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@Blurred View: 
I hadn't really thought about longevity as a part of the equation. Of course, I knew about the name changes for Sue and Jean (I didn't want to over-complicate my argument by poking holes in it) but hadn't seen any modern examples in a quite some time. However, today I learned that the Alpha Flight character Purple Girl was just renamed the Purple Woman in the new Alpha Flight series. Her character has been around for about 30 years, so I guess it's about time she becomes a woman! 
@xerox-kitty: I would also agree with you that, on the whole, Marvel women tend to be stronger than DC women and more fleshed out as characters. I guess that's why I'm disappointed in this little set-back. 

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@MrUnknown: I agree that I didn't like the costumes either. It seemed too...techno? Like the tron-esque Spider-Man suit.

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@KenTheProfile: I totally agree with you. The current culture is backward, so I guess that we can't blame the comic companies for trying to meet the demand of the culture. I tend to forget that sometimes.

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@SC: Excellent point SC. I often forget about economic systems and how they impact markets. The idealist in me says that it should only depend on the needs of fans and great works, but alas.
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      I agree with what many of you have said: in our day and age, it's unrealistic to believe that good will always win. Superhero comics, originally flourishing in the boom after WWII, were used as an escape. After experiencing so much senseless death and destruction (including the lives of over 10 millions people in concentrations camps, etc) we needed something to help us remove ourselves from a world that had become inherently evil. We needed something to triumph over that darkness. 
      However, we don't have that same need today. We don't need spandexed men and woman punching the lights out of villains. We need REAL people that we can relate to, that we can respect. The people that are easiest to respect and admire are not those who are flawless, but those who know how to handle their defeat, harness it, and learn from it. Give me a real hero any day.

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I agree with most of you that it's been a slow decline since the 90s. Granted, there have been some cool/innovative things, but not enough to redeem the stench of so many bad stories.  
I think where I completely lost respect for Marvel was when I saw two words: Marvel. Apes.