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a weird comic in the valiant universe 0

While not exactly a bad comic per se it should be noted this issue written and penciled by Barry Windsor-Smith does not really fit within the Valiant universe. Why is that so? Well from what I understand about the Valiant Universe in it VH1 incarnation it was Jim Shooter's intention to have a relatively real feel to the universe. Akin to what he had tried with Marvel's failed New Universe line of comics. So that means among other things no magic or deities walking the earth. So why did BWS just ...

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Better then expected 0

Forget about the rather stupid movie, this comic is much better.It tells a story about time travel and how a federal agency is formed to prevent malicious changes to the past.What begins as a simple mission to the past turns out to be a major attempt of changing the future by a US senator on his way of becoming the US present in 2004.I quite like the way how wacky the whole premise of a future 2004 is and the prescient allusions to political corruption in the 2004 election.The artwork is clear a...

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