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246467 Mugai Character Overview 10/14/13 09:42PM 41 Approved
246464 Tenma Ichinotani Character Overview He is an interesting character who is part of an insect eradication squad while afraid of insects himself. 10/14/13 09:37PM 50 Approved
246457 Shungiku Koikawa Character Overview he is an integral part of mushibugyo. 10/14/13 09:33PM 50 Approved
246407 Bug Magistrate Headquarters Location Overview Mushibugyo Headquarters. 10/14/13 08:47PM 50 Approved
246405 Hibachi Character Overview 10/14/13 08:44PM 79 Approved
246402 Mugai Character Overview He is an important character in mushibugyo. 10/14/13 08:36PM 50 Approved
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245856 Volume 1 Issue Overview 10/13/13 10:56PM 8 Approved
245836 Kuroageha Character Overview 10/13/13 10:20PM 33 Approved
245831 Hibachi Character Overview She is part of the bug magistrate. 10/13/13 10:03PM 50 Approved
245830 My Rival Is Female Ninja, Hibachi! Episode Overview 2nd episode of mushibugyo. 10/13/13 09:53PM 50 Approved
245828 Sanada Yukimura Character Overview He is the last boss in the anime. 10/13/13 09:38PM 50 Approved
245827 Jinbei Tsukishima Character Overview Edited Jinbei page. 10/13/13 09:29PM 81 Approved
245819 Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei! Episode Overview First episode of Mushibugyo. 10/13/13 09:13PM 50 Approved
245113 Kuroageha Character Overview She is an interesting character, both powerful and sad. 10/13/13 01:15AM 50 Approved
245102 Mushibugyo Series Overview An anime based on the manga of the title, the manga counterpart is already made in CV. 10/13/13 01:02AM 50 Approved
245083 Jinbei Tsukishima Character Overview I have check the search bar and found no result. His feats on the manga and anime are commendable. 10/13/13 12:49AM 50 Approved