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I thought it was good, really good but not a 5. At best a 4 for me. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are really good but i thought rest were kinda forgettable. Winter Soldier was to faceless with too little time to actually develop, most of the scenes with Bucky were there for Steve to get characterization and the other villain (i probably shouldn't reveal) were too two dimensional and a bit boring. And Rumlow, who was only there too give Sharon (another forgettable character) and Falcon (whom i liked) a adversary and too set him up for later.

And it felt like it was a bit too long which is probably because of the big cast and the Russo brothers TV mentally to give every character something to do, which is a blessing and a curse. But I agree with your other points. It's unique among the other MCU movies where it felt like it was its own beast and not by the Marvel machine, which has been my biggest complaint against the MCU. Also those fight scenes with Batroc and Winter Soldier were just fantastic. I could watch them all the time.

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@k4tzm4n Isn't it a bit to early for this kinda article? Shouldn't you wait for the season to end so that we can get a more complete view of what their vision is?

Also TTG! rocks so screw the haters!

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@g_man said:

@roldan: You read this one? Or did you mean #13?

Meant 13.

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read this a couple of days ago and man should Yildray ink more of his stuff, it looks beautiful, especially with Matt Wilson's colors.

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If this isn't a prequel, then what's up with the bone claws?

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@DarthShap said:

I am glad to see Green Arrow, Hawkman and the Martian Manhunter on a JL book but this is one of the worst lineups in JLA history. We are most definitely back to the idiotic EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME 90's.

This is probably the team assembled by the US government to keep an eye on the original JL. It is a stupid plot point to give fanservice moments to those fans who spend their time on battle forums with heroes fighting each other.

Because why would you write original stories and interesting character development when all you need to do is have dickish characters fight each other for no reason except "the plot said so".

Everyone doesn't have pouches, guns, spikes and should pads, yup we're in the 90's. And no you can't say that this is the first time DC has done a more elite Justice League, or have you never read Justice League Elite. I like the roster as well because i think Johns could do a better job then what he have done in JL.

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Laura Martin on colors, Laura Martin on colors. I thought she was a Marvel exclusive.

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@G-Man: I think the problem people have is that the whole "With Great Powers comes Great Responsibility" angle is completely lost with this show. Also it doesn't also help that Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't have much in common with comic it's based on except for the setting.

But still, i do find good things in Ultimate Spider-Man like the animation and the character designs by Paolo Rivera. Also i do feel that a mature cartoon can still have silly things like switching bodies with someone episode, just look at JLU and the switch between Flash and Lex Luthor. Best episode ever.

(Also i do love Batman the Brave and the bold but you can't base your argument on that).

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Looks badass. Let's hope he doesn't take off his helmet.

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He looks more gray then white oh well, still pretty awesome. Though do they have Blue Latern Flash? I really liked the blue on Flash.