless they can make a Resistance roll vs. IQ-2 or Will-2 (whichever is worse) to resist.

The GM should roll vs. the subject's resistance in secret, and then give the unlucky victim very strong hints that he should try the food (i.e., "The food looks delicious, and you are suddenly reminded that you are very hungry.") rather than just forcing the character to eat the food.

If the subject eats the food, it will taste utterly delicious. However, he must then make another resistance roll, as above. If he fails, he will suffer from the effects of the Ecstasy and Loyalty spells, as if the mage had cast successfully cast those spells on him.

The duration of the Ecstasy spell is normal, but the Loyalty spell will last 6 hours.

Taint Food Regular, resisted by HT

Similar to the Poison Food spell, this spell causes harmful bacteria to grow in food and drink, making anyone who eats the food very ill.

Approximately one hour after ingesting the tainted food or drink, the subject must roll vs. HT or suffer from intestinal distress.

Victims who fail their HT roll, suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Treat this as Seasickness or Space Sickness, depending on the situation.

In addition, sick characters take 1 point of damage and are at -2 to ST, DX and IQ, and skills based on those attributes.

On a critical failure, the character takes 2 points of damage and fouls himself. Until he can bathe and change his clothes, everyone reacts him at -2.

The illness passes 3d hours after it starts.

This spell can also be used as a prerequisite for the Decay Food spell.

Tasty Regular, resisted by Will

This spell makes food and drink look incredibly tasty. Anyone who tastes even a morsel of the food must roll vs. Will or eat until they are sated. Characters with Gluttony are at -4 to resist.

This spell can't make foods which the subject wouldn't normally eat appear tasty to him, for example, hay couldn't be made to appear tasty to a human, but it would look delicious to a horse. Likewise, the subject gets +4 to Will to avoid foods which he knows will adversely affect him in some way (by aggravating a food allergy or making him break a Vow, for example).

No bonus to Will is allowed if the dangers of eating don't seem serious or immediately obvious. For example, a character wouldn't get a bonus just because he was trying to lose weight or because he suspected that someone might be trying to poison him.

This is also a Mind Control spell.

Trencherman Regular

This spell will allow the subject to eat and drink as much as he wishes and not suffer any ill effects from overeating. However, the food and drink will have their normal effects in all other ways. Food still has calories, alcohol still makes the character drunk and poisoned food still harms the character.

If the subject uses this spell to drink to excess he could very well kill himself with alcohol poisoning!

This is also a Body Control spell.

True Cornucopia Enchantment

Allows any container to continually produce food of any type or variety with which the mage is familiar.

The enchanter sets the amount, type and assortment of food to be created when he enchants a True Cornucopia. The food produced is real and permanent (i.e., it will not disappear after one minute like ammunition created with the Cornucopia spell), but it will disappear if it is left in the container for long enough that it begins to spoil.

Normally, the cornucopia will produce just enough food to fill itself, and someone must touch it and concentrate for a moment to produce more food (up to the maximum amount which can be created per day). If a large quantity of food is produced, it will magically "flow" out of the container into the surrounding hexes in such a way that the food remains wholesome and good.

Only food items may be created with this spell.

Energy Cost: 10 per 1 lb. of food created per day.

Water to Alcohol Regular

This spell turns water to beer, sake, mead or any other alcoholic beverage the mage is personally familiar with up to 5% alcohol content (10 proof, or Alcohol Rating 1). Wine (up to 15% alcohol, 30 proof or Alcohol Rating 3), and distilled liquor (up to 70% alcohol, 140 proof or Alcohol Rating 14) can also be produced, but in smaller quantities.

The beverage produced is only as good as the water used to make it. Ditch water produces inferior brew, pure spring water produces excellent drink.

The quality of the final product is determined by the mage's Brewing or Distilling skill.

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Wagh Nakh

Of the Jungle

Pride of the Amazon
Pride of the Amazon

While on an expedition in Amazon scientist Dolph Steyr and his sister were killed by Illegal Loggers, leaving their baby son isolated. He survived as a feral child by learning to surviveand talk to beasts. An unusually intelligent race of beasts raised the boy, who eventually discovered he had the bestial ability to transform.

Years later, Bishop Juan, a local cleric, found a wounded Wagh and took him in, educating him in the ways of survival and the world through non-spoken language. After Bishop Juan's death, Wagh became a Jungle Adventurer, aiding nature.


  • Wagh possesses superhuman strength and is a “Class 75” brick. He continues training to lift even greater weights, and the uppermost limit of his potential remains unknown.By and large, Wagh is impervious to injury, pain and disease (that he has met so far); his skin is capable of withstanding extremes of temperature, as well as tremendous stresses and impacts without puncture wounds or lacerations.
  • Wagh possessed the ability to move at superhuman speed and superhuman metabolic vitality. He can run in excess of the speed of sound, and thanks to his beastly stamina can maintain this pace almost indefinitely.
  • Wagh possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant ********* that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. As such, he can regrow severed limbs or vital organs. The speed at which this healing factor works varies in direct proportion to the severity of the damage Wagh Nakh suffers. This healing factor also affords Wagh Nakh a virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, as well as an enhanced resistance to diseases and an extended life span. Unlike ********* s natural healing factor, Wagh Nakh’s is mentally driven to a partial extent.
  • Night vision, leaping ability, and bestial cunning. Which he developed his power independently. He had an empathic relationship with the beasts that raised him, and could communicate with them.
  • His animalistic mind seems possessed of a natural protection against telepathic probing or assault. Due to the specific activity in the brain Wagh, he has a high resistance to attack by telepaths.

Synaesthesia combined with low level empathic and precognitive abilities. Specifically he gets psychic impression in the form of sounds, tastes smells etc. from objects, both inanimate and living. In other words, he can "hear" colors and "see" sounds and so forth. His distinctive interaction with the world makes him a uniquely perceptive investigator.

Seeing the colors allows him to predict the movements of people and their intent, knowing exactly when to strike to maximum efficiency. This allows him to dodge bullets and excel in hand-to-hand combat. When something blocks one of his senses, as they are linked, Wagh can 'shift' them to compensate. For example, being caught in a soundproof room, he could shift her perceptions using her synethesia to still 'hear'.


  • Wagh is a savage and animal-like fighter.
  • He possesses basic education and little social skills, relying almost entirely on a type of "hyperinstinct" which allows him to process the world in the most efficient manner.
  • Wagh's mind can be characterized by an almost complete loss of abstract thinking and feeling. People receiving only two categories - enemies and friends.
  • Wagh retains his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat from encounters with tribal warriors


  • Illiterate
  • He is untrained to speak. Communicates using single words or phrases equivalents.
  • Below average intelligence
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Weaver - Whirlwind of Death

A type for every 'level'

“All the world will be your enemy
Prince with a thousand enemies
And when they catch you, they will kill you...

But first, they must catch you.




Prince with the swift warning.
Be cunning and full of tricks
And your people shall never be destroyed.”
Watership Down
Mutant Rights Activist
Mutant Rights Activist

Affinity: Vortex

Name: Flavio Forteana

Age: 40 years

Nationality: Apatride

Problem, Flatscan?
Problem, Flatscan?

Flavio is a lowly mutie from his mother's side, born and raised in an island where baseline crackers maintain the law with iron fists. Men clad in iron joints patrol the area, food is scarce. Working as a child laborer he wished for the day that he would get back at his baseline oppressors, this was at a time where can only move dust bunnies with tremendous exertion of effort. His mother was stationed in the labor camp brothels, he would often see firsthand the savagery of the baseline apes. Not surprisingly mother went insane shortly after, so being the boy that he is he had to take care of her. Food, shelter, and mental support. That means near 24 hour care of his mother, from getting her dressed, to feeding her, to putting her through grueling physical therapy. This happens every day, like clockwork, in the home shared by Fla and his mother. There have been sacrifices needed because of this.

Bread scraps and ground puddles are his nourishment, his only companion are strings taken from the dead slaves. He trains everyday to move it, sometimes he watches them 'dance'. Life was less than stellar when he is given a number from birth, #132829 but because he is illiterate he just calls himself Avo. It was the time before he develops a form beyond the baseline monkeys, this was the time where he would often get exploited for stupidity and used as a recreational toy by the guards and the slavers alike. His fate was an inheritance from his own race, but the pain reminds him of his goal.

Mother died shortly after and life became empty, with that void Avo focused all the time to himself.

“Like the pain of a bad wound, the effect of a deep shock takes some while to be felt. When a child is told, for the first time in his life, that a person he has known is dead, although he does not disbelieve it, he may well fail to comprehend it and later ask--perhaps more than once--where the dead person is and when he is coming back.”
Watership Down

Training on free time and 'learning' from other slaves whom are mutants from different walks in life. Some are native to the island while others may come from abroad, sometimes the guards are chatty and in-between their slurs there are shards of insight that can be assembled into a large pool of knowledge. He can now 'reinforce' the string and 'connect' them with other strands of thread. His first glow of creativity was to garrote one of the guards to prevent the molestation of a fellow slave younger than he was, Avo was surprised at how well the string went through the neck. The experience brings him more time to try more things in the extermination camp, being useful to avoid suspicion and keeping out an eye for innovation.\







Power [for mid-tier metas and above]

“He fought because he actually felt safer fighting than running.”
Watership Down

Flavio's mental powers include psi blasts, telepathy, mental illusions, strong telekinesis (omega level), mind control, mental force fields, and the ability to drain others' life forces. The full extent of his powers are not truly known. He has used his telepathy to read conscious thoughts as if they were spoken and cast images into the mind. His mental illusions made others almost believe that he was Charlie Chaplin. His telekinesis has been used to choke animals, throw several objects as weapons, disassemble a snowmobile, and even create a small blizzard with fallen snow. Flavio has used his mind control to freeze others in place and even make policemen turn their own weapons against themselves. Flavio's force fields have shielded him on both a full body and molecular level. Finally, he has drained the life force from his own teacher and the bishop who "adopted" him. Weaver can do this by ensnaring his victims within his wires. The more life force he drains, the more he increases his natural strength, endurance, reflexes, and recuperative abilities, while enabling him to disrupt nerve centers to cause pain and paralysis, and sear into the flesh of his victims.

the abilities, tasks, or traits these thought forms are subject to the thoughts of the creator.

His other specialization is Thought-forms/Tulpas. A thought-form is a clump of psychic energy that is programmed by its creator to perform a specific act or carry specific information which can then act upon the psychic field of others. They go by various names, such as psiballs or constructs but they are all basically the same thing. These thought-forms can affect others mentally or physically, but they are quite resistant to force directed against them. His thought-forms has the ability to turn their body into an strong psicrystal substance (much like that of diamonds). In this form, they are almost impossible to harm. When psicrystallized, they can also absorb energy without harm and increase its intensity, or deflect hostile energy blasts. Weaver could read the minds of Tulpas and control them, and could for a limited duration transform two species into a singular mutant with the greatest strengths of the two species it came from. In any case, the substance can be made as flexible or as rigid as he so desires. The substance is presumably as durable as the strongest man-made metals in existence. In combative situations, Weaver will fashion his Thought-forms into swords, shields and/or a protective suit of armour that fully encases his body. When fashioned into armour, the Tulpa retains its durability despite the fact that it doesn’t constrict or hamper his movement at all. The armour in itself has astounding properties, the least of which is that it acts as a second skin, with a senses of touch similar to Weaver' own flesh. He can also do partial transformations, such as covering his entire body in the psicrystal chainsaw chains.

Bilocation, the ability of an individual to be present in two different places at the same time. He can be present in more than two places at a given time. Multilocation is used to describe this feat of endurance. Bilocation is a physical, rather than spiritual, phenomenon, and a person experiencing it is supposedly able to interact with their surroundings as normal, including being able to experience sensations and to manipulate physical objects exactly as if they had arrived through natural means

Demo-optical perception ("bio-introscopy"), the paranormal ability to see with the skin, often demonstrated by reading print or perceiving pictorial images or colors with the tips of the fingers shielded from vision, with their noses, or even with their feet.

He has also used his powers to create a "cutting" effect by refining the force of the wind. Compressing the air enough to slice through objects like rock or metal, also being able to create a vacuum suction that draws nearby objects ( attracts). Generate a vortex of wind, on par the power of a gravitational vortex.

Psicrystal variations [for strong humanoids]


Psicrystal is a type of crystal made by Flavio, both as a building material and as a form of computer system. The Psicrystals are activated upon exposure to psionics, whereby they begin growing, sometimes forming structures. They may also take on the properties of other stones near them at the time they begin growing. It is self-replicating and architecturally programmable.

  • Amethyst: The purple psicrystal can help anyone who wants to open up their psychic powers as it activates psychic ability, enhances intuition and opens up spiritual awareness. Amethyst also contains powerful, protective properties and can help to protect a person from psychic attack.
  • Clear quartz: This psicrystal is known for its powerful healing properties, and its ability to amplify thoughts and energy. For this reason, it can help to enhance both your psychic and healing abilities.
  • Flourite: Flourite has a reputation for opening up psychic abilities rapidly, it needs to be used with respect and caution. This psicrystal can help to cleanse and strengthen the aura and neutralize negative energy.
  • Obsidian: This powerful black psicrystal is strongly protective and able to provide a shield to deflect negativity and psychic attack. It helps to open the mind to new possibilities and encourages the development of strength and compassion.

He employs a number of hovering Psicrystal-drones to keep his face from being photographed and to ward off enemies. The drones can link together into larger objects, fire laser blasts, and respond to his mental commands. They were capable of independent action as long as Weavers powers was active, and had built-in image inducers. Flavio can possess up to ten drones.

Psicrystal Servitor [for abominations]



76 meters


41,000 tons

Besides an array of swift physical attacks, some of his special abilities include shooting telekinetic beams from his 'third eye' and breathing ice and wind. He can fire Psicrystal shards from his tail, has incredible agility, and attacks with incredible ferocity. He fires a powerful Prism Beam from his mouth, but his most devastating attack is the ability to overload his heart and cause a huge shock-wave that blasts everything around him, dealing incredible damage.

  • Agile, an incredible jumper/leaper
  • Can run extremely fast on all four legs
  • Fires the Cracker Stream, a barrage of exploding psicrystals, from mouth
  • Shoots Energy Spheres from tail
  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Rygar also has Tactile Telekinesis which is the ability to use telekinesis to enhance strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, stamina and combat skills simulate Superman-level evels. This can also be used to manipulate objects that are on the same surface as the user (such as the ground) or to fly by pushing their own body through the air (this usually requires effort though). The tactile TK field also lets Rygar break free of an opponent's grip by pushing the field outward to force the opponent away. Other creative uses include rendering an opponent immobile by extending the TK field as long as they are both standing on the same ground.



98 meters


78,000 tons


  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Psicrystal Pyramid [team oriented stuff]


Personal experience reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Flavio Forteana relate profound results in his quest for expanded awareness. He felt that psychic powers are stimulated or heighten by the use of pyramids. Psychics who use pyramids in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than the more rapidly than they would have otherwise. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.

A pyramid is a natural psychic amplifier. Any mental energy put into it will be amplified and sent out. That is why this fact makes the pyramid an excellent device for projection. Its projection is very simple. It can be used to to project an effect onto someone or something. Pyramid energy is so powerful and strong that it alters the hydrogen bond in water. For sharpening razor blades and cutlery, the Pyramid Generator is being used for thirty years. Worldwide research and reports reveal that after a few hours exposure, the pyramid also preserves and enhances the quality of foods. It neutralizes bitter tastes.

The flavor of stale orange juice and other liquids is refreshed. It increases the natural healing potential of the body. Moreover, enhances the ability of subconscious mind to heal the body. Place a glass of wine inside a pyramid and another glass in a separate room. Wait 40 to 70 minutes and see. You can taste a difference in the two. It has been proved that it re-stimulate the fermentation process. In this way, you can turn cheaper wine to more expensive tasting wine.

Phlogizein: Bane of Gods [for cosmics]

Last Resort
Last Resort

Unit type: mecha

Armament: ???

Pilot: Flavio Forteana

The Phlogizein is made up entirely of Psicrystals, nanite-like particles that can reproduce, repair themselves, generate energy and even gain sentience in large quantities. Because of this, the mecha constantly generates its own power without any fuel requirements. Its Quantum Pulse Engine simply harnesses the waves of energy that the crystals constantly radiate. The Phlogizein can also repair itself when damaged, due to the crystals' reproductive nature, but despite this property, the unit itself cannot be mass-produced. A restraint device on the Psicrystal prevents the Phlogizein from reproducing itself more than four times.

The mech appears to need a direct connection to the mind of the operator as when Weaver starts it up, two rods are drilled into his head, removing themselves when the mech is not in use. The pilot can "feel" what the mech is doing. It is said that the suit can be operated in full darkness, by a skilled driver, by "feel" alone. Its main armament are two 203mm autocannons attached to its arms.

is infinitely-programmable and configurable, allowing it to modify itself into whatever shape and size (of course limited by the quantity of "Psi-energy" present) the user desires, as well as integrating foreign substances and materials into its infrastructure (such as "Warpstone"). It can also self-repair itself: constantly regenerating lost portions of its "Psicrystal" exterior at frightening speeds, and replacing it with consistently more durable versions. Its durability was sufficient to force a"Space God" to use a full-power blast of macrocosm burner to destroy a major portion of the mech.

Independent Operation - The mecha is capable of operating without a pilot, generally due to a built-in AI.
Repair - The mech is equipped with the supplies to perform quick and dirty repairs to other units in battle.
Refuel - The mech is equipped with the supplies and equipment to quickly resupply another unit's ammunition and batteries.
Combine - This mecha may combine with another mecha to form another, generally dramatically superior unit.
Separate - The natural opposite to Combine; the mecha that has Separate is comprised of several different smaller mecha, and it is possible for the combined unit to split up into these smaller units at will.
Will Field - The mecha possesses a special Will-fueled, often reality-warping barrier and attack-modification system, such as the Arbalest's Lambda Driver or Gurren-Lagann's Spiral shield.
Beam Coat - The mecha is coated in a substance which nullifies some of the force of Beam-type attacks.
Impact Coat - The mecha is coated in some form of reactive armor or substance, which drains energy in return for reducing the amount of damage suffered from ordinary physical attacks and impacts.
Gravity Barrier - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field generated by the warping of gravitational forces, making it especially powerful in resisting gravity-based attacks.
Pilot-Powered Field - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field system which is generated by some power inherent to the pilot him or herself. Only a pilot with a certain trait is able to fuel the systems which generate this field, and more powerful pilots are able to generate more powerful fields.
Barrier - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field generator system. This particular barrier type has no bias to it; it stops damage no matter the type or source. However, because it is unspecialized, it consumes far more energy than other types of barrier.
Absolute Defense Barrier - The mech is equipped with a special, all-or-nothing type of barrier system.
Double Image - This mech possesses some means of fooling enemy sensors or pilots into aiming poorly. Perhaps the unit is so fast it leaves behind misleading illusions, or perhaps it possesses an advanced optical camouflage system, or possibly the pilot is simply a ninja.
HP Recovery - The mech possesses some means of regenerating damage done to it constantly over the course of a battle - such as Dark Gundam Cells or Machine Cells.
EN Recovery - The mech's internal energy batteries are constantly regenerating significant amounts of power, far in excess of the usual, trivial recharge that every mech is capable of over time.

The Phlogizein's most incredible feature is its ability to change its shape, depending on the nature of its opponents. It can take on a relatively small form, in order to challenge the human sized antagonists. This shapeshifting process, however, takes a lot of time to complete and cannot be done at will.

Its secondary form of offense is a barrage of huge crystal missiles, sufficient to wipe out entire cities within moments of the bombardment, a laser-guided warhead, a stun device,an automatic rifle, a grenade launcher, as well as an optional flamethrower. From there, the Phlogizein relies on a particularly dangerous attribute of "Psicrystal": its ability to manipulate matter in the surronding environment, genetically altering the "foreign" material on an atomic scale and converting it into further "Psicrystal" constructs, usually in the form of either a field of crystalline stalagmites or that of ground vehicles and/or "mecha". It uses its Psicrystals to absorb its victims, using their mass to increase its own. These additional units are controlled by a command-broadcast device, which takes the form of a "small but dense knot of circuitry near the mech's hub". The whole vessel is manipulated by the "pilot" in the hub (a small, open space in the center of the ship), with the "pilot" connected to the Phlogizein through "Psicrystal implants" around the body, and seemingly operates through their thought-process.

  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Phlogizein is unique to the multiverse. While Phlogizein is highly powered to guard Weaver, he cannot directly affect it in any way.

Ability [for everyone]


Flavio's weapon of choice is his thin neutronium monofilament wires, which he keeps hidden on a spool within his fingertips. It's almost invisible to the naked eye, and he uses it to tie people up, strangle them, hang them, grab weapons, knock weapons away from people, etc. He uses the wires to create a parameter, which can be used to detect enemies who cross through them. They can also be formed into melee weapons and constructs which Weaver can use, such as a spear that can be used to impale enemies. The wires can also be wrapped around his body as armor.

His wire can also form as the medium for the thought-forms to take shape, but it's still the actual thought-form. He can create psionic thought-forms using wires. He can elongate, shape and harden it at will into objects such as wings or a battering ram, and is also capable of rendering it transparent.

The Weaver's mind is like a top-notch organic computer, able to recall virtually anything he's seen, read or heard, perform complex mathematics unaided and accurately calculate how certain events will turn out. His predictions are often foiled by human unpredictability, or "the x-factor"

Weapon [for mid-tier metas and above]

Cut a piece of thread about 10 inches long. Tie a wide object to it, like a needle, a toothpick, or a short piece of a wooden rod. Hang the string so that you can sit comfortably in front of the hanging object. Sit far enough away from the string so that you know you aren't making the object spin with your breathing. Let the object come to a complete stop, not turning at all in midair.

A superstrong 'optical' fibre made of neutronium, neutronium is a type of matter found in neutron stars. It is incredibly dense (hundreds of millions of metric tons per cubic centimeter) and consists of neutrons sitting right next to each other. Neutronium could withstand massive forces and temperatures, making it suitable for starship armor on vessels that where able to fly though the outer portions of the stars themselves.

The wire is used to strangle one's opponent or cut (capable of slicing between atoms) into the flesh (never loses its sharp edge, even if it is used to cut through diamonds all day long for a thousand years), slicing through the arteries. Because it is easily concealable, silent, and deadly, it is often used for assassinations in situations when a gun is a not suitable option.

Flavio's monofilament wires are capable of cutting "between the photons of light," meaning that others can feel some attacks while desolid (phased). He can also emulate the effects of a Sherman Crab. The wires are also used to produce an instantaneous thought-form with psionics that attacks the enemy while having the ability to transform itself into numerous shapes.

It is also an ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer (USDC) able for acquiring samples from various planets or small bodies (e.g., asteroid and comets). The tip (drill bit) not does require sharpening, it can be made to operate at cryogenic and high temperatures, non-round cross section cores can be created and it can be used to probe the ground as well as deliver in-situ sensing down the borehole.

Ultrasonic and sonic vibrations are responsible for the drilling action. Piezoelectric stack actuator in the upper section excites ultrasonic vibrations that are transformed into sonic hammering action. The drill bit is forced to go up and down but it does not rotate. The impact of the bit into the rock performs the drilling.

Quarkonium (Quark Matter) wires - TBA

Weaver's wire is a psionic weapon capable of transforming into a wide variety of different weapons.

  • Mental Commands: The wire obeys the mental commands of the Weaver. When inactive it will link to itself in a spool so that it can be retracted to Weaver's finger compartment. When the Weaver wills it to do so it separates to form a multipurpose weapon.
  • Variable Length: The wire is capable of psionically extending to greater lengths, it's upper limits are unknown.
  • Flail: The wire's basic use is in the form of a flail whereby the monofilament edge is whipped around to strike targets at variable range.
  • Lasso: With the wire held at one end, the other can be used to ensnare a target in a manner similar to a lasso.
  • Fletcher: The wire is capable of separating into its component parts, which then each morph into needle-like blades. These then reform back into the normal strand and merge back into the chain.
  • Staff: The parts in the wire can be stiffened, so that it in effect becomes a staff.
  • Saw: Weaver can spin the wire at incredible speeds, essentially creating a saw capable of cutting through virtually any material.
  • Net: It launches a web of his wire powerful enough to propel a target to the floor/wall and pin them there, viciously cutting through the flesh.

    If the target tries to struggle the damage increases, and this keeps up until the subject is released or is killed.

Equipment [for mid-tier metas and above]


His powers are further enhanced by his cyber trans-suit. The suit helps o focus his power and enhance it ten times it’s normal levels. He also carries wires which he can use to focus his Psychokinesis into deadly force threads. By focusing his power through the armor he also gains superhuman strength. He also employs his powers to make protective shields.

The fingertip forms the control-weight end of this monofilament whip, while the spool of monofilament is stored just behind and inside the fingertip. The fingertip weight also provides a handy piece to hold on to, and the cybercontrolled spool can release a vast length of monofilament for far-range cutting work. Simply loop the length of monofilament around the object to be sliced and pull.

Weaver wears a suit of flexible armor which he can reshape according to his needs, even disguising it as normal clothing. The armor also emits a force field, and can release electric shocks from its gloves. Armor uses an x ray system to view through solid materials. It can detect infrared signatures within a half mile range. This armor can tie into government tracking systems to follow a target with seemingly unlimited range, or it can simply work alone, spotting significant airborne targets within a fifty mile range.The armor can identify a specific target by appearance alone, as long as it is within line of sight, even if the pilot has not yet identified him / her / it. This also has a one half mile range. The armor can track a target by his voice print, with an approximate ten mile range (it has tracked a single target through the city of Victoria).

It is a skintight bodysuit controlled by micro-circuitry and cybernetically responsive to the wearers thought waves. The psi-powered turbo jets on the wrists and ankles which provide most of the suit's abilities can either be smoothly retracted into the cuffs of the spinnerets (boots and gloves) or extend into their active circular fan modes. When wearing the armor, Weaver gets a boost of Class 200 strength, has superhuman reflexes, and can fly over mach 5000. Channeling the power of the suit through his spinneret can amplify the amount of force he delivers with a blow, creating "hyperstrikes" equivalent to Class 100+ strength. Focusing the power through his leg turbines allows him to stamp the ground hard enough to trigger shockwaves in his immediate radius. The turbines in his wrists can also be directed to fire compressed streams of air outwards, exceeding mach 100.

Weaver is equipped with a belt that enables him to generate energy for various uses; primarily superhuman strength (punches) and flight.

TK used to emulate gravitics to stabilize the wires.


  • Hobbies include making string figures and wire figures
  • His favorite warmup involves the jump ropes
  • Cold-spots appear in his presence
  • uses captive bolt pistols for mercy killing sapes


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Knights of Gastronomy - WIP

Knight of Gastronomy/Knight de Cuisine

Exotic gourmands, these Knights of Gastronomy wage battle in the kitchen, striving for victory of the palate. Gourmands always experimenting with new foods and ingredients. Usually outlandish.

A Knight's duty is not always found on a proper battlefield, fought by those noble members of a freehold who seek to bring the finest, rarest meals to the table. They must always top themselves, and each other. What else is there to do, after eating the finest meal you've ever had, but to make a better one?

And so, these chefs and cooks and restaurateurs go deep, deep into the cosmos to the find the most exquisite ingredients, the most rare of fruits, and the most challenging of master chefs.

Purpose: Be ultimate cooks using ingredients of the Cosmos.
Privilege: Tracking Those Tenuous Tastes (bonus to finding cosmic ingredients for a dish)
Joining: Near anyone can attempt to join, but only those that have shown more than the basic competency are allowed to continue. Simple challenges, such as "make your best potato dish", begin the training- but then, more exotic dishes require more and more exotic recipes and ingredients.
Mien: The changeling's tongue changes, to become a unique symbol of her order and personal style. Further, there is an aroma of food; this qualities of this aroma, however, is psychoactive. Those that like the Knight smell a pleasant dish, and those that dislike the Knight smell a foul, mean concoction. As a symbol of their order, all Knights de Cuisine have white chef jackets. The times to be used and other qualities of these jackets are up to the individual, however.
Backgrounds: Anyone can cook. But Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue typically have a taste that was somehow refined, either in their mortal life or during their durance.

Organization: The Knights of Gastronomy do not give themselves over to a great deal of formalized organization. Each chef works as both competitor and cooperator with one another, forming intense rivalries and alliances.

The biggest way they separate themselves is by preferred school of cooking; many changelings possess different gifts for cooking depending on their natures, their skills, or their durances. A super-genius might be a gifted saucier, using intense molecular gastronomy to create chemically enhanced sauces. A super-strength with fists like ham hocks might pound his own flour (with those aforementioned fists), making for a hulking pâtissier. A Chirurgeon works as a cleaver-wielding butcher, while a Brewer whips up the strangest cocktails known to man and fae. A Muse works as a sommelier, a Draconic is renowned for his knife skills in the act of charcuterie (sausage-making), and a Fireheart rules the fiery barbecue pit like the king of Hell.

Above them all is the Most Eminent Chef, determined by which of the Knights of Gastronomy is most in tune with the weave and weft of fate . The Knights never speak the Most Eminent Chef's name, only calling him "Chef" or, in some freeholds, "Sir." The Most Eminent helps distribute the talents of those within his order. After all, what good is a noble order of cooks if they aren't cooking for an audience? The Most Eminent goes among the Courts and offers the services of his people to the rulers for various celebrations and ceremonies. He also throws various celebrations himself, including, a vast experimental food and wine festival open to all changelings. It's a wonderland of flavors both miraculous and vile, and the lords over it. Depending on his personality, he might act the fickle gourmand or the glutton with spit-flecked lips.

Rome walks in on a kitchen in ruins, with blood and body parts strewn about, and automatically assume the kitchen staff have met a grim fate. So the classmates can still be fed, Alice, a novice cook, takes up food duties and immediately is overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients he finds and has no idea how to work with (this is depicted in a great scene where Rome looks around mouth agape in confusion as names of spices swirl around his head). He grabs a cookbook, gets to work on the cafetaria's dinner, and ends up making food so good that the College of Arcanobiology decides to give a recommendation letter to the Knights of Gastronomy, settling on giving a classmate the best last meal ever at an upcoming yearly death rite ritual exam.


A Knight of Gastronomy gains an instuitive knowledge of how to find ingredients in the cosmos, whether it deals with Hobgoblins, fruits, or any other element within the hedge. This sense is weakened slightly is the Knight does not know exactly what he is looking for. (He is a magic knight in this aspect)

  • Food Manipulation: He controls meat, and likely other types of food.
  • Food Summoning: he offers to his prize specimens cookies and cakes, those desserts seem to appear out of nowhere, also he summoned a giant chicken wing to fight against the undead, in the riot.
  • Calzone Golem: A six foot tall creature that seems to be made entirely out of pastry. A few reddish smears mar its well baked crust. It looks like a doughy humanoid and smells of cheese and tomatoes. The calzone golem is a strange construct created through a delicate process that mixes alchemy and bakery in ways never before imagined by mortal beings. A calzone golem’s body is created from a mixture of fine ingredients, including approximately 100 pounds of flour, 50 pounds of cheese, four gallons of tomato sauce, and large quantities of salt, yeast, and sugar. Mushrooms, olives, or other ingredients may be added to the tomato sauce as desired. Season with oregano and black pepper to taste. All ingredients must be fresh and of the highest quality.
  • Cooking - For any recipe that the mage knows of, no matter how fancy, can be created as long as he has the proper ingredients.
  • Create Food - Cost is 1 per meal if the material was previously edible or was closely associated with something edible (e.g. bones, wheat straw, spoiled food). For 5 points per meal metallic items can be made edible, but they taste horrible. Unwholesome material (including poison) can be made safe to eat using this spell but it tastes terrible. An object which is turned into food doesn't change its properties in any way except that a person can chew and digest it - clubs still work as clubs, rocks still hurt if you throw them.
  • Decay (Food) - Food destroyed by means of this spell is thoroughly ruined. It will smell and look terrible and will cause anyone who tastes it to suffer as if Retch spell had been cast on them unless they have the Cast Iron Stomach advantage.
  • Distill - This spell can be used on hydrocarbons to create petroleum and similar products. This spell can be used to remove water from any food leaving behind a more potent residue, cane syrup can be turned into syrup, maple sap can be turned into maple syrup, soft-cheese can be turned into hard cheese, fruit can be dried and so forth. The quality of the resulting brew depends on the cooking or Distilling skill of the mage and the quality of the original liquor. This spell is also a Water spell. It is the weaker version of the Destroy Water spell.
  • Ferment - This spell can also be used on milk to make yogurt, cheese, koumiss and the like. Honey can be turned into mead. Pure, high-quality fruit juice becomes fruit wine. Diluted fruit juice becomes "coolers" or slightly fizzy fruit-juice with mild alcoholic kick. Grains become beer or ale. Sugar-water becomes a sticky sweet "wine" which can be distilled into pure alcohol. Other foods which rely on long-term chemical or bacterial action such as vinegar, gefilte fish, kimchee, or Tabasco sauce can be created using this spell. Distilled liquor or wine can be "aged" for about 3 months per application of this spell. In all cases, the quality of the beverage depends on the Cooking or Brewing skill of the mage and the quality of the ingredients he has on hand. You can't get good booze if you don't have good ingredients and a decent recipe.
  • Poison Food - Purify Food will cancel this spell without destroying the poisoned portions.
  • Purify Food - decayed portions of spoiled food are not removed but are instead returned to a wholesome state.
  • Seek Food - The mage can specify what sort of food he is looking for.
  • Water to Wine - If cast on low-quality wine or unfermented beverages this spell turns them into high quality wine.

He is obsessed with force-feeding his delicious food to subjects to fatten them up, believing that a log that is too fat to move can't get into trouble.

Food is also a very important part of the lives of the Knights. They haven't gained their famous bellies by merely singing and dancing all day, after all! Cooking and meal-times have become an extremely important part of the culture, such to the point that most Knights learn to cook before they even learn their letters. It is said that the best cooks are Knights, but also that Knights are the best eaters. They commonly eat at least five meals a day.

Knights will eat just about any edible thing that will grow around them. They are especially fond of vegetables, such as carrots and peas, which they will grow happily in their gardens. They also love giga shrooms and gold apples, and are overall very fond of things that grow from the hollow earth. Gardening is a very common Knight pasttime and, sometimes, occupation. Hobbits do eat meat as well, such as that of cattle and ram that they have grazing in their pastures, as well as dodos that cluck about in their front yards. However, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly their favorite.

Knights also have a taste for beer, and will happily drink down glasses of it, which they often do at parties and celebrations. Many Knights take great care in making beer, being sure to brew it so that it comes out just right, with the best flavor. Indeed, every bar and tavern is not always judged on how good the food is, how cute the waitresses are, or how quick the service is, but rather, how good the beer is that they serve.

Great chefs also make great poisoners. Poorly prepare the glands of the blackjack toad, and what do you get? A throat so swollen that it closes and kills. What happens if you "accidentally" leave in one of the teensy-tiny seeds found in those tongue-numbing pilfer fruits you can only seem to find at goblin market stalls? First a coma, and then when you wake up, boom, amnesia. The whispers say that the Knights de Cuisine started out as poisoners working for some king or queen, truly functioning as secret knights: destroying enemies instead of pleasing the papates of friends. Do the current Knights know this? Probably not. But some poisoners may still linger withing their brigade of obsessed chefs.

One of the group's secret goals is to find what they refer to as the Perfect Recipe. This is not an ambiguous list of ingredients, but supposedly an actual recipe that occasionally pops up in freeholds, a set of instructions that is said to have existed for hundreds of years. Some say it originated in France, others Tangiers, others still claim in Szechuan Province. Of course, nobody knows just what the recipe is. A mind-boggling dessert? A one-bite amuse bouche? Further rumors persist, suggesting that one bite from a meal prepared perfectly from the recipe is supernaturally sublime: Some say one's Wyrd might increase upon consumption, while other less pleasant stories claim that it's a quick way for a changeling to become one of the dreaded Keepers...

Within the noble order exists a kind of...sub-entitlement, a secret cabal of chefs who thrill at truly grotesque feats of culinary hedonism: hunting down lycanthropes to chill and eat their brains, drinking cocktails made from the blood of captured kings, making deals with Keepers to procure ingredients that are truly rara avis. Some say these lustful gluttons belong to a group called the "Abbey," and it may have ensorcelled those who belong to its ranks.

Spells [for cooking]


College of Arcanobiology (A step above poisoner)

College of Arcanobiological Studies

Arcanology - study and search of magical data, and artifacts, both lost and hidden.

The College of Arcanobiological Studies' main goal is the study of monsters (zoology), all the scientific community was running around the arcane squeeing, studying sorcery, vivisecting the arcane, and building the field of arcanobiology, and driving their best and brightest mad from it. Essentially a band of monster-hunters/xenobiologists. The demand of mythical bestiary organs forces the College to plunder from the healthy supply of workers at Hollow Earth. Arcanobiology is the detailed study of magical creatures and their role both within the world of the arcane and within nature itself. Also the study of living things with variant reality-state (r-state) components, or which rely upon sorcerous or other non-mundane elements in their biology. It is necessary to explain the transformation of a Deep One hybrid, to track and extrapolate the effects of Outsider Taint in genetics, and is used as a prerequisite skill for quite a few sorcererous procedures. The study is broad, unlike more narrow scopes such as dragonology, demonology, or diabolism.

College of Arcanobiological Studies has a narrow focus: the study of the monsters that inhabit the world's vast wildernesses. Whether they work from the confines of their laboratories or the expanse of unmapped territories, Arcanobiologists are determined to learn all they can about the strangest creatures the world has to offer.
Area of Study: Though this college considers any nonhumanoid monster worthy of study, each member tends to focus on either one kind of creature (such as nagas or sphinxes) or one aspect of monsters in general (such as internal anatomy or lair selection). Some Arcanobiologists spend their time in laboratories, dissecting specimens and breeding creatures in captivity.Others go out into the field to track and observe creatures in their natural habitats.
Organization: The College of Arcanobiological Studies consists of many schools, each devoted to a particular specialty, but there's no rhyme or reason to these divisions.
Some schools focus on all aspects of a certain creature type, while others study behaviors common to many creatures. Thus, two different researchers-one from the school of chimeras and one from the school of reproduction-might both have reason to observe a mother chimera's lair.
Activities: Unlike many of the other colleges, the College of Arcanobiological Studies actively solicits work from nobles and rulers who want to know more about the creatures within their lands.
For example, a noble might want to know how to drive off wyverns in the nearby forest without arousing their ire, or why the cattle in the Southern Dale keep disappearing. The regents field such requests, negotiate payment, then assign Arcanobiologists ofthe appropriate specialties to do the work. Most Arcanobiologists get at least one project a year this way.
Distinctions: The college's motto is "To know them is to know ourselves," although most members of the college would be hard-pressed to remember it.
An Arcanobiologist is likely to wear a brass armband festooned with a few scales, a feather, or a patch of fur from the creature he or she studies.
Admission: To be accepted into the college, a candidate must pass a written exam that covers the field broadly but does not delve into specifics. A new Arcanobiologist may work under a mentor for the first two years if desired.
Membership Benefits: As with many of the other colleges, the primary asset this one has is its collected knowledge. Collegians are generally forthcoming about their discoveries, but they're sticklers for proper attribution. If a scholar first observed how dragons sharpen their claws, it's considered a breach of protocol not to mention him by name when discussing the topic.
black market organ dealer
black market organ dealer

As for his usual routine, he is a cook (use knives, wears gloves, wears white, good with hands) and a flesh pirate at the Talos Mill. He is the Flesh Pirate. He is a master of the bladed weapon and the knife-fighting trainer for the College. He can make a blade to seemingly appear out of thin air. He is a fit man and quick on his feet. He moves his blade even more quickly, even blocking bullets with them. He does his training in a meat locker where the carcass of dead animals act as targets. He is merciless and will kill anyone that crosses the College. He's covered with thick, ropey scars and pretty much every bone in his body has been crushed at least once.

Rule 1: "you pledge allegiance to the College as your primary guild"
Rule 2: "Defeating metabeings. Any. For all reasons. Natural born or otherwise"

The creatures studied include:

  • Dragons (Such as the great desert dragon or the dread dragons)
  • Giants (such as trolls or titans)
  • Undead (Such as strigoi, ghouls, spectres, poltergeist)
  • Plants (Mandragoras, sheep trees)
  • Fey (Fairies, Roanne, Siabries, Undines)
  • Anathemas ( Creatures made through sick experimentation)
  • The Extraplanar (Devils, Demons, Angels, et cetera)

etc, some creatures detailed will be a little hard to place in any category.

Reference books include:

  • Draconimicon
  • Necronomicon
  • Codex Anathema
  • Lovestruck: A study of fey

Arcanobiology can identify the viviparous, omnivourous human-kin species in front of them.

They can experiment with genetic alterations, cybernetics and various other forms of body-alterations. It is located in it's own pocket dimension and it is not known if it was created by who, or if they somehow acquired it herself. The college does rule supreme in their domain however and it seems no higher entities control the events here.

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Cubed World (CVnU Location)


"The space-time around Qoobus appears to be distorted just as general relativity predicts,"
  • Type: Planet
  • Official Name: Qoobus
  • Location: On the center of the Castor Galaxy
  • Population: Unrevealed
  • Capital City: Unrevealed
  • Government: Unspecified
  • Languages: Unrevealed
  • National Defense: Unrevealed
  • Places of Interest: None identified
  • Domestic Super Humans: None identified
  • Prominent Citizens: None identified
  • Superhuman Residents: None identified

The planet of Qoobus, Quadros in earthian English is cubical in shape It is sixty-third in a system of 96 planets and- has a population of approximately 258,264,789,000,000,000 inhabitants. It is a mysterious and mythical gigantic planet located at the exact center of the Castor galaxy. Unlike other known planets, Qoobus does not move around a sun. Instead there are several suns which orbit around it. In addition, Qoobus does not revolve itself; instead, the whole galaxy is driven around it. It is covered in greatly diverse enviroments and inhabited by many strange creatures

A cube world with feature six square faces and only up/down gravity toward the centers of these regions. In moving closer and closer to the edge, it would feel like walking up an incline and it would be difficult to stand up straight because the gravitational pull would draw towards the center of the massive cube, which wouldn't lie directly beneath the feet. Standing on the “edge” of this cube world would feel like standing atop a mountain range. The only easily inhabitable places on Qoobus world would be the centers of the faces – one would have to walk uphill in every direction from the centers on an every-increasing slope, slowly passing out of whatever atmosphere existed.

A star in the shape of a cube, orbited by a planet also shaped like a cube.
Sola is a super-intelligent stellar body that could analyze any attack and create defenses for it. Sola generates nova heat in plasma bursts capable of devastating planets. Sola could also generate microwaves and radiation, and distort gravity. It could also prevent others from traveling between dimensions.

The six faces would be completely cut off from each other. Six independent ecosystems on a single planet. A planet somehow altered into a cube that would have separate civilizations on each face, none of whom knew of the other’s existence, since it would be so difficult to ascend to the edges of the world that none of them had ever accomplished the feat. Six entirely separate ecosystems, evolving independently, with completely different inhabitants (different intelligent life forms). Besides being different physically, each intelligent civilization have totally different religions, and would have different social structures etc. One could explore six alternate ways of being.

While such a planet couldn't form naturally, it is a practical choice for a novice world builder like the Hazard who wanted to experiment with ecosystems on a massive scale as sort of an experiment in evolution. 'Qoobus' started out spherical like any other planet but Hazard transformed it into a cube for the benefit of its inhabitants. The planet was already inhabited at the time he cubified it. He had to reshape the entire sphere without disturbing the fragile ecosystem on the crust. Terra-forming in a literal sense, physically altering the shape of a planet in order to terraform it. Yet Qoobus has very thick hazardous atmospheres as it is a sentient, tentacled planet that scours other worlds prior to cubing.

Woe to anyone who lives close to the edge of a cube.

All six faces of the plant aces would boast temperate weather, centralized bodies of water and none of them would feature polar or equatorial weather. What’s more, the pointy edges of the cube would actually poke through the planet’s atmosphere like titanic mountains. The atmosphere goes up 1000 km above the Earth (when it is a sphere), and so is a sphere itself of radius 6400km+1000km=7400km. A cube with the same volume as the spherical Earth would have a side 10,000 km (6,400 miles) long so the corners are 8700 km from the center! They would definitely stick out above the atmosphere. So if you went on the tallest mountain on one side, you could see the world — you can see vast distances. You can sight down one edge of the cube to a far corner, a distance of some 6,400 miles. Even more strikingly, you see all the atmosphere and water has been concentrated by gravity into a blob in the middle of each face, with the corners and edges poking out into space.

On spherical earth the horizon on average is a little over three miles away. On cubical earth you can, see to the edge of the planet, potentially a distance of thousands of miles. Up the slope you’re standing on, impossibly far off, you can make out a gigantic mountain peak — one of the corners, you realize, of your cubical world. The path literally becomes steeper with every step — you’ll have the impression of climbing up the inside of a round bowl.

The tallest known mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars, 14 miles high from base to peak. In contrast, the vertical rise from low point to high point on cubical earth is about 2,300 miles — the atmosphere gets progressively thinner until there’s none at all and you’re in the blackness of space. One consolation is that your weight steadily decreases. If you weigh 200 pounds at sea level back on spherical earth, you’ll discover when you finally reach the peak that you weigh just 103. The peak looks like the tip of a three-sided pyramid. The three sides fall away steeply — if you lose your footing you’ll have a wicked drop.

The planet isn’t one world but six, each face’s segment of the biosphere isolated from the others by the hopeless climb. The only comfort zones would be along the edges, all of which are connected for easy travel, and wildlife will rarely cross the cube planet's border.

Erno Core


There is is a body-centered cubic crystal structure in the core of Qoobus which forms a cube with atoms in each corner and a further atom in the middle of this cube, making it look like a Rubik's cube. It is oriented in such a way that its great diagonal is directed along the Qoobus's axis of rotation, which makes it possible for the iron to evince sound propagations with the velocities in seismic observations. In seismic observations, they found that elastic waves pass more rapidly through this core in directions that are parallel to the earth's axis of rotation than in directions parallel to the equator.

The thermic balance is dependent on the amount of heat that is stored in Qoobus’s core. This heat is dependent on the crystal structure of the iron in the inner core. This structure forms a cube with atoms in each corner and a further atom in the middle of this cube. It’s orientation is such that allows its great diagonal to be directed along the earth’s axis of rotation, which makes it possible for the iron to evince sound propagations with the velocities observed.


"The planet seems to have strange biological defense functions."

Qoobus is the strangest planet in the sector. It's a world where the surface is covered by a single gigantic organism. Hazard slowly killed the creature as he terraforms the planet. He has converged it on a single dig site.


Qoobus, which is a living entity has the ability to shape the terrain of the planet with but a thought, and even the ability to mentally create "anti-bodies" to repel invaders (or to become invaders). Antibodies, in their nebula forms, possesses great power, including manipulation of matter and energy on a planetary scales, instantaneous travel across space, and the ability to hold a breathable atmosphere in their form. They can also shrink or expand her form as needed. They possessed the ability to take on humanoid form and memory. In humanoid form, she/he could turn into a living cloud with the power to fire lightning and mild telepathy. It can cause peaks of rock to emerge rapidly from the earth, large and swift enough to bring down an spaceship. I can also form immense holes in the surface of Qoobus. It can create a humanoid form for himself. In space, It can fly at great speeds and direct large swarms of meteors. It is covered with vegetation, which it could control and physically manipulate. With a command of sorcery and wizardry. It could project powerful bolts of magical force, confront others on the Astral Plane, and mesmerize others. It could absorb the life force of victims which it had entranced. Its tentacles can plunder other worlds.

Qoobus is an 'infant' planet and is still undergoing development, as it continues absorbing and assimilating debris, gradually growing larger and larger. Hazard's computers calculate that in given time it will eventually be many times larger than earth's sun. Soon it will be nearly 11 times larger than Earth’s.



In the process of sending the 'creature' back into the dig site Hazard had to create them in the first place, Upon arrival in the planet Hazard was awe-struck at the surface which was overrun by a massive fleshy infestation of an aggregate being which consumed everything in its path. The deluge of meat that extinguishes individuality by the virtue of bio-fusion, It was an angry flood of tremendous proportions. Wiping out several lifeforms, sending many others into hiding behind their powers. Even a single glancing touch would prove fatal, in a way that will drown the specimen in an orgy of agony. An abstract spasm that covered nearly the entire planet, in 'scabs' it was a weapon which attacked the planet as it was deep in slumber.


Hazard had came on the 36th day after the initial outburst, in truth he did not cared for the odd planet. Yet this endless stream would provide him with tremendous training potential. Within three whole days Hazard worked relentlessly to expunge the bio-armageddon that had previously eroded life. He limits himself to only his vision capabilities, with even more restriction that is placed specifically on thermal vision. Focusing the fury of solar heat to shave off the infestation, Each day resulted in surgical precision as the infestation had also retreated into the bowels of Quadros. Yet he did not falter, and burning rays cut through several layers of planetary crust.


What was once an infinite expanse to the horizon retracted into several hundreds of thousand of miles, which eventually shrank into a hole that can be seen from space. Indentations made by punches, so far there are a total of 21 indents located across the sides. They became markers in which he can safely monitor each area. The consciousness of the planet awoke from the sudden loss of life, and it met the super cyborg.Hazard then proceeds to create paradise on Qoobus and guides the survivors towards the next level of evolution as part of an interstellar community. Hazard family takes over the Qoobus in order to bring order at the “molecular” level and the does just that.

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Hazard dug very deep pits to create livable environments due to the increased air pressure at the bottom and the greater heat to perform his own genetic experiments. He has mastered the art of changing the structure of living things to his suit his whims. He has also mastered engineering, which he uses to create his tools of mutation. This is where Hazard tinkers with the available lifeforms or create 'monsters' to entertain himself, so far he is in the process of creating new races.
Circuitry throughout its quadrants allowed it monitor every part of his being. This circuitry fed into a central data processor that operated as Underhive' brain. It is armed with gravity disruptors that could rupture a planet’s core

Dr Rubix

Dr. Rubik
Dr. Rubik
Dr. Rubik was a scientist who experimented with genetic manipulation in unborn children. He apparently possessed no superhuman abilities, but is a genius in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and cloning. He's an expert in social erosion techniques, martial arts as applied to whole societies.
He has 5+ years experience in the military, law enforcement or security work. Excels in hand-to-hand combat. Proficienct in all of the following: mixed martial arts, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, kickboxing. Adept at handling both tasers and scalpels
Dr. Rubik is chosen from Hazard's personal collection to oversee the evolutionary developments that take place on Qoobus.


Microscopic artificial life forms. Inhabit a small, synthetic planet Qoobus. 1.21. "A nano-species. A prototype miniature slave race with wide applications in microsurgery and genetic design. Bee-like in their simplicity; nothing much beyond a simple brain relay and a camera." Invented by Doctor Rubix. Take control of humans, which they turn into "bio-ships". Part of the character's transformation into a "mindless living machine". Takes the old concept of a cyborg and in essence links it to the a wireless network.

Meditating Room

Within the consciousness of Hazard, the cyborg is is in meditation. No Incident. Enlightenment will continue without mishap. Massive rage sustained momentarily.
The chamber is located in one of the various Underhives and is used extensively as his own private quarters, it is inaccesible and inside there is only a seal made from airtight components to ensure a total isolation from the outside. Nothing penetrates through when he is inside.


A new friend obtained from the Forgotten Isle, he lives in a wide expanse where there are a variety of prey to hunt. The area also provides stern competition to boost its survival skills, since complacency is the bane of apex predators. Every day new things are introduced and that way Graham can grow to be a stronger specimen.
However unlike other T-rex specimens Graham can emit a coherent laser beam from its forehead. Strong enough to excavate deep into the core of smaller planetoids.


  • Race: Taro
  • Appearance: Tall with green skin, tusked, four arms.
  • Traits:intelligent/sentient species.
  • Type: semi-humanoid race with four arms
  • Eyes: Two (on head; yellow seen)
  • Fingers: Five on their limbs
  • Toes: Five
  • Skin color: Green
  • Average length: Approximately 9-10'

Taro's are one of the 'six' tribes on Qoobos. They live undreground into caves. They've got a special link with the planet, they dominate it (networks of organisms which serve as vast information-cataloging systems, recording the minds of various star-faring races which have visited the planets.), and obviously without their existence the planet will die. Taro's are very peaceful and righteous. They really seem to be able to accept the cohabitation with other tribes, even if sometimes there are some misunderstandings.

Dream seems to be the only way of communication for Taro. Their method for manipulating mystic energy, refers to the ambient mystic energies of an environment. After learning to control his/her personal energy through the study of magic, a shaman may next learn how to connect his own life force to the ambient mystic energies of the surrounding environment. Once entwined, the energy may be manipulated to create a variety of effects As with individuals, some places have greater "mystic potential" than others. On Qoobus, magic energy flows through chartable courses called "ley grids". Temples are oftentimes built along these lines with sacred sites like Ironhenge and Skyshard occurring at points where two or more ley lines meet.

Once an environment's mystic potential has been tapped, a shaman may manipulate it to form and hurl energy blasts (usually referred to as "Bolts of Banishment") or erect basic shields. Illusions and disguises are also woven together out of ecocentric materials. One may even conjure up small "solid" items, though said items are not usually very stable and may disappear as quickly as they appeared. Classic elemental substances (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) are also available to the learned scribe and may be manipulated into weapons, shields or in some cases, minions.

Taro's had an extra set of arms that extend from beneath their first set, giving him four arms. In addition to this, they also had increased strength, resistance to injury, and stamina. They are also able to control their own mass. If they loses mass, the lost mass is shunted off to some unknown location, presumably an extra-dimensional space and they shrinks in size.


The Taro occupy the #1 side of Qoobus, specifically in the Tragedian Jungle.


The planet is open.

Is your character looking to better the world of adventure? Well then this is clearly the place to come. Also if your character feels casted out for being a metabeing? Or you simply have no home? Then this is your haven.


  1. This is a Location Thread for the CVnU and is open to all characters for interactions and small scale rpgs.
  2. Try to keep all interactions in character, for all out of character interactions please place all Ooc conversations in parenthesis.
  3. No godmodding (because god-killers will be used)
  4. You can destroy some minor landscape etc. but NO planetbusting.
  5. Anyone can visit the six sides, permission needed for Underhive and the borders.
  6. Anyone can invade but there will be damages afterwards
  7. The eight mountains will stay as the right mountains
  8. You may use the planet as a mining location or as a colony space (pm first)
  9. Given the nature of some events, Hazard might come down at any given moment.

Note: Hollow Quadros, Dyson cube, Ley-grids, Tribes and Six-Sides will be updated soon




osp - Story #2

Full Assault

FInally the organizations are sick and tired of his unruly actions and decided to gun him down, end his life permanently. Thus in that course of action they exerted more dangerous forces in the form of a re-conditioned warpers, a different flavor to the one which nearly blipped Hazard out of existence. Yet the cyborg manages to kill the warper before he completely vanishes. Sending legions and droves of their killers each with specific tasks, men and women of their special MK program which includes excessive tinkering with the mind and soul.

Another battle which was waged on yet an alternate universe, which extended later to planes where conventional laws of science are distorted beyond recognition. A realm without dark matter, a realm without the concept of atoms, a realm without linear time and ad infinitum. Space moved as violent as the stormy seas, abominations rose as monsters of the deep black and it quickly became a free for all in which it took Hazard over one month in terms of terran time. The realm dilates time where one earthen day would pass as a century.

As the fight span to a range of several multiverses Hazard stumbles into a Phenomena that became one and of his own, a requirement* that he would later need for the Cosmic Gladitorial combatives. He did not use it as he went on to tear out their ranks, striking them so hard that their personalities are naught. Stopping them at their thinking process before the time it takes for their neurons to send out electron signals. While simultaneously send out invisible nanoforms that act as pathogens.


Every strike packing kill-power and the over-enthusiasm to apply it liberally, calculating vulnerabilities. Still 'human' fragments which became soft targets as well as environmental hazards in the form of abomination, whom he had also fought in no-G environments. Flushing them in event horizons, which worked wonders towards the lesser ones and exhibiting tremendous outputs for stronger ones. Radiation, toxins, biotics and sleights became kill factors in his wake.

Eventually earning the attention of the recruiters of the Cosmic Gladiatorial events, as with his capacity to best those seemingly able to warp their own bodies as their forms are susceptible to his body that has bathed in their blood, attacking them in multiple planes at once. He does not possess the 'twist' in which they operate, yet he does possess the 'fist' to fight them. the recruiter simply reversed causality to revert the events so that it can observe in the dark.

Then he was recruited after seeing different scenarios for 1024 times; it extended a hand and proceeded to welcome Hazard into the new plains of combat. An aeons old tradition that stretches back several years before existence. Where combat is the optimum value and everything converges into one point to be the strongest, Gods, Abominations, Ascendants and at last they have one angry Cyborg.



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osp - Alter Ego

Meet Dennis Rome - The Poisoner

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?" William Shakespeare

Dennis Rome is Hazard’s Donald Blake homage. Oprey M. Friday, hot-blooded destroyer, can turn into the relatively sane person known as Dennis Rome by saying his activation word “Pandion!”. Fun stuff.

A day out of the SK club
A day out of the SK club
Classification: Hybrid Killer - Poisoner - Family Annihilator - Thrill Killer - Cop Killer
Type: Street Level

The majority of convicted poisoners are men, overwhelmingly so when the victim is a woman. When the victim is a man, the poisoner is equally likely to be male or female. As with other methods of murder, perpetrators rarely cross racial lines when they decide to send a victim to an early grave, meaning African Americans tend to be poisoned by other African Americans, Caucasians by other Caucasians. etc. On average, a homicidal poisoner is 5 to 10 years younger than his/her victim.

    Killing someone with poison, by it's very nature, requires careful planning and subterfuge, so it comes as no surprise that poisoners tend to be cunning, sneaky, and creative (they can design the murder plan in as much detail as if they were writing the script for a play). Male or female, they tend to avoid physical confrontation and, instead, rely on verbal and emotional manipulation to get what they want from others.

"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it."
- Chanakya

The young Dennis spent the first two years of his life with his aunt and her husband, Jake, and became very attached to them. When his father remarried in 19XX, and reunited the family again in St. Almond, with his new wife, Mindy, Dennis showed visible signs of distress at being separated from his aunt. He went on to become a rather peculiar child, solitary in his habits, and made no effort to socialise with others his own age.

When he was old enough to read, he favoured sensationalist non-fiction accounts of murders, and Dr. Hawley, the notorious poisoner, was a particular favourite. By the time he reached his teens he had developed an unhealthy fascination with Heinrich Himmler, who was notorious for his role as one of Adolph Hitler's head assistants in the Third Reich of Nazi Germany during World War II. He was particularly known using the deadly Zyklon-B gas to murder prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. He also read widely on the occult, claiming knowledge of Wiccans and local covens, trying to involve local children in bizarre occult ceremonies, which involved sacrificing a horse on one occasion. The subsequent disappearance of a number of local horses, around the same time, may have pointed to a more regular occurrence of these sacrificial ceremonies.

Academically, his only interests were chemistry ( though he was always interested in the effects poison can have on the human body), forensic science and toxicology, but the limited school coverage of these subjects forced him to advance his studies through extra-curricular reading. His father encouraged him, buying Rome a chemistry set, which absorbed his attention for hours at a time. By the age of 13, Rome’s comprehensive knowledge of toxicology enabled him to convince local chemists that he was, in fact, 17, and he procured a dangerous quantity of the poisons antimony, digitalis and arsenic for ‘study’ purposes, as well as quantities of the heavy metal, thallium. When he was high school student, he was able to poison the food at the school cafeteria killing 12 students and framed a dupe (the janitor) for the crime.

Keen to put his knowledge of poisons to the test, his first victim was fellow science pupil, William Kennedy, who suffered an extended period of vomiting, painful cramps and headaches, due to the judicious administration, by Rome, of a cocktail of poisons that left medical experts baffled. Kennedy was lucky to survive, probably because Rome couldn’t fully satisfy his scientific curiosity: monitoring the illness of his victim when he was sick at home wasn’t feasible. So he decided to focus on a group to whom he had unlimited access: his own family. Poisoning his own mother and his siblings children by giving them a toxin disguised as prescription medicine, which The police initially assumed a murder/suicide


Rome considers himself a scientist who must push limits to further research into poison. He often kidnaps people off the street and exposes them to his poisons to study their effects. As the death count rises to 3800 over three days, the governor is helpless to stop the circulation of poisoned drugs. Rome has made a lot of money selling designer poisons on the black market poisons that odorless, flavorless, invisible to the eye, but he wishes to conduct a grand and epic experiment. Sometimes he blackmails and extorts money from the wealthy of the world by threatening their lives with lethal chemical agent s.

Happy Haiti

Nearly 7,000 people have now died from cholera in Haiti in an epidemic which has become one of the worst of recent decades. As of December, on top of the deaths, the Haitian government had reported more than 520,000 cholera cases with 200 new sufferers appearing each day. It was "one of the largest cholera outbreaks in modern history to affect a single country." There are also 21,000 cases in the neighboring Dominican Republic where there have been 363 deaths, of the January 12, 2010 earthquake which killed more than 225,000 people. The cholera outbreak erupted in October, 2010 and has been widely blamed on a camp of UN peacekeepers from Nepal (Whom was 'contaminated' by Dennis after health checks performed by the UN). Lawyers representing victims have demanded the United Nations pay hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation.

. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, Haiti is living a nightmare. An outbreak of plague decimates the population.

Gwai Lo Experiments

Captives were poisoned with phosgene gas while others were injected with potassium cyanide. Some subjects were exposed to 20,000 volts of electricity (for fun). The death of all subjects was closely documented and observe by Dennis. Those who survived were later disposed of by lethal injections or dissected while alive.
Dennis' work ensured a growing customer base and by 20xx he was able to relocate a massive, dedicated underground facility to new home at Linfen, Shanxi which rivaled in size Nazi Germany's Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The new facility was comprised of administrative buildings, laboratories, barracks, a prison, an autopsy-dissecting building and three giant compactors which handled the disposal of bodies.
One important part of experimentation was testing frostbite for recreational purposes. Similar experiments were conducted by the Dr. Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi who placed naked prisoners in sub-freezing temperatures and have their limbs beaten with sticks so that they would understand when the freezing process was over. Later, the bodies were defrosted using a wide range of experimental techniques.
As well as many other experiments including suspending subjects upside d own to determine how long it took for them to choke to death. Others had air injected into them to test for the onset of embolisms and others had horse urine injected into their kidneys.

Dennis Rome was an unscrupulous man who worked in the rugged black market human organ trafficking. To ensure the quality of the goods, his network preferentially attacked upper-middle class people, as they felt it had a healthier lifestyle. Rome lured his victims at night, seducing in nightclubs, then took them to a safe house where they attacked and ripped bodies alive sometimes leaving them to die.


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
- Albert Einstein
  1. College of Arcanobiology
  2. Knights of Gastronomy

Note: Specialized gear are made by specialized artificers. Equipment such as near-magical steampunk devices and otherwise enhanced technology. Powersuits, and with various enchantments. Such as the ability to phase.


Hurting people cleverly is better than hurting people crudely.
Hurting people cleverly is better than hurting people crudely.



He’s immunised herself to known toxins and drugs via mithridatisation and other techniques, after all Rome’s favorite test subject is himself Dennis's metabolism and respiratory system were chemically altered by an antidote for poison gas--he was afterwards immune to the hazardous effects of breathing toxic fumes; however, normal air would prove to be fatal to him. He had the ability to expel poisonous gasses from his mouth (Rome exhales toxins). He can also emit highly acidic gasses via jaw control; these gasses are capable of eating through thick steel locks in a matter of seconds. The teeth emit a foaming chemical poison, to which his body is immune, which causes paralysis and possibly death in whoever he bites. He can inject those with a gas that eats his victims from the inside out. He could poison others with a kiss. His skin is toxic as well, although contact with it is usually not fatal.

Emergency | His fingernails can grow into a deadly crystalline spike. They are coated in a venom that inflicts paralysis, though the impalement itself can prove fatal. Rome could not consciously control these nails yet, so they are only triggered in overwhelming situations. His killing techniques are "Venom Piercing Hands". Those who come into contact with Rome's spike fall dead at his feet. It is unknown why this happens but his victims foam at the mouth upon death as such it is thought that his sting is a neurotoxin. This sting needs twenty minutes to reform after use.

He is a psychic surgeon trained to quickly reconstruct cells to their previous or healthy state. Using only his hands, he can heal and even "unheal" whatever he has done. For more detailed work, he would use a silver based cream on their hands which acts as a conductor to their ability. His gift allowed him to heal others with a touch, or enhance their natural powers, also with a touch.

Thrives on evil, increasing his health and strength when behaving amorally, while becoming weaker and sicker when doing the right thing.Dennis Rome's health, beauty and strength were linked to his behaviour. Whenever he engaged in criminal and amoral behaviour, he would grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful, becoming a near perfect human specimen. In turn when he acted unselfish and kind, he would become weaker, sick and nauseated. Thus Dennis abused alcohol, drugs and tobacco, had sex with strangers and assaulted and killed innocents to become as strong and healthy as possible.


He easily moves faster than the human-eye, and most superhuman eyes. His speed, agility, reflexes, body coordination, and balance are superhumanly enhanced. He also has a low form of superspeed that allows him to attack rapidly.

Rome is an empath, except with two nasty limitations. First, he can only perceive pain and suffering of anyone in a he can feel the pain of anyone/everyone within a 4 to 5 mile radius. Second, he can't turn it off. Basically, he does his best to ensure that at least a mile or more around his residence is as free of any crime or persistent misery as possible, so he can actually sleep at night. This is one of the reasons he is incredibly caring towards prize specimens, while highly lethal against enemy targets.

This dude has a talent, a phenomenal ability to spot vulnerability in any opponent, be it in anatomy (some kind of intuitive function-from-form derivation) or in combat style.

Note: Those who copy his powers are subject to the weaknesses thereof

Scanning Dennis’s mind means being exposed to what he has endured, including all of the pain. This is a sufficient shock to kill most telepaths.


    He specialized in poisons, including gases, darts, etc. Rome's "virus" has magical properties. In fact, it's derived from the blood of a demigod. Rome's also an arcanobiologist, specializing in studying the biology of things far from mainstream science, like gods, techno-organic viruses, myths. He weaponizes mythology in the form of chemical and biological agents and looks to integrate god-given magic with science. Of course, those compounds allow him to do quite nasty and potent things, provided he gets to experiment at length with those (and has enough test subjects to burn through).
    Rome is equipped with lots of scalpels, scissors ( can cut through human flesh, bone, and even some metals) and surgical instruments. Besides carrying two sleeping gas canisters in the back that used to immobilize his victims.
    His domino mask (made from what appears to be dark jellyfish flesh) will create breathable gases inside his body so it will have the same effect as if wearing a space suit, allowing him to breathe despite being surrounded by air. Since his mask helps him get around, targeting it could likely lead to his downfall. When Dennis comes across air or has to have gas, he uses his Rebreather. When Dennis needs to conceal his identity from video surveilance, he use this electro-magnet to erase the evidence of his presence
the illustrious professor of arcanobiology, I told him I was going to tamper with life.
the illustrious professor of arcanobiology, I told him I was going to tamper with life.

Besides honing his arsenal masterfully, Rome is able to dodge a range of attacks and bullets with his flexible build. He can make jumps and breaks whenever needed, and can hold out three times his weight due to his powerful upper arm hold. He can make dead-sprints for escaping in a matter of seconds, can push off objects, such as walls, floors, or the ceiling itself in a powerful form with the greatest of ease.

    By sensing the enemy's killing intent and by using the minimum movement he is able to dodge strong attacks. In addition, Dennis has apparently developed a formidable set of fighting and acrobatic skills in his life as a runaway. Specialist in hand-to-hand combat with super-humans. He was a more-than-capable hand-to-hand combatant, and once took on an entire room of thugs single-handedly. Rome has trained in gymnastics and martial arts ‘acrobats’. This has helped him to become one of the most agile men in the world. He can do anything involving flipping, jumping and soaring through the air. His acrobatic skill givers him agility that allows him to evade assaults as well as move in quickly for a kill when necessary.
    He's spent a lot of time fiddling with locks until picking them has become a well-rehearsed motion, even when most would be shaking too much to hold a pin. While rather good at bypassing even sophisticated security, he gets the most mileage perhaps out of picking the common doorknob.
    Dennis:"Return now and I promise that you will live"
    Superterrorist:"I will never give up. I am mutant, the ultimate evolutionary potential. I have fought you a thousand times already in my mind.
    You lost this fight before you ever faced me.
    Why are you smiling?"
    Dennis:"I love hearing you muties bark like that. It makes all the more rewarding when I extract your organs"
    Another bread-and-butter skill one acquires is broadly summarized as "Sleight of Hand." Very often, it was quite convenient to be able to pocket something discretely. To hone this skill, he often rolled pennies, rocks, or whatever else over his knuckles to pass the time walking here and there. He keeps this habit up to this day. As his life progressedRome also became an accomplished pilot, handling any sort of biplane with ease.
    He is quite the master when it comes to undercover work. He benefits from the best crime-fighting resources the US government has to offer their agent as well as his own decades of experience in the field. There are few hideouts he cannot discover, few plots he cannot uncover, and few criminals he cannot stop. He moves forward with the times. He does his best to stay updated on criminal activity and movement and sharpens his mental tools of the trade.
    He is also a genius at artificial power amplification through surgery, and has increased many villains’ existing powers to new heightened levels. He is an gifted surgeon and inventor that has created or re-created several of superheroes enemies over the years. Rome is primarily interested in working on superhumans. He has created numerous low-grade superhumans as a scholar in the College of Arcanobiology, and even had the opportunity to work using Reactively Adapting DNA. He also enjoys attempting strange and groundbreaking medical acts on superhumans, such as grafting infernal substances all across and within a subject’s body.
    ..Rome has always been a "behind the scenes" actor.


  • sadism (make them suffer);
  • boredom (wants to have fun by having a challenge of wits with law enforcement);

Looks: The Spirit, Green Hornet

  1. Infiltr8
  2. Snowfall
  3. Gas to pass
  4. Vampyre
  5. Nightrayd




osp - Gear



Any attack by an enemy only increased its strength and speed. However, in the absence of such aggression, it could not move. It was not equipped with any weapons or devices, only its bare hands, but its body possessed incredible strength and durability.

Aetherion Lemnos
Aetherion Lemnos

A space phenomenon that resembles rubber in its properties as it "remembers" its original, pre-shift shape: returning to the pre-deformed shape when activated. In the realm of Cosmic Gladitorial combat it is useful when a 'reality warper' (or an omni-) bends and stretches reality, in which nothing happens because it acts in the same principle that 'rubber 'doesn't expand and stretches over and over, it snaps back. It makes sure that they cannot be broken by the space time continuum, thus used by 'power' based combatants to dictate where the fight takes place.

However the coating can get damaged.

Dennis Rome

"A poison in a small dose is a medicine, a medicine in a large dose is a poison."
- Alfred Swaine Taylor, 19th-century toxicologist

The delivery gun used a firing array around the forefinger of his glove, in great number and rapid speed (60 flechettes per second) which operated in tandem to filet an opponenet from a distance. (Hence, the bio-flechette was fired from his right forefinger.) The array is fitted with a silencer on his forearm, it is his top secret covert assassination weapon. With his hands gloved and sleeves and jacket long, he would seem to "sting" targets merely by pointing at them The guns fired a small poison bio-flechette. The bio-flechette was very small and was made entirely of a frozen crystalline of a highly toxic liquid jelly, consequently the poison bio-flechettes were carried in a special container to keep them in their frozen crystalline state, before deployment. Thus Rome could envenom a victim by striking them anywhere on their body with a bio-flechette.

Such a gun as this could also fire a similar frozen bio-flechette carrying a substance that could induce cancer into the victim. The cancer spores would grow and kill the recipient within a few hours, days or weeks. To contract cancer and die within a short space of time is known as Sudden Cancer, its rapid mechanism of death is a mystery to medical science.

The bio-flechettes were very small, only 1 or 2mm across and travelled at a super high velocity to be able to penetrate average clothing (capable of Penetrating a heavy coat), enter the body and only leave a small red dot on the skin. The person who gets shot by this gun would feel nothing but a small pinch, as if bitten by a mosquito, some may feel nothing at all. The poisoned bio-flechettes would disintegrate and melt upon entering the flesh, during an autopsy there would be no visible trace of it at all. Each flechette can carry from 1,5 to 10ml of poison.


as a contact, poison I was given a substance called [deleted] a liquid that penetrates, the skin and carries with it anything you mix in. Put a drop on someone's clothes, in his shoe. That would be the most basic tool for this type of thing.
  • Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances in the world. Though it is highly toxic, it is used in minute doses both to treat painful muscle spasms, and as a cosmetic treatment in some parts of the world.
  • Hemotoxins target and destroy red blood cells, and are transmitted through the bloodstream.
  • Necrotoxins cause necrosis (i.e., death) in the cells they encounter and destroy all types of tissue. Necrotoxins spread through the bloodstream, but infect all tissues. In humans, skin and muscle tissues are most sensitive to necrotoxins.
  • Neurotoxins primarily affect the nervous systems
  • Beijing Cocktail - A Chinese synthetic chemical that slows vital organ function until eventually those organs just stop. The only way to slow it down is to keep the flow of adrenaline constant.
  • Iocane - A deadly Australian poison, odorless, tasteless and highly soluble
  • Sarin. Sarin is an extremely deadly nerve gas. Initial symptoms are a runny nose and tightness in the chest. Breathing soon becomes constricted and nausea sets in. Next, you lose control of all your bodily functions and quickly become comatose. At that point, your body convulses and spasms while you suffocate. Scary, huh? This deadly poison was put on the UN's Weapon's of Mass Destruction list in 1993.
  • Cyanide. Considered the "movie star" of deadly poisons due to its prevalence in crime fiction and movies, this very deadly poison (and effective plot device) is produced from certain bacteria, fungus, and plants. Exposure by inhalation or ingestion leads to seizures, cardiac arrest, and ultimately death. The darts were made from frozen concentrated cyanide, as cyanide when injected into a person induces a sudden cardiac arrest with hardly any evidence, as cyanide dissolves in the blood leaving practically no detectable trace.
  • Amatoxin. A deadly poison extracted from certain types of mushrooms, amatoxin attacks your helpless liver and kidneys. This last for a few days. You then fall into a coma from which you never wake up.
  • Strychnine. This creepy poison is a common pesticide and one of the bitterest substances known to man. Minutes after exposure, the head and neck muscles begin to spasm. The spasms soon spread to every muscle in the body-and don't stop. Death occurs through total exhaustion of the body from the intense convulsions or from asphyxiation. Stay away from this one.
  • Ricin. This toxin is made from the castor bean. Twice as deadly as cobra venom, two-tenths of a milligram is a lethal dose. At one point, the U.S. Army considered using ricin as a chemical weapon. In 1978, the Bulgarian secret police secretly followed a well-known dissident and radical author and shot him in the leg with a pellet containing the deadly poison ricin. The weapon they used to fire the pellet was a modified umbrella.
  • Anthrax. Touching Anthrax to your skin can infect you. However, the scariest and most deadly form of Anthrax is inhaled. Once inhaled, you experience cold or flu-like symptoms that don't go away for several days. This is followed by complete respiratory collapse.
  • COMPOUND 1080 (ingested or inhaled) As an animal poison, compound 1080 proved a little too effective:bodies of creatures killed with 1080 remain poisonous for up to a year. Odorless, tasteless, water soluble, and without antidote, 1080 blocks cellular metabolism, leading to a quick yet painful death.
  • MERCURY (inhaled) Low levels of mercury are not especially toxic to adults. However, inhaled mercury vapor (the metal starts turning to a gas at room temp) attacks the brain and lungs, shutting down the central nervous system.
  • TETRODOTOXIN (ingested) Found in the organs of puffer fish (the famous Japanese delicacy fugu), tetrodotoxin persists even after the fsh is cooked. If the toxin is consumed, paralysis and death can strike within six hours. Up to five Japanese die from badly prepared fugu every year.
  • Poison Hemlock. This poisonous plant is lower on the scale of deadly poisons than others on this list, but it is included for its historical value. Hemlock was used in Ancient Greece to put prisoners to death. The most famous victim of the poison was Socrates, the father of Western philosophy. The operating chemical in Hemlock is coniine, a neurotoxin whose symptoms include paralysis. Supposedly, Socrates' eyes stayed open as his life slipped from him.
  • Old school tricyclic antidepressants As far as prescription drugs go, these suckers are pretty darn toxic. They are associated with a higher rate of death in the event of an overdose relative to the newer nontricyclic antidepressants (e.g. SSRIs such as Zoloft or Prozac) [1]. In this regard, of all the tricyclics, desipramine (aka Norpramin or Pertofrane) is apparently the most 'effective'.
  • General anaesthetics Ever been put under? They tell you to start counting down from 10, and you're out cold at 8. If your anesthesiologist is actually a highly deceptive, remarkably agile, incredibly intelligent, and yet stunningly incompetent grizzly bear, then it's likely that your heart stops around 2. Acquisition may be a challenge, but otherwise it's probably just a matter of making sure you push enough to shut your brain (and heart, and lungs) down permanently.
  • Any narcotic solvent (diethyl ether, chloroform, benzene, etc.) The American government just had to go and make it confusing, but from a pharmacological standpoint, a narcotic is essentially any substance that in appreciably large quantities produces euphoria, stupor, and/or coma. Up the dose a little bit more, and add death to that list.
  • gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) A big ol' bolus will cause rapid unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and heart failure. Vomiting and convulsions may occur but generally only while you're unconscious, so no biggie. In short, a big mess for whoever cleans you up but a built-in fail-safe (aspirating on your vomit) as far as ending things goes.
  • Opioids (heroin, morphine, fentanyl, etc.) The primary purpose of these drugs are to numb pain, which is a good place to start when you're looking to meet the reaper.
  • Barbiturates The number one choice of doctors who end their lives.
  • Carbon monoxide Puts you to sleep before it knocks you off, is readily available (see: gas ovens, running vehicles in the garage, etc.), and you don't even have to swallow or inject something. There's a reason they make detectors for it.

They are classified according to whether they take effect upon ingestion (stomach poisons), inhalation (fumigants), or upon penetration of the body covering (contact poisons).

Specialized tech

I made shells loaded with poisoned flechettes, little ballistic darts, phonograph-needle size. I made them loaded with poisoned shot, with incendiaries.
a fire-and-forget launcher
a fire-and-forget launcher

He also wears gauntlets furnished with explosive mini-rockets. A poison rocket is a small and lethal hollow-tipped explosive. This wrist-rocket is designed to explode in a blast of toxic gas on impact which, when exposed to the air, will combust and produce a deadly gas that will kill everything exposed to it, whether it be plants, animals or humans. The gas lingered in the immediate area for some time, generally killing the target if the rocket's impact did not.

This one was a sub-miniature bomb, roughly the size of a .45-caliber cartridge. You, threw it and it exploded. It was loaded with hardened steel shot, like bird shot, which was coated with poison. Eventually, I replaced that with small pellets of [deleted] If you get hit with an incandescent fragment of it, you go into anaphylactic shock almost instantly. It kills you faster than you can believe I've seen films of tests on monkeys. The knockdown is truly remarkable. Load it into a shell, fire it at someone and his whole central nervous system goes berserk.

He can release a toxic rain cloud that poisons even cyborgs. It can be turned to Razorhail, as its name implies, it was sharp, blade-like hail. Fragments ranged from tiny chips barely an inch across to shards half a foot or more in length. Razorhail chunks were often sharp, large, heavy chunks of ice that pummel, lacerate, and could cause death to those caught out in the storm. While short exposure is survivable, inflicting damage at an ever-increasing rate, rushing out into a Razorhail storm is fatal.

Memento from an old friend
Memento from an old friend

Dennis also wields a thin sword of ice. Like a poisoned icicle, a magical blade formed of the essence of a Glacier. It can cleave iron like snow, and wounds it causes do not bleed, they freeze. It seems to also enhance the user's physical abilities, enabling them to run up walls and actually lift the sword. And can create crystalline strips that can be used as projectiles to slice objects. In his hands, they are lethal, and in combination of his acrobatic and athletic abilities, they are extremely deadly. (a sword designed to not only cut but also to smash, gouge, piece, and saw a persons body). It is a powerful sword with lightning force to attack, when you use this sword you’ll be able to move by your self to defence or attack automaticly.

Most of what I worked with in those cartridges was sodium- cyanide and an anticoagulant. I remember I dipped the flechettes and dried them. There were a couple of exotic cartridges that converted [deleted] into a hand grenade. Some were loaded with HE , [high explosives] and shot to get a frag effect. I developed a small land mine I guess you'd have to call it that—that you could slip under a rug.

His poison grenade was a type of grenade that, when detonated, expelled a type of poison that killed or harmed anyone within its four-meter blast radius. The poison was expelled in a gaseous state. The poison in these grenades are only lethal for a short time, dissipating shortly after the poison is released and becoming harmless so that Dennis can enter freely after all hostiles are dead. Poison grenades can be cooked before throwing. They will cook for 5 seconds before releasing their gas, so make sure to throw them before they detonate in the hands.

Early design
Early design

Gas Nozzles: Wrist and ankle nozzles in Dennis’s suit allow him to release his tailor-made gas as well as knock-out gas and a vision-obscuring fog. The end is bevelled to create a sharp pointed tip letting the needle easily penetrate the skin. This weapon injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 850psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world's largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface. A multi-shot gas injection weapon that is devistating to any living creature and will drop some of the largest mammals in a single stab. It is silent when used and deadly to our enemies. No need to take a chance that the enemy can come back to attack you. This remarkable knife makes a gut wound instantly fatal! Just ram it in, up to the shank, and this cutie instantly releases a basketball sized gas bubble!

Force Field: The gloves are capable of generating a powerful force field that can block attacks. While holding his foes in a forcefield, Rome can turn his field into a gas chamber. He can make poisonous bubbles this way. For his coup de grace he can re-mold his forcefield into a lance to pierce and envenom others. He fights challengers, who gets trapped and melted into a toxic acid bubble.

"If he was poisoned, it was by new and very sophisticated materials, and not directly. It was not direct poisoning. either by someone who used a very advanced kind of poison and shook hands with the president, with a poisoned hand, or by someone who kissed him with some substance (on his lips). This way there are poisons that are transferred... There are sophisticated poisons that are passed this way. That is one possibility. Another is by laser beams."

Toxigaunt: Its primary weapons are the laser blasts (a magenta-colored blast that delivered a fast-acting deadly poison) it can fire from both his palms. Rome's gauntlets can also project different smoke effects, such as a smoke screen, poison gas, or a precog numbing gas. His major type of gas is neo-atropine, a substance derived from the belladonna plant. This gas causes drowsiness, unconscious, mydriasis (extreme pupil dilation--resulting in light sensitivity), as well as obscuring visibility and dissolving chemical webbing.

The Toxigaunts can be retracted to appears as a small, innocuous gloves, or expand to armor his arms. The gauntlet allows him to better manage his arsenal.

Venom Swords: Rome has a magenta beam sword in each gauntlet, that extrude from his palm. He is capable of channeling poison through through them.

Tracer - This device helps Poisoner track anything he attaches it to. The tracking range of the tracer is not yet known.

Suit & Ride

    Dennis Rome works wearing a trenchcoat and drives an Merkava Tankbulance, and he sounds just like an important doctor - because that’s exactly what he is. This is a key advantage for him - when he comes running with a black bag and says he’s been called in for a medical emergency, people will usually try to help him.

His tank is fitted with full medical and ambulance capabilities while retaining their armament (but carrying less ammunition than the standard tank). The cabin area has been converted for carrying injured personnel and has had two stretchers and life suport, medical station systems added with a full medical team complement to operate under combat conditions with a Merkava battalion. The vehicle has a rear door to facilitate evacuation under fire, and can provide covering fire.

Ballistic Knife

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It is a knife with a detachable blade that can be expelled from the handle by means of a spring-operated mechanism. The blade fits into the hollow handle, locking it in place. The handle contains an interior spring that propels the blade when a button is pressed. The knives are designed to be covert projectile weapons for situations when a firearm is not appropriate.

Nuke Grenade


A nuclear bomb with at least triple the force of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in World War II, diagrams show scientists calculating the desired “nuclear explosive yield” in a device they were apparently working on. The diagrams showed a scientific calculation of the expected yield of a nuclear device, with a force of 50 kilotons. It will be significantly stronger than the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II, which were only 15 kilotons powerful.

Gourmet Armor
Gourmet Armor




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osp - Personality


Hazard is not only a more “ asymmetric” version of Superman but a much darker version. If a mere mortal messes with Hazard then this mortal can expect instant death. Gods do not suffer disrespectful mortals.
What a nice guy
What a nice guy
The very absurdity of Supermen using their vast powers to stop bank robbers and dealing with the symptoms of human suffering rather than the causes of human material suffering if not existential suffering.
  • Action Junkie: Hazard loves dramatic entrances and exciting fight sequences, so much that he’s willing to put on a good show for his own entertainment. Even if it means that being a little flashy puts him in a whole lot of danger, Hazard considers the consequences to be too small to be a real threat. His entire costume is designed to give a rather dramatic effect and he easily translates this mentality to his personal dialogue, fighting style and even his everyday interactions. Hazard lives for action and in a way gets an adrenaline high. The more exciting the fight is, the bigger the explosion, the more satisfied Hazard is and considers this all in a good day’s work.
  • Willing to die: Unlike most, Hazard has no qualm, no hesitation, no question about dying for his friends, his loved ones or his people. He was raised to fight and he is more than willing to do so if the need arose. This it not to say he is suicidal, but rather he will lay his life down for the good of others if needed.
  • Friendly and upbeat: Hazard is a friendly and upbeat person who cares about his friends and those he sees as his family. He will not hesitate to start a conversation with anyone even the newer members of his group. He even goes out of his way to converse with the members of the team, even if the conversations are short. He is very friendly with everyone, even allies he hasn’t met before.
Super heroes do not kill! That is what makes them heroes and not warriors.
  • Trustworthy and distrusting: Hazard is trustworthy and very trusting of those who have gained his trust. It is easy to gain his trust, however if you break his trust or betray him, gaining his trust back isn’t an easy thing to do but it’s not impossible, it just depends on how badly you have betrayed him or if you even meant for it to happen. Hazard isn’t distrusting of anyone except for his enemies and those who have hurt or harmed his friends and teammates.
  • Teamwork and leadership: Hazard can easily work as a team with anyone and can easily follow orders as well as give out orders and be a confident leader. Hazard has showed his leadership abilities time and time again. Personally Hazard prefers to work with one of his teammates rather than by himself, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t work solo when he has to.
  • Diplomacy: Self-trained at a young age, Hazard is a skilled diplomat. He moves through most high level social situations with a natural grace and ease. He can negotiate, act as an advocate, and bring people together and do it all with a benevolent air. He is also adept at reading the needs of her people and being a voice for them. He is a natural at diplomacy, a gift complimented by his development.
Hazard asks the question whether or not super heroes should use their powers more directly to shape the social and political landscape.
  • Hazard is generally intelligent, cautious and quite pragmatic ; he doesn't normally get caught up in the whole melodramatic super-villain behaviour. He tends to just kill her opponents and be done with it. To 'minion' npc's
  • Restless: Hazard just does not do 'idle' well. If he has nothing to do, he'll find something to do. He'll make something up. Even vacation and 'time off' for him (as rare as it is) consists of being active in some way. In his limited leisure time he travels or explores or parties or something, or most often just does pending work. Anything but just sit there.
  • Creative: Flexible of body, flexible of mind, Hazard is not one to be constrained by 'the box' in which most people think. He's very good at using the surroundings, personal information, some tidbit he watched on new media, or even something he learned in a open sandbox game to help him get through a problem. For this reason he's also eager to learn and do new things, because one just never knows when some apparently trivial thing will become useful in the future.
  • Calculating: Hazard is always thinking and always calculating. He continues to think of new ways to improve his own plans and devices, and in a combative situation that requires tactics, his mind is constantly looking at a thousand different scenarios and calculating the best option. Combat is a thinking game, just as life is. Each choice and move you make in combat has the possibility of taking our your opponent, or leaving yourself open for attack, such is life. Hazard understands this perfectly, and because of this he is always thinking ahead. He is always picturing how the 'game' will resolve if he moves one way, envisioning all possible scenarios and picking the action which is most likely to result in the scenario he most wants to see.
The civic consciousness and political consciousness of the Supermen. Supermen could take over the government rather than using their cosmic level powers to combat petty street crime. Supermen could effect the causes of crime i.e. social causes but chooses not to.
  • Courageous: It takes a lot of courage to go against the likes of galactic and universal threats, but Hazard does so without batting an eye. If he has to face death in order to help others, he will do it. If he has to face a whole army of beings almost as strong as him in order to help save his allies, he'll do that as well. He doesn't believe in running away from things, unless there's a strategic reason for it. He would never run away from something if it would put his allies in harm, though.
  • Perceptive: Hazard watches people and situations very carefully, always weighing and judging and calculating what's present and what's needed, always taking mental notes on abilities and wants and personalities and tendencies. There're always comparisons and contrasts and cross-references and judgment calls going on in his head, and as a result, he's always on top of things, able to predict likelihoods in tense circumstances and unstable relations. It's part of what makes him a good leader, and it's part of what makes him able to pinpoint just what needs to be said or done, and when.
  • Temperamental: His anger may drive him, but at the same time it is also very easily sparked. He's very easily angered and sometimes can be irked by the littlest things. Although he may have her calm and collected days, he is very prone to totally blowing up and completely demolishing whatever it is that has brought upon him such rage.
The actions of the Supermen are absurd. Superman literally saves cats while watching the world burn.
  • Warrior: Hazard developed to be a fine warrior. Not only is he gifted with the skill, but he also has the mindset of one as well. Headstrong, willing, and courageous, Hazard will go into battles with the pure intention of victory. He has a very strong mindset and is extremely determined and persistent. He is a fine warrior physically and mentally as well.
  • Direct: Hazard is very direct, if you have a question, expect an answer, and if it's one you don't like, then you probably shouldn't have asked in him first place. He'll say whatever is on her mind and will not hesitate to make a comment, even if it is totally unnecessary. He treats life the same way he does on the field, heading into it without fear or hesitation.
  • Aggressive: Held back by absolutely no moral code or rules, Hazard is not afraid to rip someone's head off, or even a little bloodshed. He's vicious and will claw her way through hoards of enemies to get to whatever he wants. Rather than waiting for the action to come to her, Hazard will run straight to it, and attempt to demolish it. When enraged
  • Fun-loving: Sure, Hazard is an psychopathic sort who destroys, but he also enjoys having a good time and living life to its fullest. After all, what point is there in destruction if one isn't willing to live their own life to the fullest? When time permits, Hazard enjoys playing music, participating in combative sports games, watching the latest movies or just heading out and hitting some of the local clubs. After all, all work and no play...
  • Helpful: Even when he's not actively serving as a destroyer, Hazard is quick to aid those who might need some help, such as assisting a neighbor move some heavy furniture, holding the door open for a disabled man, or giving directions to someone who's lost. This isn't to say that Nathan will allow someone to take advantage of his helpfulness - if someone is trying to get Nathan to do all their heavy lifting for them when they're just as capable of pulling half the load; he isn't going to fall for it.
During pro-reg Hazard is later acquitted of the death of a super-villain by a court of law. Presumably, the jury realizes the absurdity of trying to imprison someone like the metabeing who will not stay imprisoned.
  • Loyal: Hazard is incredibly loyal to those who join the ranks of his friends and loved ones. Not one to betray a trust, or to go back on his word, he will use everything at his disposal to aid his friends, from giving them a shoulder to cry on to taking a bullet for them. His loyalty to his teammates and family exceeds even that; if needed he would give his life or his soul to protect them.
  • Man of his word: Hazard is a reliable sort of person, as they say a 'man of his word'. If he says he'll be somewhere, that he'll do something, that something will happen, rest assured that will be the case unless it's impossible to get done and even then Hazard will give it his best shot at making it happen. The only time Hazard makes promises is when he knows he can keep them, and so far in his life there have been very few promises he's been unable to keep.
  • Intuitive: Hazard has an uncanny ability to see something out of the ordinary or out of place in what should be an otherwise perfectly normal scenario. His natural instinct is almost always right. He will not rely on luck and instinct solely, of course, but when two possibilities seem equally likely from a logical point of view (or even, considering the nature of his usual foes, when one scenario seems vastly more likely than another), a burst of intuition will typically help him find the right answer to a given problem. Part of his intuition is his ability to look at a situation or person and determine things that are normally not seen. He can judge a person's expression, their body language, and tell whether they are lying, and even tell what move they will make next.
Hazard is thinks of itself not as a rogue super hero but rather as a super hero that has decided to rebel against its absurdist role and are sane in an insane world.
  • Versatile: Hazard is one of the most combatively skilled people alive. He has abilities ranging from extraordinary martial arts prowess, survival and agility with thrown weapons, to stealth, assassination, and tactical leadership. In any combat situation he is never without advantage, always seeing ways to attack, to use his environment, to set up his opponent for the death blow three moves away.
  • Open Minded: Being able to accept people for who they are, regardless of their quirks, regardless of their problems, requires one to be open-minded, and such is a fairly good description of Hazard. Given his rather abruptly-changing life, Hazard has had to be open-minded, especially given his abilities.
Like anti-heroes, anti-villains are morally ambiguous. Sometimes, anti-villains will behave in ways that are altogether kind, principled, or benevolent compared to traditional villains. Stories may delve extensively into these redeeming qualities, even as the anti-villain continues his role as the story's antagonist.
In fact, anti-villains often elicit sympathy because the audience is made to feel that they are "scapegoats" of sorts; that is, the anti-villain doesn't "deserve" to be cast as a villain, but is consigned rather arbitrarily to this post by the conventions of storytelling.
The main difference between anti-villains and anti-heroes is in their intentions. Despite pursuing aims that can be considered noble and/or heroic, anti-villains are still considered the antagonists of the story due to their ruthless and evil actions, despite the sympathetic qualities or good intentions that they possess.
Anti-heroes may exhibit qualities that are more selfish or ruthless than anti-villains, but they remain in the "hero" category because they are considered (in theory, at least) to have a goal that is admirable. Anti-villains and anti-heroes may sometimes overlap, depending on what their ultimate objectives are considered to be.